Mastering Your Money ... in Source's Way

What would your life look like, if your relationship with Money was a SACRED ONE?

What would it feel like to be able to partner with, expand and work with your Money in a way that felt Divinely directed?

What would it feel like for you to have a powerful, passionate, intimate relationship with your Wealth that is guided by your Soul and rooted in Trust, Clarity, Stability, Freedom and Flow?

How would life be for you if you knew you could merge your 3D wealth resource with your infinite ultimate wealth resource, so your Money became SACRED instead of Scarce?

An even more interesting question is … How would it feel if you knew that your Money could trust and depend on YOU to care for it,  honor it and give it room to grow and it was done in a way that was uniquely and profoundly your own? (Not some cookie cutter, one size fits all, guru formula)
It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? To have that degree of Trust and Intimacy in a partnership. But unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of relationship most people have with their Money. So no matter how much positive thinking, vibrating high, or hard work they do, the reality of their Money never changes.  And they pay a big price for it.

‘Money isn’t something you have or don’t have .. it’s an energy with which you have a relationship or you don’t. The QUALITY of that relationship, especially when it is directed by your Higher Self, will shape the QUANTITY of your money and how it partners with you.’ ~ Simone


The price you pay when you have a weak or non-existent Source based relationship with your Wealth, comes out of your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bank account, and directly influences your ability to catalyze change.


When your relationship with Money is rooted strictly in the 3D, human level of mind, you’ll often find yourself stuck in fear and survival mode and repeating the same lack patterns over and over again. 

You don’t have access to the energetic resources that are required to generate financial growth or abundance. You obsess, you avoid, you spin. Confusion clouds your mental processes, so you can’t think straight to find a solution. You shut down, you numb out, you ignore.

Powerlessness and unworthiness create feelings of victimization and weakness. You blame, you rebel, you plead.

Burnout and fatigue make it almost impossible to access any of your inner resources, your creativity and intuition is shut down and so the cycle of money frustration continues. You give up, you grow cynical, you stop dreaming.

Can you imagine the RELIEF you would feel, if all of that tension were gone? There IS a way to create that relief.



There is a Spiritual confusion around Money that can  make it VERY difficult to access your Divine resources to shape your 3D resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. Now, we can completely transform our relationship with Money into a DIVINE one.

The unique Power of The Elemental Wealth Masterclass helps you root your abundance foundation in the very core of Source energy and bring it into fruition into the 3D in ways that are Elegant, Expansive and Evolutionary. 

Rooted in the Integration of the 5 Elements of Creation: The Void (Source Energy), Fire (Spirit), Air (Mind), Water (Emotions), Earth (Body), Elemental Wealth helps you partner with Source in a profoundly loving and elevated way to shape greater levels of Wealth and Well Being.


  • Void: Helps you align and tap into the ULTIMATE Resource of Source energy and use it to guide and transform your unique and potent relationship with your Money.
  • Fire: Transforms Fear into Courage, Passion and Devotion, enabling you to step out of the familiar limitations and into the unknown potential of the future and do it completely.
  • Air: ShiftsConfusion into Clarity, Vision and Mental Artistry, so you can make wise and precise choices about what you want and what you need to do to create it.
    Water: Transmutes Powerlessness into Purpose, Direction and Power, so you can discover the inner resources that are the source of your true Richness and Wisdom.
    Earth: Shifts Burnout into Balance, Enthusiasm and Connection so you can walk the path to Wealth with focused and sustained internal energy.


When all of these elements are working together to support you in your goal of creating Wealth, guided by Source – they shape an INTEGRITY. When this happens our relationship with Money … becomes a SACRED one.

