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MASTERY – The Year of Sovereign Power



As we grow more powerful in our Metaphysical Mastery, our Clarity and Perception begins to grow stronger and more precise.  At the same time, the old remnants of limitation from our past that still exist as residue in our consciousness are now in a perfect position to be transformed.

This month we will navigate through time and apply powerful Alchemical processes to the situations and circumstances in our history that ‘pulled power from us and altered our perceptions of who we really are’. When these ‘glitches’ in our past are recalibrated, we are no longer victims of the past and all of the energy that is used to hold them in place … is now freed up for us to use to create the potentials we desire. It becomes the ULTIMATE Alchemical process. NEW LESSON available Wednesday, July 7th.

WHEN YOU JOIN US IN JULY, You’ll learn …

How to navigate to any moment in your history and transform it so you are no longer limited by your past

How to use your MIND to reshape ANY moment (old or new) so it serves you at the highest level, instantly.

How to release life long patterns of limitation at their origin, so you are never again operating from an unconditioned program that keeps you repeating old patterns.

… and much more.


Welcome to the new Era of Spiritual Evolution.

Start Shaping your Mastery Today. Join us on ‘The Inside.’

Welcome to the most powerful Evolutionary moment in our history and a new era of Spiritual growth, creativity and expression.

The Corona moment has altered life as we know it. Yet as every Mystic understands, it is the greatest challenges that hold the opportunities for the greatest evolution. Especially as it relates to claiming our authentic Spiritual identity and putting it to work in powerful and meaningful ways.

As Spiritual Adventurers walking a Mystical path, this IS the moment we have been preparing for. As the structures of the 3-D world come apart on a global and personal level, we can no longer depend on the logical and rational ideals of what is known. We feel it into our core, that it is only by tapping into the realm of the Spiritual and Esoteric unknown, and the Wisdom that lies there … that we will find our way through this potent moment.

For a Mystic, one trained in the realm of Consciousness and direct engagement with Source energy, THIS is a time of limitless potential and opportunity. It is a moment that can shape a Quantum leap in Evolution. If we KNOW how to use it.

The Rise of The Mystics

A Mystic is one who deliberately and intentionally walks the path between worlds and who navigates between Spirit and Matter, the Seen and the Unseen, and the Known and the Unknown, with Grace, Power and Balance. (and a sense of Lightness and Humor about it all as well)

It will be the Mystics who RISE and LEAD in the Emerging world. But in order for us to do so with as much potency as possible, we have to invite and exercise the Evolutionary impulse that is making itself known … and give it room and permission to grow.

The emerging Mystics will be invited to shape new ideas in business, health and well being, leadership, education, environment, justice, commerce, community, wealth and prosperity and every other area of life that was once only the domain of the ‘un-initiated’.

If you feel that you’d like to take a position in these emerging potentials … then I invite you to join me. It is time.

The ERA of Sovereign MASTERY

To be SOVEREIGN means to be inwardly guided by our Higher Wisdom and Intelligence – regardless of what the 3D world is doing.

To be Sovereign means to be firmly rooted in Peace and Power, and aligned with the Clarity and Certainty carried within Soul and supported by Source – that is unshakeable in the face of Fear.

To be Sovereign means to have the power to CHOOSE our thoughts and DIRECT our own mind, to shape and create the things WE want to make REAL – even and especially when the outer world is telling us we have no power, and should rely on it for direction and truth.

MASTERY is the capacity to do this work, wide awake, in the moment, without having to think about it and without questioning our capacity to be successful. 

MASTERY is the capacity to use the power of mind to move beyond time and space, to make the complex, look easy – and emerges as our practice, through focus … becomes our ART.

Graduating to new Power

Sovereignty is one of the most important principles to be activated on the journey to our Self Mastery. This crucial position of identity, is rooted in POWER within ones self, NOT over another, through our access to Soul and Source.

Sovereignty amplifies your creative capacity to shape and materialize your OWN experiences, without interference, from any other source. Internally or externally.

To be Sovereign, is to be FREE. It is the ultimate position of Peace and Power … and given the energies of the era of transformation we find ourselves in … it is time we ALL learned to MASTER it.

