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“The only way to deal with an un-free world, is to become so absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” 

~Albert Camus

Welcome to the Greatest Initiatory Moment of our Time

There are no words to accurately describe this moment – other than it being ‘ a REALITY’ changer. Corona has changed the world.

There have been other moments like this in history, but we weren’t around for them. Yet, somewhere, deep inside, especially as Spiritual adventurers … we knew something like this was coming. That’s why we’ve been doing so much spiritual work over the last few decades … to prepare for this moment in time.

Yet given all of our training – this global, cultural, environmental, medical, financial, and spiritual shockwave, has left us shaken, to the very Soul.

The Fear of the unknown. The Confusion around what to do moment to moment. The Powerlessness of having no sense of control. And the Burnout of having to face yet another global calamity is taking its toll on all of us.

What does it mean for our future? Our health? Our economy? How do we keep our families, our children, our friends safe? Where do we go for truth? Where do we go for answers? How can we use our Spiritual practice, to navigate through this crisis? 

The answer is closer than you think. And it’s hidden in the very name of the moment…

CORONA – The Gateway of Our Spiritual Evolution

This 6 letter word that is on the tense lips and in the shaking heart of virtually every person on the planet, is one that every true mystical initiate knows well … and has for eons. Because for the Mystic, the Corona is not a deadly virus … but an infinite source of Power.

Because you see, to a Mystic, The Sun is far more than a glowing ball of gas in the sky. It is a multi-dimensional source of Consciousness, Life and Light. It is the physical representation of the Divine, Creative force of the Infinite Source.

It is the Corona that bathes us in the energy that vivifies and supports every form of life on the planet. It’s the conversation between the Earth and the Corona that shapes the magnetic fields that generates ocean tides and wind currents, that helps animals migrate and navigate, that nourishes plants that feed us and provide shelter and medicine for us. It is literally LIFE.

For a Mystic, this field of energy is also the Source of Intuition, Ideas, Creativity, Evolutionary Wisdom and Magick. It is the energy that gives form to the Courage, Clarity, Power and Enthusiasm that can be used to heal, transform, evolve and navigate through any and every evolutionary moment. Including THIS one. 

The ancient Mystical cultures of the past, understood this most sacred relationship with The Sun and using various Initiatory practices developed their own INNER SUN and Coronal field so they could partner with it to shape and expand consciousness and influence reality.

These understandings informed and inspired everything in those cultures; from art, medicine, astronomy, architecture, government and education to Spirituality, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Life after Death, Multi-Dimensional awareness and so much more.

The High Initiates of these eras became the historical Avatars we now know … by many names. Jesus, Buddha, Mithra … and others. (And countless others who we have NEVER heard of, but who were equally as potent)

Thriving cultures known for their timeless philosophies of beauty, art and abundance were rooted in these principles of Solar consciousness.

Over time however, these Solar understandings were lost, or driven underground … and the cultures declined.  Perhaps this moment finds us in the lowest point of that fall – ready now, to reactivate that eternal wisdom.

Which makes it a perfect time for The Corona Gateway Masterclass.



The key to accessing this Source of Solar power to help you navigate this evolutionary moment with grace and clarity is within you right now. And the intensity of the times are actually the perfect energetic catalyst to help you do it.

You have within you, your own INNER SUN, with a Coronal field that carries the same powerful energy as the physical Sun, with  the same capabilities of healing, creativity, reality shaping and life building. Just in a smaller container. 

But in order to be able to maximize the potential of it, so we can use it as effectively as possible, we need to be sure we have navigated the Initiatory gates that have been activated by the current moment.

The Gateways of Initiation

At the core of every advanced Mystical tradition is the understanding that there is NO higher power than that embodied by the human being who has remembered their Divine nature.

Arriving at this awakened position is achieved by navigating a series of Initiations – usually over time. Being able to successfully traverse these obstacles enables the initiate to master fear, clarify vision, access true power and overcome the burn out that lies at the root of our personal and collective realities.

In this moment however, we are navigating the Gateways of Fear, Confusion, Powerlessness and Burnout – all at once. This is the challenge – but it is what The Corona Gateway series will help you Master.

When this process is completed, we are able to ‘return home’ to our  authentic integrated nature, where we can meet the opportunities of the unfolding future with a sense of spiritual energy and enthusiasm that is in alignment with our ideals and expanded identity.

You Are the New Map Makers

This moment is completely uncharted territory. But because it is unfamiliar doesn’t mean it should be devastating. In fact, as Mystics, we understand that it is the ripe and fertile ground between the known and the unknown that holds the most potential for massive and evolutionary transformation.

As Mystics and Metaphysicians, we go ‘meta’  which means to ‘go beyond’ or ‘to go higher, or deeper’. It will be the most conscious, whole and integrated people who will be in the strongest positions to move beyond our past to lead by example as we move ahead.

You have an opportunity in this moment to not resist it, or fear it, but rather to step into it with ALL of your energetic resources blazing. Using your Courage, your Clarity, your Power and your Enthusiasm for life to help shape the new reality we will all be living in the months and years to come.

The Corona Gateway Masterclass will help you do just that. I hope you’ll join me so the word Corona will mean something completely different for you and your future.

When there is  light in the darkness which comprehands the darkness, darkness no longer prevails.

