Thanks so much for booking your Clarity session with me, I look forward to getting to work with you.

A Clarity Session with me is unlike any other intuitive coaching session you may have experienced before … I don’t tell you your future – instead I work with you to guide you towards what it is YOU WANT to create, by helping you discover things that might be energetically blocking you. (habits, beliefs, fears, etc) and we reveal the energies, attitudes and habits you need to embrace and develop in order to accelerate your path towards your chosen desire.

We work together through the process, I ask questions, have you take notes and give you words, concepts and ideas to consider and practice so you can continue your progress after our time together. So please have pen and paper with you on the call but … (again, all is recorded)

I don’t need to know anything in advance. And it’s meant to be fun!

You can schedule your appointment using the Schedule button at the top of the page. I’ll connect with you within 48 hours to confirm and provide you with the call-in details. Our session lasts 2 hours.

So, prior to our time together I invite you to consider some goals you have for the future (career, spiritual growth, health, relationship, money etc) and write a list of questions you have surrounding these areas. (You don’t have to have a lot of questions – 4 or 5 tends to get us rolling … you will find that everything is connected anyway, and once we open a doorway to one, all the others will follow.

So that’s how it will work.
I look forward to connecting

If you have any difficulty scheduling, please reach out to me via my CONTACT page.

Best and with great care,