As a lifelong entrepreneur I know the value of being able to create the clarity to hold and sustain a business vision long enough to bring it to fruition. To assist you in being able to generate YOUR personal clarity and to unlock your business genius I’ve created two programs especially for entrepreneurs … designed to help you SEE clearly, FEEL clearly and KNOW clearly, how to build your business, your way.

First Intelligence 'E' - Intuition for Entrepreneurs Masterclass

Unlock your Entrepreneurial Genius with the ground breaking, laser focused Wisdom formula of First Intelligence – ‘E’

One of THE MOST important skills an Entrepreneur can develop, to help them cut through information overload to maintain clarity, creativity, focus and flexibility, is their INTUITION.

The most successful Entrepreneurs of our time … swear by it. I’ll help YOU Master it.

Intuition for Entrepreneurs - E Book Bundle

Activate the powerful tool that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world swear by … and that you ALREADY have access to.

In this powerful INTRODUCTORY program, I’ll help you develop this powerful intelligence tool and show you how to use it to shape your business, your way … so you can create success like the BILLIONAIRE mavericks, REBEL innovators and leading edge VISIONARIES do. All in a FLUFF FREE way.


Mastery Coaching represents the most personal and immediate avenue to access my support. It’s tailor-made for those who are truly committed to going ‘all in’ and are eager to invest their time, energy, and financial resources in a journey of deep transformation. I keep my Mastery client list small, working with just a handful of individuals at a time. If you’re interested in working with me, please connect with me below.

**I’m also available for group workshops and speaking engagements

“Destiny isn’t random. Nor is it fate. It is determined by CHOICE. And guided by Wisdom, Trust and Courage.” ~ Simone


To work with me in a Mastery series, I invite you to join me for an initial Discovery call.

Click the link below to inquire and send me some details about you and what you’re currently shaping.

I look forward to doing some potent play together.

Remember Who You Are. ~ Simone