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Do you have a Vision for your future that you are wanting to make real in the world? Perhaps it’s starting a new business or taking your current one to the next most expanded level. Or maybe you have an important message and want to step out in the world as a teacher, healer or conscious influencer. Or would you like to deepen and enrich your relationship with wealth and money? Or shape a stronger and healthier body? Or empower and realize your Mystical gifts?

Are you getting what you want? Have the Spiritual tools of Law of Attraction, vibing high and positive thinking worked for you? Are you getting the results that you thought you’d get when you committed to being a Spritual creator? Is it easy for you to take the energetic work you do on the inside and make it tangible on the outside?


Or are you feeling confused, burned out, overwhelmed, frustrated and maybe even more freaked out and powerless than ever, because it’s just not working the way all the ‘experts’ said it would?

If any of this sounds like you, then it’s time for a major upgrade in your Creative Mystical power. And not in a fluffy, sitting around waiting for the Universe to give you permission kind of way. But in a real, grounded yet powerfully, spiritual way – that generates momentum, energy and results.

So, if you have a deep and heartfelt Vision that is wanting to emerge from within you once and for all – then The Visioneering Online Masterclass is the change you need and can be the perfect launching pad that you and your Visions have been waiting for.

It had long since come to my attention, that people of accomplishment, rarely sat back and let things happen to them, but rather, they went out and happened to things.

Leonardo DaVinci

You already have the key

The Universe is not keeping some mystical secret from you about what it is you’re supposed to be doing in the world.

The destiny carried in your Purpose and your Path are inside of you, RIGHT NOW! They’re contained in the very nature of the goals, dreams and desires you have for your future.

Your Vision is the answer you’ve been searching for!

And if you know how to engage with it, reverse engineer it and step into serving it – it can and will reward you with all of the health, wealth and well being you could imagine. (and maybe even a few things you could never imagine)

When you join me in my Visoneering Online Masterclass Series, you’ll learn how to access all of the energy and power contained in your Visions for the future and begin to use them to shape every aspect of your life on every level.

The reality is: your Visions for the future have landed in your heart and soul because you are the perfect person to create them.

And they are all possible if you can do 2 things:

#1. Say Yes to them

#2. Be and Do the things that are required to give them room to grow.

So, How do you do it?

You may not want to hear this … or maybe you’ve been thinking it for awhile, but didn’t want to rock the boat of what’s popular. But because I am a ‘fluff free, no BS kind of  Mystical teacher’, and I’m tired of seeing folks struggle and almost give up, because they don’t have the complete picture .. I have to say it.

What you’ve been told in the Spiritual, New Age about vibrating high, thinking positively and hanging out in some other dimension and hoping that you’ll attract your destiny into your life, simply isn’t going to work.

It’s sad … but it’s true. And this misunderstanding of  Spiritual and Material concepts leaves so many committed, dedicated, Soul based people stuck, frustrated and burned out. Only to be left wondering what they’re doing wrong because things in their lives aren’t changing, or if it’s worth taking the risk because things are so uncertain right now.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not doing anything wrong – you simply have been given an incomplete picture. And on top of that … there is no BETTER time than NOW to start shaping your Visions for the future.

WHY? Because the PERFECT TIME to build something new or expanded is when the OLD things are coming apart. Like. Right. Now.

I want to change that by helping powerful people just like you, apply authentic mystical understanding to creating your reality in ways that DO work. AND provide you with the guidance, support and accountability to help you put them to work in the physical world. For real. 

When you join me in the Visioneering Online Masterclass, I’ll share them with you, in the ways that have worked for me and for other people, just like you, time and time again.

Engineering your Vision

There IS a way to making your Visions a reality and it’s NOT rooted in magic. It’s rooted in an energetic STRATEGY that actually helps you ENGINEER your Visions for the future, by giving them a stable yet powerful, container through which ALL of the energy of your Visions can move!

YOU are that container and YOU are the Engineer as well.

To ENGINEER a thing means to ‘skillfully design or build, or to artfully arrange for an event or situation to occur.’

And when you join me in the Visoneering Online Masterclass, I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Visioneering Shows You How to

Rewire your energetic operating system, so the information carried in the ‘software’ of your Vision can be integrated and applied and NOT shut you down or burn you out (with no playing with frequency, vibrating high or other ‘manipulations’ that don’t work)

Learn AUTHENTIC Mystical, Creative principles that work and that help you shape power here in the 3D world

Learn the powerful difference between a goal and a Vision and how to USE the power carried in the Vision to help you create it

Discover the inner BS that keeps you from taking the action you know you need to take

Lose the drama around making big change, so you can take big action without losing your mind

Take your personal accountability and self trust to the next level

Get crystal clear about what your Vision will require from you and develop the habits you need to serve it … Now.

