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If there was ever a moment to know how to use your intuiton … this is it!

Our world has changed forever! We are stepping out of the familiar old structures and into a completely unknown future. With NO MAP! This can be absolutely terrifying if you aren’t properly equipped …

OR, it can be one of the most exhilarating and exciting moments in your life … if you have the proper tools to guide, support and encourage you.

Learning how to use your Intuition is MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN BEFORE! If you’ve been sitting on the fence about taking the time to develop it because you thought it wasn’t all that important, or that it wouldn’t have any real application … it’s safe to say, those days of fence sitting are over. 

With the Corona Gateway ripping apart all the old structures we counted on and propelling us into an unknown future – the ONLY way we will be able to navigate out of FEAR, CONFUSION and UNCERTAINTY and into greater CLARITY, COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and potential, is to tap into the Wisdom of our Intuition. 

As we are drowned in a tsunami of information about what is happening around us…  How do we know what is wise and appropriate? Or how to properly plan while things are still in limbo? Then how do we chart a wise course in the days and months ahead that can support our unique dreams and goals for success? Or what if there is a NEW road we are invited to travel?

No one outside of you can give you those answers. Only your First Intelligence can do that for you. 

So, how DO you PROPERLY access this subtle yet powerful, mystical intelligence in a TARGETED way so you can use it DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY to guide you through the biggest cultural change in our history? And how can you do it QUICKLY? I mean … like … NOW?

First Intelligence is Targeted Intuition

First Intelligence is a powerful, yet simple process that you can start to use IMMEDIATELY, to help you solve problems and find creative, innovative and evolutionary ideas to help you move through this challenging time, with greater grace and certainty.

It will help you reduce stress and stay healthy. It will help you think more clearly to open pathways of ideas and options that you may have never thought of before. It will help you rise above and see beyond the current crisis and into the potential of a wide open future, that you can shape quickly and with more confidence. Regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.

Developing your First Intelligence is easy to develop and put to work right away. AND I’m making it super easy for you to say yes to it. 


Unlock your First Intelligence

First Intelligence has been successfully used by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, CEO’s, health care providers, best selling authors, artists, law enforcement, spiritual practitioners, healers and coaches … with AMAZING results. It combines all of the powerful aspects of my internationally acclaimed First Intelligence Intuition training with new additional content to give you the dynamic and dependable foundation to support and amplify your natural Intuitive power.

This rich online Masterclass provides you with all of the benefits of my lifetime of Intuitive experience and succesful field tested results combined with my grounded and practical yet deeply mystical approach to understanding, engaging and most importantly USING your Intuitive power AT WILL … in all aspects of your life. Health, success, wealth, relationships, spiritual power and well being … AND especially in NAVIGATING our CURRENT WORLD SITUATION.

All in a ‘fluff free zone.’



Build a powerful energetic foundation that reduces stress and creates massive ease, flow and well being

Recognize your true, clear and powerful Intuitive voice and develop the courage to follow it

Step out of the frenzy of the current times to see a bigger picture for your future

Transform your Intuition from ‘soft and fuzzy’ to ‘focused and clear’

Learn to pivot, make changes and take action with greater speed and efficiency

Break apart past limitations and energize new opportunities

Tap your intuition to help you discover new solutions, innovative ideas and groundbreaking approaches to creating success wherever you want it

Mystically direct your Intuition to advance your Spiritual practice

Claim your energetic power so you can easily follow Intuitive inspiration without resistance

Recognize the difference between fear and wishful thinking and true intuitive guidance

Develop laser focus and attention to help you make powerful decisions in business and in life

Let go of drama and bad habits that keep you in a pattern of feeling limited or stuck

Reduce fear and stress and take action backed by inspired power

Develop YOUR personal Intuitive Style and unique ‘super powers’

Amplify and accellerate Intuitive energy to influence your relationships, money, health, career … even in the midst of this global shift

… and much more.


When we develop our natural Intuitive gifts and learn how to direct them, authentic mystical creation happens.  Physical dynamics and spiritual energies combine to give birth to a new life and the invisible potential that was once hidden from view,  becomes visible and tangible in our physical reality. And what’s even more important  … we realize our role in that creative process.

The First Intelligence Intuition Masterclass helps you develop the supreme creative power inherent within you and within the creative super-technology of your Intuitive mind.

And I promise, that when you commit to your Intuitive journey, you’ll be rewarded with  outcomes and discoveries that may have once seemed impossible, (especially now) and that will change how you perceive yourself forever. 

When you master your creative Intuitive power and invite it to support you in life, you will never knock on the door of creation as a beggar. Instead you will enter as a King. I invite you to join me.


First Intelligence is absolutely the best program I have discovered on Intuition. For anyone who wants to comprehed the subtle yet powerful language of  intuiton and how to apply it in their individual lives, this is your gift to your Soul.

Amanda Lee Falkenberg

Award Winning Composer

First Intelligence takes the Intuitive skill set out of the clouds and brings it firmly down to earth. It’s an incredible tool for those brave enough to explore the power they possess.

Michael Saunders

Detective, (Ret), CPD

The First Intelligence program has altered how I approach everything in my business and life. My levels of clarity, innovation and insight continue to amaze me and my Intuition has become my most powerful success tool.