Membership will help you …

Upgrade your Metaphysical Practice

Start Creating Real Results

Let go of Feeling Stuck

Gain greater Spiritual Momentum

Connect with Mystical Friends

Dissolve Fear

Alter your Relationship with Soul

Start Creating WITH Source, AS Source

Knock the Fluff off Spiritual concepts

Make Life alot more FUN!

ADDITIONAL SIDE EFFECTS: Joining Modern Mystics Membership may cause:

 Swelling of Well Being and Confidence

Increased experiences of Synchronicity, Opportunity and Co-incidence,

Moments of uncontrollable Happiness for no reason

Spontaneous eruptions of Intuition and Mystical connection

Expanded flow of Creativity, Abundance and Clarity

Uninhibited feelings of Peace, Power and Knowing

Welcome to The Era of MASTERY

Everything we work on in Membership is focused on claiming, shaping and deepening the MASTERY of your position of Sovereign Power and the FREEDOM that accompanies it. As we more potently understand the energy of this position and how to consistently refine it, we gain more and more access to the Clarity, Peace, Power , Joy and Creativity rooted in Soul and Source and can more deliberately and intentionally direct it. AT WILL. Regardless of what the 3D world is doing.

Does this sound good to you? Then you’re ready to claim your Mastery.

The Year of Sovereign Power

The Season of Sovereign Power

Gain Access to these lessons immediately when you join …

claiming sovereign power

There is an energetic position rooted in the center point of Matter and Spirit, that gives us  dynamic access to the realms of Soul and Source. This point of power amplifies your creative capacity to shape and materialize your OWN experiences, WITHOUT INTERFERENCE from any other source. Internally or Externally.

In this lesson we meet our inner Sovereign and the energetic attributes that define it, and will become familiar with the powerful gateway of ‘The Present Moment’ that gives us access to this most potent field of energy.


Taming Your Inner Beasts

 As we begin to generate the momentum that is inevitable in our Metaphysical work – we WILL encounter old patterns both internally and externally that can slow down or sabotage our progress. When we learn how to recognize and alchemize these old patterns, we are able to transform the energy contained within them – so they serve as allies that support our dreams instead of enemies that thwart them.

In this lesson you begin to master  some powerful Alchemical processes that help us meet these energies with enthusiasm and friendship, so you can meet any situation rooted in Peace and Power.

Walking the Path of the Sovereign

Our Metaphysical work only has real value, when we can embody it as completely as possible in the physical world. Our practice this Season has activated the Identity of Sovereign Power of Soul and Source, literally into our DNA.

In this lesson we begin to integrate our work with some powerful field exercises, designed to help us ground, physicalize and create WITH the Sovereign power AS the Sovereign Power – Inviting the Field to respond with greater momentum to WHO we are BEING.

Each new Masterclass will post in the Classroom on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the MONTH. And can be accessed at your convenience. 

Our LIVE Coaching calls happen on the last Saturday of each month.

Some More of What’s Inside …

The lessons contained within the Modern Mystics library, both current and archival are RICH and POTENT Metaphysical guidebooks. … and the content is continuously expanding to suit the energy of the current moment.

Below you’ll see 2 of our recent Seasons (Semesters) and the Mini Masterclass / Webinar lessons that are included in them. These lessons and the Audio archives are available ON DEMAND, and you can start your immediate access when you join us in Membership.

The Season of Personal Magick

The Season of Your Personal Magick

As we begin to emerge from the cocoon of Corona, we are invited to step into a new and deeper level of Personal Magick. In these modules we enrich our metaphysical identity, refine our energetic communication with the Creative field and begin to design our own unique and personal rituals for shaping reality and amplifying spiritual power.

The lessons included in Personal Magick are designed to help you refine and empower the fundamentals of Metaphysics and then by adding your personal flair and creativity, turn them into your own sacred and Magickal Art. I invite you to join us and take your metaphysical and magickal skills to the next level. *Immediate ON DEMAND Access*

Activating the High Priest/ess

Understanding our position and identity within the Magickal equation is essential to having it work in our favor. This module focuses on  claiming and energizing the identity of The High Priest/ess and begins to develop the levels of mind and energy that are key to generating intentional magickal results. This is where the foundation of Personal Magick is built.