Carl Jung

The Corona Gateway Masterclass Will Share:

The Esoteric and Metaphysical relationship with the Sun and how it serves our Spiritual evolution

Why the current Corona situation is a powerful opportunity to cultivate greater Light and what that means for our future

How the transformative, evolutionary and mystical power of The Sun is mirrored exactly within our Soul (Inner Sun) … and how to use it

How to use your relationship with The Sun to intensify your own Metaphysical skill and reality building power

How this current moment is perfectly shaped to accelerate our ‘remembering who we are’ process

Why the energies of Fear, Confusion, Powerlessness and Burnout are important RAW MATERIALS for transformation

How the global Corona experience activates and empowers our most potent spiritual archetypes

How to USE this moment in time and the energies it is creating to generate NEW realities, shaped by YOU

How to intentionally and specifically partner with the consciousness of The Sun to improve health, well being and creative power

How to burn away old conditioning of Self to gain greater access to the fire of your Soul

Exercises, Ceremony, Herbs, Elixers, Essential Oils and other ‘spirit hacks’ supported by The Sun to energize your process

How to en’lighten’ your Spiritual Immune system

How to generate Courage, Clarity, Power and Enthusiasm for the shaping of the new realities ahead

… and much more


What People Say About Working With Simone

Simone is one of the most powerful, clear and down to earth Mystical teachers I have ever met. Her perceptions and understanding of Spiritual concepts and how they apply to our current age, is unmatched.


Learning from and with Simone is one of the most life changing things I have ever done. My perspective of everything in my life has shifted. I am so grateful to be a student of this wise woman.


I have been a student and a teacher of the mysteries for over 30 years. And I have to say, without a doubt that Simone’s Mystical perspective blows the doors off of almost everything I thought I knew. She is a unique and authentic Spiritual voice.


Here’s what we’ll cover in The Corona Gateway Masterclass

MODULE #1 – THE CORONA GATEWAY: The Metaphysical Sun and Your Solar Initiation

The Sun plays a crucial role in our Spiritual evolution. Far more than a glowing orb in the sky, for Mystics, The Sun is a SOURCE and a PARTNER in Divine Power, Initiation and Awakening. In this module we’ll reveal some of the Esoteric understandings that have shaped eons of Mystical practice and start putting them to work.

  • Discover the Metaphysical identity of the Sun and how it plays a crucial role in consciousness, healing, shaping reality and more
  • Access and activate YOUR Inner Sun (Soul) and amplify your personal Coronal field
  • Discover the 4 Gateways of Transformation, how they take shape (within and without) and how we begin to navigate them


Fear plays an essential role in every Initiatory process. But every Mystic understands that fear is merely a thoughtform that needs to be overcome. In this module we begin to reclaim the Courage that is already ours so we can face the unknown with greater freedom and certainty.

  • Reclaim your power from past or present events so you can experience more life and light force
  • Become intimate with your fears so they become integrated and easier to overcome
  • Begin to take evolved and meaningful actions that dissolve your patterns of fear  … and more.


The challenge of this gateway is bewilderment and an inability to know what is ‘true’ for us. In this module we develop a clear mind, that sees into the truth of things, so we can master Vision that invites magick into our lives.

  • Develop skillful thinking to shape a clear vision for your future
  • Look clearly at where you have been and where you want to go and make empowered choices about what’s next
  • Break energetic habits that set you up for greater mental clarity and flexibility … and more.


There are many myths around Power, (especially in giving power away to people and circumstances) that limit our ability to truly master it. In this module we reclaim our Power so we can move ahead from a position of balance, strength and purpose.

  • Break the inner curses and transform shadows that limit you
  • Understand and Master the emotions that alter your Power
  • Generate new patterns of energy and identity that cultivate Flow and Freedom … and more.


Fatigue happens when things get really challenging and we are tempted to give up, or ask, ‘Will I ever get there?’ In this module we, develop an energetic strategy that helps us generate balance and keep us on course.

  • Exercises to integrate Inner Sun, Outer Sun and Earth to provide energetic nourishment and balance
  • Reclaim Soul energy with powerful breathwork exercises
  • Discover the wisdom and guidance carried in your fatigue and what it’s wanting you to know … and more.

MODULE #6 – RETURNING HOME: Claiming your Sovereign Solar Self

Here we have navigated all of the Gateways and integrated all of the energies to emerge as our Integrated, Whole, Solar Self. This is the home of The Mystic – the Void of the Central Sun. Rich in LIGHT and complete in nature,  we live our lives in Freedom, Peace and Sovereign Self Rule.

  • Learn to draw on all of your SOLAR energies to serve you
  • Accept your human AND Divine natures, be an example to others on the path
  • Settle into the relationship with and AS Divine Solar Consciousness and partner with its power and flow… and more.

Bonus Metaphysics Lessons…

8 Power tools and 3 exercises of expanding perception

Deepen your Intuitive, Clairvoyant and creative power by activating 8 meaningful tools. 

The Ultimate Alchemy Blending love & fear

Balance and integrate your authentic power to generate momentum and movement on your path ahead.

Cultivating Power Generating the Real

Refine your relationship with Power to become authentic miracle makers and creative evolutionaries.

You also get…


These lessons include a powerful deep review of the work, with valuable additional insights, tips and tools. Gain even greater refinement, integration and mastery of the Corona practice.


You will be provided with Guided Meditations, Exercises, Breathwork practices and other Initiation ‘hacks’ that will help you navigate each gateway to develop the mental, physical, emotional and energetic patterns to provide you with the greatest power and awareness on the path.

All materials in this course are in digital format (MP3, PDF and Streaming Video) so they are easy to access whenever you wish.


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With an Intention to be sure that you get as much value in this important time, and as many people can join me when finances might be a concern, I’ve included many free bonus lessons and priced the Masterclass at less than half the usual price.

If you’re ready to use this time to activate your Soul-ar Power to shape a potent future…

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