First Aid for Spiritual Emergenc(y) Audio Program

 Do you sometimes find the process of your Spiritual Emergence challenging? Confusing? or Overwhelming?

Reclaim your power and use it to move through your Spiritual Adventure with greater ease, wisdom and understanding.

In this powerful multi-media program you will discover the purpose and transformative power held in even the most challenging aspects of your Spiritual journey. In clear yet deeply practical wisdom, Simone reveals the sometimes difficult, yet very common and necessary symptoms of Spiritual Emergence how we can transform them to propel, amplify and accelerate our journey into the Light.


Simone’s Message

We are all being called to embrace the highest version of ourselves, and as we answer this call, many of us are entering a stage of our journey where are discovering that the path to our Spiritual Mastery is not always an easy one. In fact, as the energies on our planet continue to shift and amplify, many folks on the spiritual path, even those with years of practice under their belts are experiencing challenges like never before.

As a generation of ‘Self Initiates’ who are using Life as Mystery School, we have entered an accelerated time of emergence. The signs and symptoms of this emergence can leave many of us feeling confused, frustrated and helpless as old patterns and paradigms are broken apart. Health issues, financial obstacles or a general feeling of ‘the spiritual blahs’ are sending many of us into a deeper degree of The Dark Night of the Soul and for some it can feel like total chaos has emerged.

Internationally respected mystic, visionary and Intuitive Simone Wright, reveals a deeply powerful First Aid treatment for our Spiritual Emergenc(Y) that can assist us in navigating through this next phase of evolution with a heightened degree of understanding and power. With her deeply powerful spiritual insights and experience, she guides us how to navigate this ‘in between stage’ of transformation, showing us how to engage our higher aspects to activate our personal Alchemy, and reveals the greater picture held within the challenges and blessings of the ‘Christing’ process.


Simone reveals:

  • How we are all ‘self initiates’ in our emerging process
  • The signs and symptoms of Spiritual emergenc(y) and what they symbolize
  • Understanding the stages of spiritual emergence and how to navigate and use the energies held within them.
  • How to transmute symptoms quickly and release their energies to serve your personal Alchemy
  • Why calling back our Spiritual Power is crucial to emerging gracefully from the stages of transformation
  • How to begin to engage with Spirit as an equal partner
  • Some of the common misconceptions that we may hold as Spiritual Adventurers that actually hold us back.
  • How to activate and amplify our Intuitive Intelligence.
  • How to reclaim our Spiritual Power … and much more.


First Aid for Spiritual Emergenc(y) Multi-Media Program 

This powerful multi-media workshop Series includes over 15 hours of audio, slides, guided meditations, scripts,  and Q&A to support you in the process of your Spiritual Emergenc(y).

Complete Program includes:

  • 4 Individual Teaching Modules (all pre-recorded webinar presentations available as audio with supporting Powerpoint slide presentation for each module) – each module is approx 2 hours long. See module description below.
  • Activating Alchemy Guided Meditation and Script
  • Calling Back your Power Guided Meditation
  • Generating Coherence Guided Meditation
  • 4 Individual Module Q&A recordings plus an Extended Q&A Module that covers much more (answers cover money, career, relationships, family, health and healing

… and more


Course Outline

Supported by the power of the sacred numbers, Zero, Seven, Twelve and One, this powerful 4 Module workshop elegantly moves you through the sometimes challenging process of authentic Spiritual Transformation into greater power, purpose and Mastery.


Module #1 – The Power of Zero – The signs and symptoms of becoming No-thing.

True spiritual transformation requires that we let go of all of the old physical limitations and boundaries that we once accepted as our reality. As we transform from material beings (The Sons of Man) into Spiritual Beings (The Sons of God), our physical world begins to shift as well. Often times these changes in energy manifest as powerful outward symptoms that despite our best spiritual practices, we can do little to change.

The signs of Spiritual Emergence often include a partial, if not complete break down of old systems that used to support our day to day existence. These old systems include emotional and physical health, professional and business routines, personal relationships and even spiritual practice. We are often left feeling a sense of chaos, confusion and sometimes even downright crazy as what used to work for us no longer does. We are taken to Zero.

In this lesson we will shake off some deeply damaging myths and misconceptions about the spiritual journey and look deeply into the signs and symptoms of spiritual emergence(y) and how they are manifesting for each of us individually. Bringing a higher perspective into our current situations will allow us to break down their meaning and reveal their hidden power to serve, heal and transform us.


Module #2 – The Seven Stages of Spiritual Emergence – Mapping Your Initiation

Every spiritual emergence goes through a precise process that supports our transformation from Asleep to Awake, Earth to Heaven, Initiate to Master, Man to God, from beginning to end.

In this lesson we will discover the Seven stages of the Initiation process. By understanding these specific stages, we are able to recognize how the past and present situations we have faced in our spiritual adventure are in direct alignment with the initiatory process. This understanding provides us with the clarity to completely embrace, allow and forgive every circumstance thus breaking the wheels of karmic repetition and freeing up the power to activate our personal alchemy and propel us forward with more grace, ease and joy.


Module #3 – The Twelve Powers – Building your Spiritual Team

Twelve is a very powerful number. 12 signs of the Zodiac. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 deciples of Jesus. We too have access to Twelve Spiritual Powers that are constantly supporting us and shifting to serve us from moment to moment. Identifying and accessing these Spiritual Powers is crucial to our transformational process.

This module will reveal the Twelve Spiritual powers that are continuously in service to us and how we can develop intimate and connected relationships with them. We will discover how we can personally connect to and use these powers via the use of archetype, symbolism and color thus activating an energetic team that stands to serve us in every moment.


Module #4 –  Back to One – Coming Home/Claiming Your Power

The previous 3 lessons have brought us to the culmination and integration of our process. In numerology if we look at the numbers involved throughout our time together, they reveal a picture … 0+7+12=19/ 1+9=10/ 1+0=1. We are, through this process of Spiritual Emergency, brought back home. Home to our TRUE powerful Selves.

This module integrates and settles all of the processes done this far and gives us the opportunity to reflect on and release all of the energies that have limited our progress in the past. Here we will once and for all recognize and call back our power from the illusions of the material world and integrate our physical nature with our Spiritual One.

Now with a clear understanding of the process and your Spiritual Power planted firmly in place, your Spiritual Emergence will no longer feel like an emergency. Now you will recognize that you have walked the path perfectly, you will see clearly where you have come from and where you are going and you now have access to every tool you will ever need to continue the journey with a greater sense of power and satisfaction than ever before.