Start making powerful choices and trust that they are correct for you

Recognize your patterns of limiting self talk and neutralize them

Amplify momentum, productivity, consistency and confidence

Learn to shape time instead of being a victim of it

Jump start your Intuition and Creative flow

Seize opportunity and shape it when momentum kicks in

Break habits of procrastination and hyper perfection and start taking meaningful action

Use ALL of your life, past and present; and the good, the bad and the ugly, to serve your future

Set up a specific action plan and develop patterns of awareness that actually GIVE you energy instead of draining you

Learn tools to stay stable when flow really starts to happen

Alter your relationship with Wealth and Money so you are open to a greater flow of resources

Master your emotions so you can neutralize overwhelm and anxiety and stay laser focused

Get clear about what’s essential and what isn’t so you stop wasting time

Integrate your shadow so you can overcome the self sabotage that obliterates your progress

And much more …

Visioneering is the Tool that has helped me:

*   Become an award winning, globally collected artist who is the highest selling artist of my kind in the world.

*   Write 3 books and become an internationally respected teacher, coach and speaker.

*   Create First Intelligence: the only Intuition development program designed for law enforcement that has now gone on to help thousands of people around the world develop their own Intuitive power.

*   and more …

And when you follow the priciples that I teach in the Visioneering Masterclass, YOU can use it too, to shape the Visions YOU have for your future.


Visioneering works in every area of your life too







What People Say About Visioneering

Within a few months of completing the Visioneering Masterclass, I expanded my client base and have DOUBLED my income. While the rest of the world is afraid of the current uncertainty, I’m looking forward to where I can grow it from here.

Paula, USA

I don’t even recognize myself anymore. The Visioneering process has morphed me from timid, uncertain and unsure into a confident, clear and courageous entrpreneur. AND, I made my investment back  (and then some), in the first 4 weeks.

Joelle, Canada

Before I joined Visioneering I was scattered in a bunch of directions and wasn’t making any forward movement with starting my new career. 3 weeks after completing the Visioneering program – I landed my dream job! Thanks Simone!

Jenna, USA

Visioneering helped me cut through the clutter and fluff that I thought was a part of being a Spiritual entrepreneur. When I got clear about what I really wanted and who I wanted to be in the world – the process became ‘almost’ effortless. 

Adam, UK

Visioneering was the Spiritual kick in the pants I needed. I’m amazed by how Simone was able to help me shape my Vision, get me to take inspired action, and stay focused without burning out. With her help, I’m shaping the life I have always wanted.

Brianne, Australia

Within 6 months of taking Visioneering with Simone, I found a literary agent have almost completed my first book and am finally doing the things I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’m so proud of the work we did together.

Cheney, USA

Simone teaches with such care and generosity. She is authentic and I feel her genuine care in every moment. Visioneering helped me grow beyond what I thought I was capable of,  all because of her wisdom and support.

Jemma, USA

Visioneering helped me lose over 50 pounds, lower my blood pressure and come off most of the medication I’ve been on for over 20 years. I haven’t felt this good about myself and my future since … ever! 

Caliope, USA

Simone is the most Authentic Passionate and Powerful Spiritual Coach that I have ever worked with. Visioneering helped me reshape my future &  start taking action. Our time together was truly profound! 

Christine, Canada

**Individual results may vary. All testimonials are by real people, and may not reflect every client experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique experiences and applies the information in a different way. However, these testimonials are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated Visioneering students have created and should not be taken as average or typical results.


Here’s how it will take shape …

RARE OPPORTUNITY: I only offer the Visioneering Online Masterclass once a year. I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to make this unique and creative time in history as potent as you can. 

INDIVIDUAL WORK: You’ll get to work directly with me on your specific Visions and goals. During the course of our 8 weeks together,  you can join me LIVE in our weekly coaching sessions to connect directly with me to ask about your business, your Spiritual journey, your money, your creative content, health, etc. This way, I can provide you with specific support that is in alignment with what you are working on and what you need to navigate and shape in order to help get you there.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS & LIFE HACKS: You’ll also receive many additional support tools, including guided meditations, spiritual life hacks, tools to overcome resistance and generate momentum.

CONNECTION WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL TRIBE: Working with a group gives you an opportunity to develop accountability and responsibility to yourself and others – and is a great way to develop Mystical relationships and support. *I’ll discuss more of that when the Group begins.


Here’s what You and I will work on together in the Visioneering Online Masterclass

Phase I

Visioneering Online Masterclass

6 Powerful Webinars / 6 Live Coaching Calls

Module #1: Inspiration

Module #2: Intention

Module #3: Identity

Module #4: Intuition, Innovation, Imagination

Module #5: Integration

Module #6: Implementation

Phase II

Implementation – Making Things Real

6 Powerful Audio Lessons / 6 Live Coaching Calls

Now What? Generating Clarity

Stepping into the Unknown. Generating Courage

Breaking Thresholds – Overcoming Resistance

Getting Things Done – Taking Meaningful Action

Truth Telling – Letting Go of What Doesn’t Work

Going Big – Making Your Future Welcome … and more


MODULE #1 – INTRODUCTION: Discovering Your Inner Resources

This module reveals the Visioneering Foundation that all of your Quantum Creative work is built upon. Here you’ll discover the tools that help you: *Build your Visionary Foundation * Understanding Purpose and Path *Revealing your Inner Resources … and more.

