See Clearly. Feel Clearly. Know Clearly.


Unlock the powerful tool that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world swear by … and that you ALREADY have access to.

Do you have a dream to launch your own heart based, evolutionary business, or expand an already existing one?

Imagine YOUR message, YOUR product or YOUR service is reaching a global audience and serving them at the highest level … AND that while you are sharing your gift with the world, YOU have complete confidence in what you are offering and you are PROUD and EXICTED about how far you have come … and where you are going!

It’s absolutely possible! And even better news … you already have the tool that will help you get there.

INTUITION for ENTREPRENEURS is for you if you’re…

Confused about what your entrepreneurial path is and how to get started

Frustrated that you just can’t seem to develop any momentum

Stuck in patterns of ‘needing to know more or, do more’ before putting yourself out there

Afraid of not being ‘good enough’ to step out in a big way

Struggling with lack of confidence and ‘imposter syndrome’

I’m here to let you know that you can let go of ALL of these LIMITS and embrace your Entrepreneurial Excellence!

YOU have the SAME skill as the best of the best!

Have you ever wondered how the most successful entrepreneurs of our time have tapped into the spectacular clarity and good fortune they needed to build their billionaire businesses? You know who I’m talking about …

Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. Richard Branson. Sara Blakely and countless others like them, who have credited their ability to shape Clarity, maintain Focus and expand Innovation even when the path ahead isn’t clear … to the power of their INTUITION.

But none of them can explain precisely what it is, or how you can access it the way they do … That’s about to change.

I’m here to help YOU develop this powerful intelligence tool and show you how to use it to shape your business, your way … so you can create success like these BILLIONAIRE mavericks, REBEL innovators and leading edge VISIONARIES do. All in a FLUFF FREE and practical way.

Does this sound like YOU?

PERFECT! You’re in the right place …

If you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of your career and you want to start growing your business, your way … with CRYSTAL CLARITY … Intuition for Entrepreneurs was created just for you!

But you’re not going to find any guru formulas, plug in templates or trendy success hacks here.

What you will find is a powerful, practical and proven Intelligence TOOL designed to help you shape the WISDOM and CLARITY you need to create your own strategies and path to success. The added bonus is, it will last you a lifetime and you already have access to it!

That tool, is the same tool that the Billionaire entrepreneurs all credit their massive success to … INTUITION.

But what is it exactly? Is it even real? And if it is… How do you develop it and actually use in a way that will work for your goals for the future like it worked for them?

The short answer … is YES it’s real. And YES it works. And I’m here to tell you, you can develop the same Intuitive skill that these entrepreneurial giants have used to generate their success. It’s not magic. It’s natural, for everyone. And if they can do it … so can you.

With my 4 decades as an entrepreneur and over 20 years of reverse engineering the Intuition process, I’m here to help you develop the CLARITY you need to create and achieve your entrepreneurial goals … with nothing but your own Head, Heart and Gut to help you do it.

I call it The Ultimate Clarity Tool


Discover how you are NATURALLY hardwired to be powerfully Intuitive and how your ability to generate CLARITY is accessible to you RIGHT NOW!


Learn to shape powerful entrepreneurial targets to help you successfully generate new IDEAS, do amazing things with TIME and create more ways to expand your MONEY.


Create Intuitive strategies to eliminate confusion, dissolve overwhelm, reduce stress and clear away ‘stuckness’ – so you can take effective action that moves you closer to your goals.


Develop the Intuitive muscle that the BILLIONAIRE Entrepreneurs credit their success to and use it to shape your business … your way.


Clarity Package

The step-by-step training for developing your Intuitive Clarity and mastering the Entrepreneurial essentials of IDEAS, TIME and MONEY… to help you start, grow or evolve your business … YOUR way.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

* The fluff free and practical process that will help activate your Intuition and use it to shape Entrepreneurial success like never before

* The easy way to create Clarity to shape the 3 essentials that every Entrepreneur needs … IDEAS, TIME and MONEY

* The 3 powerful elements that will help you build efficiency and accuracy to get more meaningful things achieved in way less time

* How to eliminate information overload, confusion and overwhelm and shape potent targets that are unique to your Entrepreneurial vision

* How to train your body to be a biological antenna to help you SEE, FEEL and KNOW precisely how to reach your goals

* How to recognize what IS and what ISN’T in alignment with your ultimate targets

… and more…

What people say …

Simone takes the Intuitive skill set out of the clouds and brings it firmly down to earth. She shares incredible tools for those brave enough to explore the power they possess.


Det. Michael Saunders

Det. Ret. CPD

The way Simone teaches intuition has altered how I approach everything in my business and life. My levels of clarity, innovation and insight continue to amaze me and my Intuition has become my most powerful success tool.

Troya Olden

Interior Designer

I am engaged with my Intuition like never before and the seemingly miraculous outcomes it produces for me are happening with more and more dependability. It’s a blast watching how it is unfolding to support my career and life goals.

Jana Crosby

Real Estate Agent

Here’s everything you get …


This masterclass in a book helps you discover the 6 essentials to building a powerful Intuition foundation and learn how to direct it specifically to your Entrepreneurial goals for success. Packed with tools, tips and exercises designed to shape CLARITY, refine FOCUS and inspire ACTION.

100 pages 


Music is a powerful training tool. In this bundle you’ll find 3 special guided meditations, (to support the work you do in the E-Book) created especially for entrepreneurs to help you train your biological intelligence system to SEE Clearly, FEEL Clearly and KNOW clearly, precisely how to hit your success targets.

3 Introduction Tracks – 3 Guided Meditation Tracks


This is my quick quide accuracy tool that helps you, refine your precision, build laser focus and shape more reliable outcomes for hitting your Entrepreneurial targets.




This audio lesson dives deep into the Intuitive processes with my private Coaching group to help you generate new Ideas, amplify Imagination, deepen Creativity, activate innovation and generate even more Intuitive momentum.

The skill you’ll develop is PRICELESS!

The training you receive in the Intiution for Entrepreneurs Clarity package sets you up for LIMITLESS creativity, innovation and growth. The small investment you make today will help you shape a power that is PRICELESS and will return your investment to you again and again for the rest of your life.

All materials in this package are in digital format (MP3 and PDF) and immediately available upon purchase.

SEE Clearly, FEEL Clearly and KNOW Clearly and Claim your entrepreneurial Clarity today for just $247

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