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Discovering Mystical and Metaphysical concepts and putting them to work is my favorite thing to do in life. Second to that is the sheer enjoyment I get from teaching others how to apply those authentic esoteric and principles to their lives. Whether you have a desire to deepen your Intuitive Wisdom, connect to your Star family or build a true and lasting foundation for your Spiritual journey … there is a class here for you.

Each class is deep and rich in content, practical, field tested and fluff free. That means if I haven’t tested it and used it successfully in my own life … I’m not going to teach it. So you can dive into any class you feel drawn to and know with full trust, that the principles and practices that I share with you – work and will support and assist you in a myriad of ways in becoming a stronger, clearer and more powerful Mystic, in every area of your life.

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The Electrical Adam & Eve


Strengthen your Spiritual Power

First Intelligence

Using the Science & Spirit of Intuition

Star Wisdom

Meet your Celestial Family


Walking the Mystical Path from Self to Soul