Troya Olden

Interior Designer

The First Intelligence program has changed my life. I am engaged with my Intuition like never before and the seemingly miraculous outcomes it produces for me are happening with more and more dependability. It’s a blast watching how it is unfolding to support my career and life goals. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Janna Crosby

Award Winning Real Estate Agent

Here’s what you will work on in the first Intelligence Masterclass


In this important first module you begin to build the energetic platform that is essential to creating any level of Intuitive success. You get very clear about what Intuition IS and what it ISN’T, begin to develop your personal Intuitive style and shape your own Intuition ‘taste test’ that will help you refine your ‘clarity perceptors.’


In this module you begin to direct your Intuition to gain access to the information you need to create success. We also answer the question … of ‘Where am I going when I am asking for guidance?’ and learn how to ENGAGE with that field of information. With this powerful new understanding you learn how to properly and consistently access  the field and structure precise and powerful energetic target questions that  provide you with the guidance and information you seek.


This lesson guides you through the 4 levels of Intuitive Intelligence how they operate and communicate and when they are most apparent and useful. You’ll identify your own personal Intuitive strengths and begin to calibrate them. You also begin to identify your blocks and negative patterns and learn to transmute them so they no longer sabotage your intuitive success but propel you towards it.


This module reveals the various ways your Intuitive Intelligence communicates with you, so you know what to look for when your Intuition is giving you direction. With your powers of Perception getting stronger, here is where you begin to recognize the voice of your Intuitive mind and start taking advantage of the information it is providing you.


In this module you’ll begin to develop an Intuitive action plan. You’ll also discern the difference between Intuitive resistance (that is your Intuition telling you to wait, pause or stop because of timing or a better option) or your Fear telling you to do the same thing to avoid making change. You’ll become clear about the intuitive signals your body is using and amplify them into productive, results generating action.


Fruition is the final stage in the Intuitive process, it is here you begin to see the results of the seeds you have planted over the last few weeks beginning to take shape in the real world. In this module you’ll learn to amplify and maintain the energetic foundation you have built and be sure that your Intuitive technology is functioning at its highest level. You’ll also generate the power to RECEIVE, which opens the gates to even more beneficial and creative outcomes. 

Plus 4 Bonus Modules

BONUS MODULE – SETTING YOUR TARGET: Laser Focusing your Intuitive Power

This module helps you direct your Intuitive mind towards a specific success, goal or vision of your choosing. Whether your goal is greater health, wealth, success or spiritual consciousness, when you set a powerful and precise target in the proper way, your Intuition responds to that focus by providing you with more conscise guidance and direction – getting you to your goal with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.

BONUS MODULE – GETTING UNSTUCK: Working with the Divine Shadow

Whenever you begin to energize your Intuition, it’s important to integrate your Shadow. Without this integration you may misinterpret unconscious patterns that can sabotage your clear Intuitive voice, keeping you stuck or frustrated or worse yet, taking action that is NOT in alignment with your goals for success.

By diving deep into Divine Shadow, you release distortion, limitation and self sabotage, amplifying a vast reservoir of hidden power and energy that allows you to move ahead with greater courage, clarity and passion.

BONUS MODULE – GENERATING SPEED: Acceleration and Amplifying Intuitive Power

As you strengthen your Intuition it’s important to refine your relationship with Power. Power for a Mystic means, ‘the ability to engage with, shape and direct Source energy using our consciousness. Each time you ‘step up’ in Power, you’ve got to do a bit of fine tuning, tweaking and adjusting, so you are extra stable and clear when things start to accelerate.

Think of it like the difference between learning to drive your Dad’s old car and then upgrading to a Super race car … YOU as the driver must be prepared to handle that amplification, so the ride can be exhilarating, safe and fun. 

BONUS MODULE – BREAKTHROUGH: Shattering Psychic Set Points

Set Points are deeply ingrained psychic and subconscious patterns that maintain the structure of our lives. They establish the limits of success, wealth, health, happiness and spiritual power – some can be beneficial, most are not. When we begin to use our Intuitive power, these set points need to be removed so we can amplify our levels of energy, awareness and creative focus.

This bonus module dives into a rich and profound Mystical ritual called ‘Breaking the Psychic Set Point’, working in all three levels, Divine/ Astral and Physical – giving your greater access to your Intuitive power.

You also Receive


Doing meaningful WRITTEN work and practical FIELD WORK helps develop your Intuitive muscles and helps you embody and express your Intuition technology. You’ll be provided with fun exercises that will help you refine and develop your Intuitive skills and start to make them real in the world.


Each lesson is supported by a recorded coaching call that covers more details and provides additional coaching and guidance to help you further refine your Intuitive skill.



You also receive a series of Guided Meditations and Visualization Audios that will support you in generating the Coherence and direction that will amplify and accelerate your process. These meditations will help you begin to rewire your Intuitive perception system to be more open to receive and perceive the information and guidance you need to create your success goals.

All materials in this course are in digital format (MP3, PDF and Streaming Video) so they are easy to access whenever you wish.


When you register you get IMMEDIATE Access to the Entire First Intelligence Program.

Access all lessons via computer at your convenience

10 powerful Teaching Modules

6 Recorded Coaching / Q&A Calls

Guided Meditations, Exercises & Workbooks

Additional Bonuses

Study at your own pace

All modules can be downloaded to your computer

Lifetime Access

**Lessons come in Mp3, PdF and Online Streaming Format

The Value of this course with over 24 hours of teaching and bonuses is well over $7500 …
and because I want as many people as possible during these important times to have access to their Intuition, I’m sharing it with you for a fraction OF A FRACTION of that price.

So, if you’re ready to put your Intuitive intelligence to work to help guide you through this important moment in history and into a potent and powerful future… one that is overflowing with greater clarity and peace of mind, then I invite you to join me for my First Intelligence Intuition Online Masterclass.


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