The Twelve – Their REAL Voice – Valentines Day

On Valentines Day 2012 – we were blown away by what happened during a session with ‘The Twelve’.

Click below to listen to what we believe is a never before captured recording of the Electro-magnetic signature of a non-physical communication. ‘The Twelve’ do not speak a human language, nor do they use a physical aspect ie: mouth to speak. Their vast intelligence is transmitted through conscious thought energetic impressions that are merely ‘translated’ through the open channel that Simone provides.

This awe inspiring recording was made during a Valentines day session done with a live audience and with others listening via Skype. We have always recorded the sessions with The Twelve – but this session was vastly and powerfully different – when you listen for yourself, you will understand why.

We have provided the first five minutes of what was a 90 minute conversation with The Twelve so  you can get a feel for what was experienced by everyone in attendance that day. In this very brief segment you can hear Simone getting settled, checking in the with audience and then saying goodbye as she ‘steps aside’ to allow The Twelve to step in and begin their teaching. The real magic starts about 60 seconds into the recording when The Twelve start their transmission and the recording equipment begins to pick up some truly amazing and skin tingling impressions. Impressions that we believe have never been recorded before now.

Click here to listen: The Twelve – Edited Valentines Day