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“When you learn how to see with your eyes closed~

Then you’ll know how to dream with your eyes open.” ~ Simone

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A Message from Simone

Destiny is not random. Nor is it fate. It is determined by Choice. And guided by Wisdom, Trust & Courage. ~ Simone

I train Spiritual Powerhouses.

Inspired by a lifetime of Mystical experiences and a deep curiosity to understand the ‘What? Why? And How?’ of authentic Spiritual power, I’m dedicated to helping people develop their Spiritual gifts and apply them to their lives in big ways. I’ve been teaching people from all over the world for more than a decade and am known for my field tested and fluff free approach to Spiritual concepts and how to put them to work in ways that are grounded and real. I’d consider it an honor to be your Mystical guide on your Spiritual Adventure.


What People Say 

Simone Wright is blessed with gifted luminous archetypical perspective. What a treat to be gifted with such intelligence. Dr. Jean Houston, PhD

Best Selling Author

With Simone’s encouragement and tools I have discovered a wisdom within myself that I never thought possible. I have brought forth all manner of power that fuels my quest to evolve higher and higher. Deanne

It has been an amazing journey working with Simone. With her guidance, I have been able to take my life to a whole new level. She brought in new insights that propelled me on the path to my most powerful self. Kim

The clean, pure way Simone teaches and her care in creating the understanding of ‘why’ and ‘how’ has triggered a powerful knowing in me and has opened my eyes to what I know and allowed me to now understand it. Catherine

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