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It has long since come to my attention, that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them … instead, they went out and happened to things.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Unlock your Spiritual Power with Mastery Coaching

Add powerful mystical, esoteric and alchemical processes to your life – to cultivate deeper success, accelerate spiritual growth and generate profound self mastery.

Mastery of any kind requires consistent refinement, focus and practice and is accelerated by the support of a dedicated and astute coach. Applying Spiritual principles to practical life situations in a meaningful way requires a clear understanding of personal power and mystical techniques that go beyond much of the ‘New Age fluff’ that is out there. That is where I excel as a coach.

Working with me in my Mastery Coaching Series’ invites you to strengthen and deepen your spiritual understandings and apply them to your PRACTICAL goals. This potent combination of power clears out the clutter of what works and what doesn’t, empowering you to cultivate the focus and meaningful action to achieve your real life dreams and desires.


MASTERY COACHING supports you in developing powerful Spiritual tools to step out of limiting PERSONAL consciousness and into expansive CREATIVE consciousness. This change in perception helps you:

  • Develop a powerful partnership with your Higher Self/Source/Creative Energy
  • Access Higher Consciousness and make it a habit
  • Get Unstuck / Erase past limitation
  • Develop new Spiritual Tools and put them to work
  • Learn how to Work with greater wisdom and less effort
  • Achieve greater financial, personal, and spiritual satisfaction and success
  • Recognize and use your Intuition
  • Eliminate fear – amplify Courage and Clarity
  • Discover your own unique path and code for creating your Destiny
  • … and much more

Kudos from Clients

I wish I had known about Simone’s work years ago. She has helped me find so much clarity on my gifts and skills, and helped me become the person I have always known I could be. Her ability to see the ways I was limiting myself and provide me with the tools to move forward has been a real life changer.


Simone is one of those rare people who takes complex ideas, that so often confuse me and make them so clear , that it’s as if I had the answer in front of me the entire time. Which of course, as she reminds me … I always do. She is my Mystical Mentor and I know my Mastery is emerging through our partnership.


To work with someone with Simone’s perspective, experience and desire to bring out the best in me – has been a true blessing in my life. I greet each day with Clarity and Courage and a deep knowing that my destiny is in MY hands. That confidence brings me such satisfaction and joy that I can hardly put it into words.


What to expect

As an internationally respected award winning artist, entrepreneur, 3-time author and Intuitive consultant with a lifetime of mystical and esoteric experience, I support my clients in gaining clarity, removing limitations and taking meaningful action that generates results.

At the same time we amplify spiritual strength, discover true mystical and metaphysical understandings and start putting them to work in real life situations.

I have coached CEO’s, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, conscious business owners, cops, doctors and others from all walks of life – all with the same desire to access a greater degree of Clarity, Power and Inspired Action.

Through our work together we cultivate clarity, refine goals, identify strengths, transmute limitations and begin the transformative process. We also craft action plans designed to generate momentum and embodiment of Wisdom and start activating spiritual skills to bring goals to fruition. 

We take a no-nonsense, no fluff, approach to your transformation and put it to work in a way that, with your dedication, ensures results that you can be pleased and proud of. Ultimately you become someone who you completely trust .. a sign of deepening self worth and self mastery.

As your coach I offer 100% commitment to helping you achieve your dreams, desires and goals for the future (both materially and spiritually) and providing you with the tools, direction and support to achieve them. Coaching is done via phone or Skype and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready for Mastery?

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a call to discuss what your Mastery Coaching would look like or to join the Group Coaching Wait List, please connect with me here. I look forward to meeting you! ~ Simone

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