Week Five – Working With Divine Shadow

WEEK 5: WORKING WITH DIVINE SHADOW – Freeing up ALL of your Energetic Resources

This week we begin to access a powerful yet hidden source of energy, our Divine Shadow. Carried within this vast and untapped reservoir are the resources we need to rapidly advance our growth and activate our Spiritual gifts. *Discover the authentic equation of Light and why Shadow is crucial to our transformation *Discover how Mystics USE shadow as a friend and ally to support them *Learn how to USE the process of Alchemy to neutralize and free the energy carried within shadow to propel you forward *Break limiting habits and subconscious patterns that keep you from moving forward * and more

Teaching Modules


Module #5 Webinar Lesson

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Module #5 Webinar Class


Module #5 – Audio Only

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Initiation Module #5 Audio


Module #5 – Workbook

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Initiation Workbook 5


Module #5 – Webinar Slides

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Initiation Self to Soul – Module #5


Initiation Module #5 Coaching Call

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Initiation Module #5 Coaching Call


Additional Teaching Modules

Working with Divine Shadow (Modern Mystics Module)

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Divine Shadow Coaching Q&A


Divine Shadow Guided Meditation

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Shadow Process & Meditation


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