Speaking the Language of the Universe

There is an electro-magnetic language that all creation is rooted in and learning to speak it fluently is the key to creating Magickal outcomes. This module deepens our Metaphysical communication by using the elemental structures of Spirit/Fire, Mind/Air, Feelings/Water and Body/Earth to move into phase with the creative Matrix of reality so it begins to more directly respond to our intentions.

Creating Your Personal Magick

True magick is a deeply personal and intimate process. Once the foundation is established, we are invited to bring our unique impulses and creativity to the relationship. This module shapes your personal prayer, ceremony and meditations that are designed to assist YOUR individual goals for the future and empower the ideals that have value to YOUR spiritual journey.

The Season of Gnosis

The Season of Gnosis

The deeper and more rooted our Metaphysical understandings are, the more powerful our Metaphysical skills become. In the season of Gnosis, we develop a deeper KNOWING of our true relationship with Soul and Source, and gain greater access to the spiritual gifts and power that come with this alignment. *Immediate ON DEMAND Access*

Through Gnosis, Communion and Atonement, we merge all levels of our being and begin to integrate and embody the Peace and Power that are the energetic foundation of all of our work. Through this relationship, transformation and miracles begin to truly emerge.

Gnosis - The Mystical Science of KNOWING

The Mystical meaning of GNOSIS is the Power to KNOW your Divine Nature. In this powerful module we dive deep into the metaphysical structure of Self, Soul and Source and begin to see, feel and KNOW how profoundly and intimately connected we are to the creative power of Infinite Intelligence.

  • Reveal the map of Divinity that is the key to unlocking your Power
  • Learn to recognize the limitations of Self and transmute them into expansive patterns of Soul and Source
  • Start to shape new energetic habits that put you in direct flow with Source energy
  • …. and more

COMMUNION - The Power of Blending Self, Soul & Source

The Mystical meaning of COMMUNION is to generate a unity or co-mingling with the energy of Source. In this module we begin to gain access to greater levels of all of our energetic resources … mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


  • Start merging Matter and Spirit to become a more potent Creative power
  • Begin to cultivate greater peace, security and well being regardless of what is happening around you
  • Deepen your awareness and intuition to serve your creative goals
  • … and more.

ATONEMENT - The Power to Create as Source

The Mystical meaning of ATTONEMENT is to ‘re-concile or bring back together.’ In particular, re-uniting our Human nature with our Divine one. In this module we begin to deepen that reconnection through the Metaphysical Creative process. (what some might call manifestation, miracle making or magick)


  • Develop a Quantum prayer practice that helps you become a more deliberate Creator
  • Refine your energetic patterns so you are in flow and alignment more consistently
  • Start to develop the mastery of converting spiritual energy into material stuff
  • … and more.

‘Hi’ from Simone …

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to this page and I hope what I’m sharing with you resonates. As a life long Spiritual Adventurer, I have made it my mission to travel deep into the Mystical understandings of authentic Spiritual Power and Transformation to discover what’s real and what works and to share those insights with people just like you.

With over 25 years of Mystical experience and inquiry, I can say, without a doubt that I am a teacher who has walked the path and field tested everything I share.  I teach only the principles, that I know, without a doubt – work. Because I have used them in my own life, and I have taught people from ALL walks of life, how to succesfully use them in their lives as well.

There is no fluff here and nothing trendy or cliche’. Only time tested, ancient wisdom that is meant to help you shape Power and Wisdom on your Evolutionary path.

So if you are ready to take advantage of this potent moment in time and step into greater levels of Spiritual Power, Intuitive Clarity, Courage, Vision and Focus and start using them in ways meant to expand your life on all levels: I invite you to become a Member of Modern Mystics today, and … Welcome to your Evolution.

What happens on ‘The Inside’!

 As this evolutionary moment continues to unfold (by the minute it seems sometimes), it’s my intention to be sure you have all of the resources you’ll need to navigate the leading edge with Peace and Power.

Every month we will dive deep into the current Evolutionary moment and shape Metaphysical and Mystical understandings of how to apply the power and wisdom of our Soul to move ahead with greater Clarity, Courage and Confidence. We’ll learn new Spiritual and Alchemical tools, practice psychic and Intuitive games and exercises, and clarify important Mystical teachings designed to support health, wealth, creativity, service and well being in this new era.