When we invite Source into our relationship with Wealth and ask it to helps us Master our Money in IT’S way … Everything changes! ~ Simone



 Partner with the power of Source to energize and expand your Wealth

Completely alter your RELATIONSHIP with  money into one rooted in Love and Trust instead of Fear

Start shaping your Wealth from the level of Soul, instead of struggling from Self

Move out of financial Surviving into financial Thriving

Let go of  your history of lack and convert it into an authentic identity rooted in the potential of limitlessness

Transform your relationship with your Money into a partnership of trust and mutual benefit

Take actions that are in alignment with your Wealth goals

Develop greater levels of Passion, Courage and Love with Wealth

Generate greater Clarity and Precision around Money

Dissolve patterns of overwhelm and burnout to access enthusiasm and flow

Break ancestral patterns of fear, pain and guilt around money and wealth

Recognize your true, clear and powerful Intuitive voice with Money and develop the courage to follow it

Let go of drama, unmet needs and anxiety around Money

Understand the HOW and WHY your financial struggles have served you, so you can more easily dissolve them

Start projecting  WHOLENESS into your relationship with Wealth, so it can reflect that Wholeness back to you

Develop the Confidence, Clarity and Courage to make greater levels of Wealth and Prosperity welcome

Love and Celebrate Yourself and your Money in whatever way it shows up

Break the patterns of ‘pay off’ you get from struggling in lack

Create the tangible relief that comes from interacting with Wealth in a new way

… and much more.



In this introductory lesson, we discover the Mystical principles and practices that provide us with direct access to the Void (Source energy) that is the source of all of our Spiritual and Material Wealth. In this module you will learn the Elemental power of ENGAGEMENT.

We break apart the myths that limit our creative power, we discover the ‘character traits’ of authentic Wealth and learn a powerful guided meditation which links us directly to the field of information and energy that provides us with the foundation of our expanded Wealth.



Here is where you begin to break apart the limits of Fear so you can step into the Courage and Passion to say Yes to your Wealth. Through a powerful alchemical process, you’ll MEET the archetype of your money, so you can begin to shape a relationship with it. You’ll begin to uncover the unconscious fears that currently exist around your Money so you can begin to transform them.

You’ll begin to EXPAND and empower your Vision for Wealth, rooted in the willingness to creating a new financial reality  with confidence and certainty. You’ll deepen your connection to your Money and begin to root it into your reality through the Element of Fire.


In this module you’ll shape deeper Clarity , Understanding and Wisdom. Using the power of the Conscious mind, Choice and Intention you’ll begin to shape the energy of change and transformation rooted in a Clear and focused mind.

With Air / Mind activated your Vision for Wealth becomes more EXPANDED and empowered and you begin to dissolve Confusion and Mental overwhelm and replace them with Understanding , Consciousness and Commitment to your goals.  You’ll also begin to energize your Vision of Wealth and learn to ‘see’ the patterns of wealth that have meaning to you and those that don’t.


In this module you begin to shape Authentic Power through the energy of Feeling or Emotion. Not the vibrating high, other dimension kind of emotion, but rather emotion that is rooted deep in this reality, carried in this moment and in this dimension. You’ll become intimate with your unique Feelings of Wealth and how they specifically communicate with you and learn to generate them in a grounded and practical way.

Authentic Wealth is rooted in the feelings of Peace and Power, Safety and Freedom, these are some of the energies you will become familiar with as you continue to deepen and EXPAND your personal code of Wealth and Prosperity.



Now you begin to EMBODY your energetic work through the physical world. Due to its dense nature, the body is often slower at responding to changes in the mind. In this module you’ll begin to take action through the body, from your future Wealthy identity – thus giving you the capacity to further EXPAND your energy so you can collapse time and space and create your goals more quickly.

You’ll also begin to shape inspired action plans in the physical world that empower, invigorate and create space for your Elemental Wealth to emerge, in effect, using the Body and the physical world, to ‘Earthify’ your visions for the future.



In this final module you’ll bring all of the Elements together as an Integrated whole. Through this level of wholeness, you’ll deepen your Intuitive Wealthy mind,  shape a new Wealth identity and refine your physical action plan for reaching your Wealth goals.

