Week Six – Partnering with The Universe

WEEK 6: PARTNERING WITH THE UNIVERSE – Combining Personal & Divine Will
In this stage of the Initiation process, we begin to deliberately engage with Source AS Source and learn to use its flow to move us forward. Here we align OUR Will with COSMIC Will and watch the fruit of our labor begin to appear *Develop an inspired action plan to help us generate momentum *Start recognizing when we are IN THE FLOW and when we are OUT of it and what to do to change it quickly *How be more consistently in the Wisdom Stream so we can be far more efficient in our use of energy *How to apply Spiritual principles to Practical needs *How to get the Universe to ‘see’ you and support you *and more


Teaching Modules

Module #6 – Webinar Lesson

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Module #6 Webinar Lesson


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Module #6 – Workbook

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Initiation Workbook 6


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Initiation Self to Soul Module 6


 Module #6 – Coaching Call

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Initiation Module #6 Coaching Call


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