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first Intelligence Intuition

Now, more than ever, having a strong Intuition foundation is crucial. In this revolutionary and groundbreaking Masterclass you’ll learn to energize, amplify and direct your Intuitive Intelligence and begin to trust in it  like never before.
Regular Price: $797 – Leap Price: $398

Metaphysical Fitness

Create BIG things in your world, like GOLD MEDAL achievement, paradigm shifting things that you have never done before and then sustain them by building the Metaphysical fitness and endurance to tap into your most potent level of Spiritual power.

Regular Price: $797 – Leap Price: $398

Intuition For Entrepreneurs

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. This potent Intuition training program is perfect for you’re ready to take your personal business vision to an evolutionary level so you can SEE Clearly, FEEL Clearly and KNOW Clearly precisely how to do it.
Regular Price: $797 – Leap Price: $398


Deepen your relationship with the power of creation and make it YOUR identity. Start working WITH Source AS Source to overcome the 3D world and begin shaping life as you wish. No fluff, just tools that work. *Levels I and II

Regular Price: $297 – Leap Price: $148

The Metaphysics of Easter

Unlock your Spiritual understanding of your TRUE Divine nature and access the power of your Inner Christ. Let go and release all that is not you and invite all that is your ultimate SELF … RISE. The Metaphysics of Easter is the story of YOU.

Regular Price: $197 – Leap Price: $99


Refine and empower the fundamentals of Metaphysics and add your personal flair and creativity to turn them into your own sacred and Magickal Art. Create deep, rooted and powerful energetic functions to shape your 3D world.

Regular Price: $197 – Leap Price:$99

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**Special offer ends February 29, 2024