Activate your Intuition today with First Intelligence the Book and Guided Meditation Packages.

“First Intelligence should be required reading in schools and the business arena.” 

~ Paula Parker – CEO, The Business Alchemist

Considered to be one of the best books on Intuition today, First Intelligence helps you build a potent Intuition foundation and learn to direct it towards your intended targets.

While many have touted the value of intuition, few have explained and taught it as pragmatically and convincingly as Simone Wright does in her upcoming new book First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition (New World Library, June 15, 2014).

“Intuition is a survival tool,” she writes, “I invite you to let go of the warm, fuzzy, New Age, hippie idea of what you may have thought it was in the past, and to consider a broader, more grounded and practical approach to what it really is and how you might use it in your life. Intuition is not an ethereal, magical skill. It is an intelligence.”

Simone breaks new ground in First Intelligence by explaining intuition within the normal functions of human biology. She defines intuition as the language of the authentic self, a unique “marriage of science and spirit” and shows readers exactly how to “put it all to work” through “Seven Steps to Accessing Your Highest Wisdom.”

Simone’s goal is to help readers meet the information age’s tsunami of data with their inherent wisdom, a human GPS system that leads seamlessly to effective action and peak performance. Riveting examples and powerful exercises teach readers to use this “sixth sense” as naturally as any other, in every area of their lives. She has taught these skills to business people, law enforcement officers, and athletes, and they work equally well in many fields and circumstances.

“The opportunities to put intuition to work are unique and as limitless as the individuals who use them, and these opportunities are shaped only by their desires and dreams,” write Simone. “The power of intuition is our spiritual and material birthright, and learning how to use it is more important now than ever before.”

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First Intelligence – Guided Meditation Packages

Activate your Intuition much quicker, with these custom designed meditations.


This pair of guided meditations are a part of the foundation of Intuitive development outlined in Simone’s fabulous book – First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition. Included in this audio download are: Generating Coherence Meditation and Expanding Your Perceptions Meditations.

Supported by beautiful music, these energetic work outs are crucial to your Intuitive success and will assist you in fine tuning your Intuitive practice and enable you to put it to work to specifically suit your goals.

Separate from each meditation, Simone also includes an introduction and walk through of each exercise, so you know what to expect prior to each journey. She also explains the biological and energetic reasons behind why you are doing what you are doing, so you can enter the process from a grounded and confident foundation.

Included in this Audio Download:

#1. An Introduction to Generating Coherence (8:38)

#2. Generating Coherence Meditation: Establishing the platform of Peace (11:39)

#3. An Introduction to Expanding Perception (5:39)

#4. Expanding Perception Meditation: Moving Beyond Limits (19:27)

***NOTE: These meditations are also available as a part of the deluxe package of meditations featured in the Diamond Series Download.


Designed to supplement the instruction found in First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intution, this deluxe series of guided meditations features 4 of Simone’s most powerful meditations meant to assist, support and develop your Intuitive Intelligence and Creative power.

Simone also includes a brief introduction and walk through of each meditation which explains the biological and energetic reasons behind the activities included in the exercises, so you can engage in the process with a sense of certainty and purpose.

Included are the two introductions and meditations from the FOUNDATION Series, which are meant to empower and focus your Intuitive ability:

#1. Introduction to Generating Coherence (8:37)

#2. Generating Coherence Meditation: Establishing the Platform of Peace (11:38)

#3. Introduction to Expanding your Perception (5:36)

#4. Expanding Your Perception Meditation: Moving Beyond Limits (19:26)

and TWO additional meditations designed to amplify your creative strength and refine your manifesting power

#5. Introduction to Meeting Your Higher Self (9:33)

#6. Meeting Your Higher Self Meditation: Blending with Your Soul (14:28)

#7. Introduction to Creating In the Field (14:28)

#8. Creating In the Field Meditation: Making it Real (25:23)