Meet Simone

Modern Mystic

When you learn how to see with your eyes closed,
then you will know how to dream with your eyes open.

Hi. I'm Simone ...

I’m an artist, author, entrepreneur & field tested Mystical Adventurer … dedicated to helping you unlock your Spiritual gifts and apply them to your life in Powerful yet Practical ways … all in a fluff free zone!

With a lifetime of what might be considered supernatuaral or mystical experiences and growing up as a sensitive and psychic child,my early years prepared me big time for the life I live and the work I do now.

My experiences shaped my philosphy of life and these days I live by two mottos, #1. ‘We Become what Fascinates us‘ and #2. ‘Go Big, or Go Home. I bring both of those philosophies to how I teach and support people in claiming their authentic spiritual power.

Through my down to earth yet transformative Mystical teaching, including online training programs, books and membership that reaches a global audience, I help people like you tap into their Spiritual resources and use them in meaningful ways that generate results.

Because of my ‘interesting metaphysical history’  I’ve been relentlessly driven by a desire to understand AUTHENTIC Spiritual power and connection, and how to genuinely USE it to transform and heal our lives.

And even though I had some pretty cool Spiritual skills, my question became, ‘If I can’t apply these gifts to making my life better, (when it was challenging) and amplify them (when things were going well) then what’s the point of having them?’ And so discovering as much as I could about Mysticism, Metaphysics and Esoteric practices became my passion and driving force.

But I was also passionate about painting, nature, writing, entrepreneurship, creativity and philosophy … 0h, and chocolate. And really beautiful shoes. And my dog. Lily.

Simone is a spot on Mystical Rock Star. She amazes me with her clarity and profound direction.
Dr. Mickra Hamilton, AuD, CEO ~Aeperion Center

So How Does One Become a Mystical Teacher?


Philosophy #1 played a big part in that. After a series of pretty serious hard knocks and feeling generally lost about life, I decided I had to decifer and understand the extra-ordinary experiences that had so frequently occurred over the years and learn how to apply them to my life to heal, transform and expand it.

My insatiable Mystical inquiry and curiosity began to pay off, and I realized that my sensitivities and varied interests and talents could be a combined in some pretty amazing ways, if I learned how to use and direct them properly.

Eventually I  began to share my discoveries and knowledge with others, and continued to apply them to my own life to help me become a globally collected, award winning artist, author, teacher, speaker and entrepreneur.

I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mother Magazine and others; my book, First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition has been read by thousands of people and my artwork has been featured in luxury magazines and galleries around the world. I’ve appeared on countless radio, television and online programs and been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

From developing a ground breaking Intuition training program, to creating beautiful artwork for collectors world wide, and partnering with NASA and the Hubble Science team, I am proof that when Spiritual resources are properly directed … great things can happen.



This is where Philosophy #2 comes in …  if you choose to walk a Spiritual path and you want to authenically apply it to your life, so you can thrive, then you have to be willing to think big, activate all of your power and really get your hands dirty. (Which is a part of the fun!)

This includes accessing your Peaceful and Powerful side, unleashing your authentic and most honest self, heart, body, mind and Soul. I suggest avoiding trendy cliche’s as much a possible, set your own trajectory, break the rules of your past and be willing to take some risks that may freak you out a little … or a lot.

I believe that if you are willing to take this leap, then authentic Spiritual and Mystical power, can and will reveal itself in your life. And no matter what your obstacles are, or what your history has been, you can access the power you need to heal, transform and elevate your life.

I continue to exercise my curiosity, to deepen my understanding and deepen my skill to further embody what it really means to be an authetically Modern Mystic.


Which brings me to you..


My passion for helping others achieve their goals in a way that is Spiritually unique yet powerfully grounded, is very important to me.

I do my best to be sure there are as many ways to develop your Mystical muscles as possible. Through membership, online programs and coaching, know that I’m committed to helping you use all of your Metaphysical gifts to help you create a life you are deeply proud of.

There is something here for everyone and there are lots of ways you can get your Mystical Groove on. Subscribe to my newsletter, pick up a copy of my book, join me in Membership or work with me one on one.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I’d love to connect with you.

xo Simone


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