EXPRESSION is a natural result of your Integration, where new ideas, innovations, synchronicities and seeming miracles begin to appear in response to the Elemental work you have done. It is at this stage, Wealth is who we have become, and the physical world responds to who we are BEING. Doing is secondary. Having (the creation of our goals) is a bonus.

Each of the teaching modules is a pre-recorded Webinar with loads of beautiful slides, images and exercises designed to help you deepen your understanding and enrich your relationship with the Elements of Wealth.

You have lifetime access to every module and lesson and can take your time, dive deep and re-visit each lesson at your convenience.


 THE SHADOW OF MONEY- Breaking your Wealth Curses

 Shadow work is essential to any metaphysical process which amplifies levels of Spiritual energy. This very powerful module helps you meet and begin to transform the unconscious shadows that are preventing you from altering your Wealth reality.

These shadow parts of yourself were created in the past to keep you safe while you were young, but now that you are grown they are no longer necessary.

This lovely module helps you meet these shadows and begin to integrate them through wisdom, understanding and unconditional love, so the energy they contain can be released to serve your Visions for Wealth, instead of diminishing them. Again, serving our goal of Wholeness.



Authenticity gives us the ability to honor what is most true for us and allows us to accept those things that are most beneficial to us and reject those things that are not. Unfortunately most of us have been trained to be inauthentic, not knowing how to say no to things we don’t want, or yes, to the things we do want.

This is a special challenge to those who view themselves as Spiritual or Conscious, contributing to our financial woes. When we step into true Authenticity to claim our needs and desires for greater Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity, despite what others may think , we set in motion the process of Expansion and open the Portal to authentic wealth to move through us, AS us. 



Generating a degree of Wealth Mastery is important to every personal Vision. In this module taken from my Visioneering masterclass, we will cover:

* The TRUE Source of Financial Abundance. * Amplifying Self Worth and Net Worth. * How to ask for what you want, price your work well and feel good about it. * The Understanding of energetic exchange and flow that money represents … and more.



Money is personal. So I’m providing 2 LIVE coaching calls to answer YOUR personal MONEY questions. This is a RARE chance to connect and work with me 1:1 and get potent Elemental Wealth guidance.

The dates and times of the LIVE calls will be announced soon and will be via Zoom.


To provide you with additional support, refinement and guidance, each module is supported by a weekly audio of a previous Coaching and Q&A call.

Each coaching call has additional teaching segment to expand on our weekly lesson. 


You will be provided with a series of Guided Meditations, Visualization Audios and other bonuses that will support you in generating the Spiritual energy that will amplify and accelerate your process.

All materials in this course are in digital format (MP3, PDF and Streaming Video) so they are easy to access whenever you wish.


Elemental Wealth has completely changed my relationship with my Money. I was so unware of how much resistance I was carrying around Wealth and since starting the EW work, I have eliminated my debt and started my own business. I can honestly say, these days, I LOVE the relationship I have with my Money.

Micka K. - Canada

As an entrepreneur I was endlessly burned out, working hard to break even. Elemental Wealth gave me the power and clarity to value myself and my work without guilt or fear, refine my pricing and I have almost tripled my income in the last year.

Janet W. - USA

I was completely unaware of how much fear, guilt and shame I was carrying within me around money. Since doing the Elemental Wealth work with Simone I have shed so many layers of resistance around Wealth – and for the first time in my life, I am actually enjoying my Money, and am having a blast creating more income, more flow and more fun.

Bella Z. - USA

Elemental Wealth has blown my mind. I have struggled with money my entire life, but now that I understand my relationship with money is like a relationship with a person, I have changed everything in regards to my finances. For the first time in my life, I can proudly say, I have a fabulous partnership with my money, and it is paying off with more dollars in my accounts and greater peace in my heart. Thanks so much Simone!

Grandy L. - UK


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