Energize and Refine your Spiritual Practice

Deepen Intuition and Inner Guidance

Gain greater access to Soul and Source

Balance and Amplify Emotional Intelligence

Accelerate Creativity for Innovation

Shape Clear Vision and Start Building It

Shape true Magickal tools that work

Develop the Courage to Step out in bigger ways

Gracefully Let Go of what no longer Serves

Expand Psychic Wisdom

Embody Divine Energy and Express it

Connect with Tribe … and MORE.

An addition, you have access to the Complete Modern Mystics Library where you’ll find lessons on:

  • How to Engage with Source Energy
  • Developing Spiritual Wealth
  • Using Intuition as your First Intelligence
  • Working with Spirit Guides, Archetypes and Allies
  • Myth busting the Limits of the New Age
  • Cultivating all of your Spiritual Resources
  • How to Create Sacred Space
  • First Aid for Spiritual Emergence(y)
  • How to Transform Limits into Doorways – using Alchemy
  • Developing Spiritual Power
  • How to Deepen Courage, Clarity and Consciousness
  • How to work with Solar, Lunar & Seasonal Cycles
  • How to work with Divine Shadow
  • How to activate all of your Elemental Powers
  • The A, B, C’s of Modern Mysticism
  •  and much, much more.

Here’s what you get

When you become a Member of Modern Mystics you gain access to a vast Spiritual toolbox full of a wide assortment of powerful yet practical tools designed to help you develop Clarity, Strength and Momentum. You’ll refine the skills you already have and discover many more that you may have never used before. And they’re all served up in a ‘fluff free zone’ with YOUR Growth, Evolution and Mastery in mind.

A Monthly Focus & Tools

Each month we will focus on a particular Mystical, Esoteric or Metaphysical concept that serves your Evolutionary and Spiritual growth. You’ll get tools and exercises that help advance that knowledge so you can use it in powerful yet practical ways.

1 monthly mini masterclass

Each month I prepare a powerful new mini masterclass via pre-recorded webinar that provides you with deep understanding and step by step guidance to move you ahead in your Evolutionary Mystical practice. No fluff – just stuff that works.

live coaching call

Once a month you get a live coaching call with me, (as a part of your live teaching module) where you can connect with me, ask your questions and get personal direction on whatever you are working on in your day to day life or Spiritual Adventure.

Curated Music Playlist

Music is a powerful tool to generate power. You get access to a continuously growing musical resource designed to amplify your clarity, focus and embodiment both in meditation and out in the 3D world.

Connect with tribe

Connect with like-minded Spiritual Adventurers in our live Video calls and in our new Membership Forum. Share your story, compare notes and get support and encouragement from your Mystical family.

First Dibs & Discounts

As a Modern Mystics Member you get First Dibs access to my retreats, classes and special events. You also receive first opportunity discounts on new programs, special offers and other goodies. 

extra bonuses

Throughout the year I share special Mini Masterclasses that are focused on a particular Mystical lesson meant to support your practice. You’ll also get special guided meditations meant to amplify and accelerate your growth and other seasonal extras.

Access the complete library

Access the complete Modern Mystics Library with hundreds of hours of audio lessons, exercises, worksheets, guided meditations, mini-masterclasses, videos and much more.

Tools For your Initiation

When you join membership for 6 or 12 months, you receive the COMPLETE 12 lesson program of INTIATION – Levels 1 and 2. (Value $1997 **LIMITED TIME OFFER**)

Who is Membership for?


Willing to exceed your own expectations

Ready to let go of your fear of being Powerful

Prepared to tell a different story about your life

Willing to step into the potent possibility of the unknown

Available for greater Visibility and Knowing what you Know

Wanting to meet others who are also walking the path

Prepared to own your Worthiness and Stability to Receive

Committed to excell at becoming Miracle prone

Ready to have FUN PLAYING in the Spiritual Realm

Prepared to start shaping your own Destiny

Ready to start creating and sustaining results

Committed to the Mastery of your Metaphysical Art


Happy with things staying the same

Afraid to Master your Mind

Not willing to take some risks

Commited to lack / poverty thinking

Comfortable with making excuses why it won’t work for you

Addicted to the past and afraid of the future

Willing to let the 3D world tell you how life really is


If you know that you’re READY to be (or ALREADY ARE) a Spiritual maverick, a 3D rebel, a status quo rule breaker, and are ready to take your Spiritual and Metaphysical practice to the next level, so it moves from PRACTICE into ART …. then you are a perfect fit for Modern Mystics Membership.



