I believe every great performer needs a great coach. Whether that performer is an athlete or an entrepreneur … a musician or a manager … an actor or an executive … those who consistently lead the pack or change the game are those who without fail exercise the intelligence to align themselves with wise, talented and honest people.

Coaches are counted on to see higher and wider perspectives and to initiate productive improvements when things need to be adjusted. They honor the individuality of every performer and they know the heart and passion that drives each and every one of them to follow their vision. A great coach has done their homework, both inner and outer and offers a view point fine tuned by years of experience, a few ‘failures’, many more successes and a desire of their own to be a part of something truly meaningful.

This is the kind of coach I am – this is what I have provided for the artists, athletes, executives and teams I have served. This is what I can do for you.


Using my potent,’crime busting’ Intuitive skills, my 25 years of the study of spiritual and mystical philosophy and years of practical experience …  and with a direct heart and a low threshold for ‘accepting less than the ultimate’; I offer clients TWO DIFFERENT ways to work with me. One on one CLARITY SESSIONS – which is the opportunity to work with me on a ‘one time basis’ and CLARITY COACHING – which allows us to work together on a continuing, expanding and accelerated basis.

Each level comes with the guarantee that I will hold myself to the highest standards I am capable of to assist you ~ and I will assume, that because you are committed enough to invest in the time and the money with me, you will be holding yourself to the same high standards.

I promise that our work together will challenge and encourage you to evolve beyond old patterns of thought and action and into a more dynamic level of success, achievement and personal integrity than you ever thought possible. I do not promise that the work we do together will always be easy … but I do promise, that it will be endlessly rewarding.

I will give you potent guidance and candid feed back on any of these topics or whatever is of concern to you:

  • Defining purpose and direction
  • Overcoming procrastination and setting achievable goals
  • Resolving relationship conflicts and communication challenges
  • Healing from divorce and relationship breakups
  • Dissolving frustration, anger and resentment
  • Building self worth
  • Moving through death, loss and grief
  • Facing fear and dissolving anxiety
  • Defining goals and awakening leadership
  • Dealing with disappointment and unmet expectations

If you need some guidance in any of these areas, or one that I haven’t mentioned here … please continue to read a bit more about ‘HOW I WORK’ here …


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