Declaring Spiritual Independence

Posted by admin on July - 4 - 2017

by This week marks the July dates where both Canada and the United States honor their National Independence. Meaningful dates in history where the citizens of these countries celebrate their political sovereignty from the oppression and governance of a limiting rule to become nations that are self-governed, self-directed and self-responsible. To be sovereign means to: possess supreme or ultimate power. To have absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, ultimate, total, unconditional, full  [ Read More ]

Generating Momentum – Choice and Driving Your Life

Posted by admin on June - 24 - 2017

by One of THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS we have is our ability to CHOOSE – despite what the New Age tells us, the Universe will NOT randomly direct our lives into fabulousness without our conscious participation. If you feel stuck or feel like you are lacking momentum, then you may want to investigate whether you have been using your power of CHOICE to shape your destiny, or if you have  [ Read More ]

Solstice – The Ultimate Polarity

Posted by admin on June - 21 - 2017

by Solstice – The Ultimate Polarity (Earth is Challenging for a Reason) Today marks Solstice on our beautiful planet. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year, with exposure to the greatest amount of sunlight, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day of the year with exposure to the greatest amount of darkness. Regardless of where you are  [ Read More ]

Donald Trump – Crossing the Mystical Threshold

Posted by admin on November - 7 - 2016

by Tomorrow marks inauguration day here in the United States, where one of the most polarizing figures in history will be sworn in as the 45th President. The weeks and months since the election have seen many in this country and around the world, shaking their heads and sometimes shaking in their boots with confusion, fear and consternation about what we might expect from the next 4 years. Mr. Trump  [ Read More ]

The Power of Failure

Posted by admin on November - 3 - 2016

by I’m not a big fan of baseball … I admit. It was only because I was speaking at a business event for artists that I learned that the Chicago Cubs baseball team was on the verge of breaking one of the longest losing streaks in history. And that in typical Hollywood movie fashion, it was a last minute, out of the clutches of another loss, series of events, that  [ Read More ]

A Mystical Perspective on the US Elections

Posted by admin on October - 21 - 2016

by Ahhhh, such theatre. Shakespeare himself could not have written a better story. In these days leading up to the election here in the United States, where it seems that sheer madness is unfolding, we are reminded of the words of the mystical bard himself, ‘That all the world is a stage, and we are merely players.’ Shakespeare was known to hide deep mystical truths in the words of his  [ Read More ]

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Posted by admin on October - 13 - 2016
goldfish jumping out of the water

by There is a common yet powerful misconception when it comes to using and following our Intuitive intelligence that if it is TRUE Intuition, that it will feel easy and unfold without any challenge, resistance or discomfort. And while the accurate energetic signal of authentic Intuitive guidance IS Neutral in electrical charge – the direction that it moves us towards or asks us to follow CAN be very challenging and  [ Read More ]

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