The Power of Intention

Posted by admin on September - 8 - 2015

by The second phase of the Visionary process is where the Spiritual and the Material aspects of ourselves begin to connect and interact. It is the part of the mystical adventure where we are given the option of acknowledging the nudge that we received from the First Power of Inspiration and deciding to engage with it, or allowing it to slip past us without investigating its potential to transform our  [ Read More ]

The Power of Inspiration

Posted by admin on August - 20 - 2015

by When was the last time you were deeply, powerfully, passionately, Inspired? When do you last recall feeling so elevated by an idea that it was all you could think about for days or weeks? When was the last time you had a Vision so profound and real that it rocked you to your very bones? What was that vision? Did you manage to get that vision out of your  [ Read More ]

The Five I’s of Visionary Power

Posted by admin on August - 3 - 2015

by We all have dreams, desires and goals that we hold in our hearts and minds that we wish we could bring to life, grand imaginings that feed our hearts and lift our Souls. Some of these visions are deeply personal and are generated to serve us as individuals and others are more vast in scope and are meant to serve a broader, perhaps even global audience.   Regardless of  [ Read More ]


by We are all gifted with a powerful life partner who is standing ready at a moments notice to tend to our deepest desires and support us in our loftiest goals. We all have connection with a level of mind that has the ability to guide us towards our highest good and greatest outcome. Despite what many people think, we cannot, not be connected to our Intuition. We are all  [ Read More ]


by When was the last time you really gave yourself full out, 100% permission to Play? There are many things we as evolutionaries are very busy ‘working’ at … we work at our jobs, we work at making our relationships successful, we work at staying healthy and we even work at the process of our Spiritual journey. The dilemma this work ethic presents for us as folks who are wanting  [ Read More ]

The Power of The S#!T Hitting the Fan

Posted by admin on February - 3 - 2015

by Life uses every aspect of itself to move us to greater growth, power and evolution. But sometimes, less than pleasant things happen in our lives that can be difficult for us to grasp or truly understand. When these challenges appear, whether they be major, soul rattling situations or minor life inconveniences, sometimes our ability to navigate through them or make sense of them can be very painful and confusing.  [ Read More ]

The Power of Discernment – What Intuition IS and ISN’T

Posted by admin on January - 27 - 2015

by Knowing what your Intuition ISN’T is just as important as knowing what it IS. One of the most important aspects of developing our Intuitive Intelligence is the POWER OF DISCERNMENT. A partial definition of discernment is ‘to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well. Discernment is considered a virtue and is a reflection of and a tool of wisdom. As it applies to our Intuition, discernment is the ability  [ Read More ]

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