Solstice and The Power of Influence

Posted by admin on June - 20 - 2016

by It is a powerful time here on our beautiful blue planet. As the Sun moves to its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere and is partnered with a full (or Rose) moon, the Earth and all of its inhabitants are being exposed to the ‘powerful influence’ of some pretty potent energies.   The Sun is far more than a light or energy Source. Alchemically speaking it is also a  [ Read More ]

The Sixth Sense of Success

Posted by admin on April - 4 - 2016

by Richard Branson has admitted to using it. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have both depended on it. Oprah Winfrey credits the majority of her success to it. Countless other gifted, successful, leaders in entertainment, finance, medicine and enterprise have used this enigmatic, largely misunderstood and often ridiculed tool. This tool possesses the ability to change our health, our relationships and our finances. It aids in reducing stress and increasing  [ Read More ]

The Power of Innovation

Posted by admin on February - 1 - 2016

by Innovation is the organic problem solving capability of every organism in the universe. A pretty bold statement to be sure, but the fact that we are here, or that we are able to observe a particular tree, or bird, or fish or star is due to the power of innovation. As environments expand, grow and change, organisms that do NOT think ‘outside of the evolutionary box’ … perish. It  [ Read More ]

The Power of Imagination

Posted by admin on January - 11 - 2016

by Far from being the simple and frivolous past time of young children, the 3rd Visionary Power of IMAGINATION is one of the most powerful tools we possess. When used properly, via the pathway of a conscious, coherent and directed mind, our Imagination has the potential to completely alter our world and the world around us.   As a true Visionary we understand that to Imagine – means to ‘Image  [ Read More ]

The Power of Intention

Posted by admin on September - 8 - 2015

by The second phase of the Visionary process is where the Spiritual and the Material aspects of ourselves begin to connect and interact. It is the part of the mystical adventure where we are given the option of acknowledging the nudge that we received from the First Power of Inspiration and deciding to engage with it, or allowing it to slip past us without investigating its potential to transform our  [ Read More ]

The Power of Inspiration

Posted by admin on August - 20 - 2015

by When was the last time you were deeply, powerfully, passionately, Inspired? When do you last recall feeling so elevated by an idea that it was all you could think about for days or weeks? When was the last time you had a Vision so profound and real that it rocked you to your very bones? What was that vision? Did you manage to get that vision out of your  [ Read More ]

The Five I’s of Visionary Power

Posted by admin on August - 3 - 2015

by We all have dreams, desires and goals that we hold in our hearts and minds that we wish we could bring to life, grand imaginings that feed our hearts and lift our Souls. Some of these visions are deeply personal and are generated to serve us as individuals and others are more vast in scope and are meant to serve a broader, perhaps even global audience.   Regardless of  [ Read More ]

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