MODULE #2 – INSPIRATION: Recognizing your Destiny

Inspiration is the communication tool of the creative force of the Universe. Putting yourself in a position to recieve inspiration and know how to respond to it is one of the most powerful tools of a Visionary. In this module you’ll develop the tools be ‘Inspiration prone’ and stay there through the Creative process.

MODULE #3 – INTENTION: Saying YES to your Vision

Your ability to apply Conscious choice and direction plays an important role in your ability to succeed. In this module we dive deep into the ideas of, *Saying YES to your Vision * I can, I am, I will * Developing the 4 C’s of Empowered Vision  … and more

MODULE #4 – IDENTITY: Becoming Your Future

Identity is one of the most important parts of the Visioneering process. In this module you’ll shape the energetic container through which your Vision will flow. You’ll discover the power in the equation of Being, Doing & Having and begin to craft the consiousness of your Vision already completed … and more.


This module dives deep into the powers of Imagination, Innovation and Intuition; which is the language of your Vision.  Here you’ll learn how to generate the powers of mind that provide you with *new expanded ideas * the ability to make quantum leaps in productivity * make new and empowered choices to move in new directions… and more

MODULE 6 – INTEGRATION: Putting all of Yourself Together

Blending all of the Visioneering pieces together in the process of Integration is like putting a cake recipe together and putting it in the oven. In this module you’ll shape a powerful container of stillness that catalyzes everything your have shaped thus far and prepares you for the successes to come.

MODULE 7 – IMPLEMENTATION: Taking Meaningful Action

Action is the catalyzing agent that makes all Visioneering success possbile, literally giving you the power to collapse space and time. In this module you’ll begin to strategize what actions are most aligned with your vision and also cultivate a focused flexibility to take spontaneous action when the need arises.


IMPLEMENTATION: Creating in the 3D World

In Phase 2 we take all of the energetic work we did in Phase 1 and begin to ‘physicalize, earthify and REAL-ize it’.

Wise and Intentional Action in the 3D world is what makes manifestation possible.

Over the course of these 3 weeks, we’ll work specifically on YOUR visions and goals and begin to strategize powerful energetic AND physical protocols to start generating outcomes, based on YOUR needs and concerns.


6 Powerful Audio Lessons Sessions

Including: Now What? Generating Clarity

Stepping into the Unknown. Generating Courage

Breaking Thresholds – Overcoming Resistance

Getting Things Done – Taking Meaningful Action

Truth Telling – Letting Go of What Doesn’t Work

Going Big – Making Your Future Welcome … and more

You also get…


You will be provided with a series of Guided Meditations and Visualization Audios that will support you in generating the Spiritual energy that will amplify and accelerate your process.


Doing meaningful and specific WRITTEN work helps literally GROUND the Spiritual Energy that we generate through our inner work. You will be provided with worksheets and exercises that will help you refine your Vision and start to make them real in the world.

Plus 4 Laser Power Bonus Modules 

BONUS: GETTING UNSTUCK: Working with the Divine Shadow

This module dives deep into the aspects that may be keeping you stuck, worried, or frustrated. By diving deep into Divine Shadow, you release and amplify a vast reservoir of hidden power and energy that allows you to move ahead with greater courage, clarity and passion, so you can discover your hidden best and stay open when limits appear.


BONUS – SPIRITUAL WEALTH:  Accessing Inner and Outer Resources

Generating a degree of Wealth Mastery is important to every Vision. In this module you’ll learn: * The TRUE Source of Financial Abundance. * Amplifying Self Worth and Net Worth. * How to ask for what you want, price your work well and feel good about it. * The Understanding of energetic exchange and flow that money represents … and more.

BONUS –VISION ACCELERATOR: Generating Creative Speed 

This module helps you amplify and accelerate your Visioneering process by activating ‘Service to the Vision.’ When this is energized you become laser focused and able to precisely recognize what is essential, what isn’t and also helps you shape the profound actions that are crucial to making your Vision a reality.

BONUS – SHAPING TIME: Scheduling Your Success

Time, when properly structured, works as a container for your Vision. In this module you’ll develop a stable yet flexible calendar of time, that makes dedicated room for the things that are essential to your success, but allows flexibility for the shifts in focus that are required as you generate momentum.

All materials in this course are in digital format (MP3, PDF and Streaming Video) so they are easy to access whenever you wish.


Get IMMEDIATE access to the entire program as soon as you register

Study at your own pace with access to all Coaching Sessions via telephone or computer

LIFETIME Access to Program AND Updates

Guided Meditations and Exercises

All modules can be downloaded to your computer

Additional Bonuses

Are you ready to finally make your Visions real in the world?

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