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Remembering Your Celestial Heritage

Are you ready to meet your Star Family and Claim your Celestial Heritage?

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Have you always felt drawn the the Stars? Have you often wondered where you came from and why you’re here? Have you felt more and more lately, that there is a greater part of you waiting to be revealed and that it’s time for you to express more of who you authentically feel and know yourself to be? 

Would you like to deepen your Psychic and Telepathic skill? Would you like to have more Clarity, Balance, Focus and Courage? Would you like feel and know you are always supported, guided and cared for … on all levels, no matter what’s happening around you?

If you are ready to satisfy these deep questions and develop your Multi-dimensional skills, then I invite you to join me for STAR WISDOM: Remembering Your Celestial Heritage.

We are all Star Beings and have a direct lineage which connects us to Higher intelligence carried within our Universe. Our tiny, but beautiful human identity is but a small piece of our complete nature  and we are far more powerful than we have given ourselves permission to be … until now.

Many people, sadly, will never know the truth of who they really are. You are not one of those people.

You have been drawn here, because life has chosen this opportunity to reveal something important to you – that you are ready to hear, learn and know.

As the world continues to change at an ever quickening pace, learning how to engage with our timeless and changeless Celestial identity is more important than ever.

The paradox is, that the connection to the vast distances of the Universe, that links us to our Star family, ‘out there’, is not to be found a billion light years away, but rather, deep within us, rooted within our own Celestial Sun, inside our heart and mind.

When we are willing to look deep with-in, we open the doorway to the deep with-out. There we are able to access who we really are and can start to use that identity to live our lives the way we want to live them. When you discover who YOU are … you’ll discover who THEY are.

All you need is some courage and willingness to take that step. ‘They’ are waiting …

Let Me be your Star Guide

With a lifetime of Metaphysical experience, including Contact and Engagement with multiple Star cultures, I’m a great guide to have on your journey back to your Celestial roots. 

When I was very young, I didn’t understand or remember many of my encounters, but as I got older and began to have conscious memories and many daylight experiences – I started to integrate the lessons and teachings I recieved from my Star Family and figured out how to apply them to my life. 

My relationship with these Star cultures has empowered my  gifts of heightened Intuition and expanded Perception, the ability to generate spontaneous healing in myself and others, the ability to connect with other multi-dimensional intelligences, star language and writing, uber creativity across multiple disciplines and others.

All of these gifts are available to you as well … when you know how to generate your inner code to unlock them. And what’s cool about having me as a teacher, is that I keep it all very grounded and practical … so you can have your Soul in the Stars and your feet on the ground – to make things real and meaningful here on Earth.

So if you’re ready to unlock your inner star power –  I’d love to help you do it! Join me.

The Truth isn’t ‘out there’ … it’s in You.

When you join me in Star Wisdom, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reverse engineer the energy of ‘Contact’ and train your mind and body to ‘Engage’
  • Activate your Inner Technology to deepen Connection & Telepathy with your Star Family
  • Break out of Mechanical time and dive into Celestial Time
  • Shatter the illusions of Time and Space to merge with your Higher Dimensional Self
  • Develop powerful Emotional Stability, Balance and Courage
  • Amplify your abilities to activate Psychic and even Physical contact
  • Understand the foundation of Reality and how partner with your Star familiy to deliberately shape it
  • Meet and work with MY Star Family

Each weeks lessons will include fun and powerful exercises to show you:

  • How to begin to effectively generate the energy of Contact
  • How to powerfully integrate your Physical Identity with your Celestial one
  • How to slip out of the illusion of Time and Space
  • How to activate your mental capacity to hear, sense and see your Star family
  • How to authentically feel and know your connection to everything
  • and much more …

When were done you’ll :

  • Feel clearer, stronger and more connected to your Multi-dimensional family and yourself
  • Have more self confidence and clarity about making wise decisions and taking powerful action
  • Know how to generate guidance and connection at WILL, in the moment and on the fly
  • Start to feel a greater sense of ease and joy in knowing that you have guidance any time you need it
  • Have greater self trust and trust in Life to really step into your dreams in a big way
  • and much more …


Access all lessons via computer at your convenience

3 powerful Webinars 

3 Coaching / Q&A Audios

Guided Meditations and Exercises

Study at your own pace

All modules can be downloaded to your computer

Private Facebook Group

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Each of the teaching modules is a pre-recorded Webinar with loads of beautiful slides, images and exercises designed to help you deepen your understanding of your already powerful connection to your Star Family. 

Each webinar lesson is supported by an Audio Q&A/ Coaching module to help further refine and deepen the understandings established in each lesson.

You have access to every module and lesson the moment you register and can take your time or dive deep, depending entirely on your schedule. 


MODULE 1:  Engagement – Generating the Code of Contact

In this introductory lesson, I share some of the experiences and teachings I have discovered during my lifetime of ‘Star school’ and that have provided me with the tools to access Multi-dimensional guidance and intelligence at WILL.

Here is where we begin to investigate the Physics of the Soul and start to learn to overcome time and space to authentically and deliberately engage with our Star family. 

In this weeks module you will learn the most important Soulstrategy we possess that links us to our Celestial identity. You’ll break out of Mechanical time and slip into celestial time to begin to activate your Inner Technology and learn to link your Personal Inner Sun with the Celestial Galactic Sun that connects you to everything.

MODULE 2:  Sigils & Symbols – Deepening Your Spiritual & Psychic Connection

Here is where we begin to refine and energize our mental power and blend it with the Soul power we cultivated in Week One. This week we integrate our Conscious, Subconscious & Superconsious levels of mind.  When these 3 are blended into ONE *3 IN ONE/ Divine Geometry* we deepen our ability to directly engage with Higher Levels of Consciousness.

In this weeks module you will work with powerful Star Symbols and Sigils that bypass the conscious mind and directly influence your Subconscious, opening you up to greater Telepathy, Connection and potential for direct contact.

You will work with 2 Star sigils designed specifially to amplify Spiritual Contact and Deepen Psychic Connection.

MODULE 3:  Rememberance – Becoming Your Multi-Dimensional Self

At the root of our connection to our Star family,  is the energy with which we engage  – the form isn’t important, but the Spirit is. You may be surprised and intrigued by the physical shape of some of your Celestial relatives.

This week we will open the door for you to deepen your Celestial connection by doing some powerful exercises designed to help you access your own Star Language and / or writing, to begin to hear them more clearly and for you to actually start to ‘see’ what they look like. 

Using a powerful guided meditation, you’ll discover your personal star Avatars (Relatives) and learn how to directly partner with them to begin to shape and transform you personal reality. 

They have always been there for you, and now you are ready for them. 

 SUPPORT COACHING CALL AUDIOS – Work with me and my Star Team

To provide you with additional support, refinement and guidance, each module is supported by a recorded Coaching and Q&A lesson.

But here’s the cool part .. It won’t just be ME on the call – my personal Star Team (The Twelve) will be there as well to provide tools, guidance and super practical wisdom to help you amplify your ability to engage and deepen your connection. 

**I am VERY PRIVATE about working with them with other people, so this will be a rare opportunity – for all of us. 

You’ll love hearing what they have to say, they’re funny, compassionate and super clear. I’ll look forward to you meeting them.

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When you join Star Wisdom you’ll gain access to my Private facebook group, full of some super cool, awesome Mystical adventurers just like you.

Once a week I’ll pop in for a quick lesson or mystical tip and you can be there live, or check it out via replay whenever you wish.

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