Some love from our members!

I know for a fact, that if I didn’t have Modern Mystics Membership in my life, ESPECIALLY during COVID, that life would have been VASTLY different. Strange as it sounds, my life is BETTER now, than ever. Even with the world being so CRAZY. I owe that entirely to my Metaphysical work with Simone and the lessons she shares in Membership.

Troya ~ Germany

I have been walking a Spiritual path for a very long time.  And I admit, I thought I knew all there was to know. But when I discovered Simone and joined Membership, I realized there was a whole new level of understanding and power waiting for me. It feels like I have taken all of my Spiritual tools and finally plugged them in.

Sonja P. ~ U.K.

I became a Member of Modern Mystics at the very beginning – and I’m still in awe of what Simone has created for us. The lessons continue to  enrich my path into Power. But what’s most amazing about being a Member, is, just when you think Simone has blown your mind wide open, she comes into the classroom the next month and does it again and again.

Daniel R. ~ Canada

I was feeling so  frustrated in trying to find an authentic Spiritual teacher who really walked their talk and wasn’t just a trendy New Age guru. When I became a Member I was blown away by how clear Simone is in her teaching AND how she uses it in her own life as an example of what is possible for me. She lights the path , so I can walk it with confidence.

Terese ~ Belgium

I admit, that when I began in Membership, I thought I’d join for a month or two and move on, because I thought I had heard it all. That was over a year ago, and I am still soaking up Simone’s wisdom like a thirsty sponge. I am clearer, more balanced and inspired than ever and I’m applying our work in ways that I could have never imagined.

Alicia ~ USA

Simone is an inspirational teacher with an authentic, no-nonsense, way of presenting esoteric wisdom. Her sharing of effective tools and accessible insights has deepened my own inner understanding. There’s been a tangible shift in my life and the knowledge I have gained will support my growth through this moment and beyond.

Maggie S. ~ USA

Simone’s generous mode of coaching makes clear that we all have the ability to learn, discover and become everything our highest self is capable of.
I have uncovered a knowing and a wisdom within myself that I never thought possible, and continue the journey of expansion and more. More. More. 
Deanne, A. ~ USA

Simone has knocked the fluff off of so many of the current Spiritual ideas for me – and I am using the tools and understandings I have discovered in Membership in ways that might have been impossible without her profound clarity and guidance. My career, my money, my health and my peace of mind are all completely transformed.

Melanie R. - Australia


When you join Modern Mystics Membership for the 6 or 12 month option, you’ll gain access to the entire 12 PART INTIATION MASTERCLASS for FREE.

There IS a practical yet powerful map that outlines the Spiritual Journey from Self to Soul. Cultivated by ancient Mystical cultures throughout time, this path is the true Heroes’ Journey that takes you from the limits of  your past and propels you into the limitless potential of your true Spiritual nature.

This roadmap is hidden all around you, and when revealed, holds the keys to you being able to authentically partner with the Life Force of the Universe. It unlocks your connection between inner and outer transformation and brings the hidden wisdom of the ancient Mystics to life.

When you join me for Initiation, you’ll discover powerful and practical spiritual teachings that generate lasting transformation that helps you enrich every area of your life.

Amplify your gifts of Intuition, Creation, Transformation, Vision, Courage, Identity and Power and learn to direct them to shape your life in ways that inspire, invigorate and propel you forward.

$1997 VALUE 


a priceless return on investment

The TOTAL (3D) Value of everything you receive in Modern Mystics Membership, including the current season Masterclasses, the On-Demand Masterclass Archives, the Live Coaching Calls, the Library Archives, Guided Meditations, Field Work and other bonuses (over 200+ hours of Metaphysical teaching) is well over $20,000. The investment in your Mastery … is a FRACTION of that price.

The interaction with others and the powers of Mastery you will shape … are PRICELESS.

If you know you’re ready, the decision to join us, will be easy. I look forward to seeing you ‘on the inside’.

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