Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuition operates as a multi-dimentional, multi-faceted intelligence and it uses all aspects of your being to connect to, communicate with and guide you. It uses your body, mind AND spirit to do it’s job. (See video below)

I like to compare this physical equipment to the gear used by a SCUBA diver to navigate through the underwater environment in a safe, elegant and fun way … but for YOUR intuitive purposes I call it your SCIBA gear – that is Self. Contained. Intuitive. Brilliance. Apparatus. This natural intuition equipment allows you to navigate through the environment of your daily lives in the same elegant and fun way and supports you in achieving the highest level of survival along the way.

There are three main sources of intuitive power that guide us – I call this power house team our TRILATERAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM – and it is held in the dynamic centers of the GUT, the HEART and the BRAIN.

Check out the video below to learn precisely how these systems work and how they translate their intuitive information to guide and support you.

Your Intuition is a natural and innate wisdom held at the core of every cell of your being – you don’t have to do anything to grow it or earn it. You already possess every piece of equipment you will ever need to guide you to your Highest good and it is already communicating with you. Have you recognized it?

How has YOUR Intuitive equipment communicated with you in the past? Do you follow its guidance regularly or are you still learning to trust it’s subtle language? I’d love to hear your stories. Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing and being a part of my community.

Get your Intuition on! Live your dreams.


Me, You and Steve.

Me, You and Steve.

When Steve Jobs passed away last week there was a renewed interest in all of the things he had said over his expansive career; and while Mr. Jobs had many potent and powerful things to say about success, creativity and persistence – in my mind, the most powerful thing he said about life was this, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is the result of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out the sound of your own inner voice. Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Mr. Jobs was not the only visionary who relied heavily on his Intuitive intelligence – if you look on the list of any of the top influential minds of today and throughout history you will find that they ALL give credit for their success to their Intuition. The enigmatic and often severely ‘poopooed’ intelligence that many of us don’t even know we posses – or if we do acknowledge it within ourselves, it is often with a sniff of skepticism about its power and our ability to use it properly.

My mission in life is to reassure people from ALL walks of life – that Intuition is not some voodoo, woo-woo, magical, mind trick, special gift that some people have and some people do not – but that it is a natural, and obvious tool that we all have access to and are (at least in my mind – and in Steve Jobs mind) fools NOT to use in EVERY aspect of our lives.

Intuition is our ‘FIRST INTELLIGENCE’ – it is a level of knowing that goes beyond any and all things we have ever been taught, or heard or experienced in our day-to- day lives. Intuition is the intelligence that exists in alignment with all Universal intelligence that gives us access to solutions that have never been thought of before, ideas that have never been considered before and possibilities that have never been imagined before.

Our Intuition serves to guide us to our HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Intuition does NOT rely on previous knowledge – it does not find its information in study, research, analysis, graph sheets or statistics. True intuition which is NOT the same thing as instinct; seeks the routes, solutions and innovations that are in alignment with the potentials of our Evolution and seeks to guide us BEYOND the tired and worn, unproductive and ineffective patterns of our past.

Intuition works hand in hand with Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration and Intent – and holds the lead position in what I like to call the ‘Five I’s (eyes) of Visionary Power’. It gently leads us to look with different eyes and to see from a different perspective, any and all of the things we experience. Whether those things are a crisis in our health or relationship, a fork in the road in a career or life path, or an opportunity to create success and great abundance – our Intuition stands ready, willing and able to guide us to the attitudes, actions and alliances that will make the most of each of those situations ~ all the while, ensuring that our highest survival and most powerful evolutionary potential is maintained.

Intuition is specific, unique and designed exclusively and precisely for each individual. MY Intuition guides ME based on what I need to reach my highest potential. YOUR Intuition guides YOU based on what you need to reach your highest potential. Intuition cannot and does not serve more than one master.

Which is why those who are committed to following the guidance of their Intuitive voice often leave others confused, baffled or irritated … (or convinced that they have truly lost their minds!) And if the truth be told, they have lost their mind – at least the one that does not possess the power to really see beyond what is already known, or the one that everyone else relies on to gain the same results or create the same solutions.

Intuition does NOT come from the human brain, nor is it housed in the intellect. Your brain, what you know, what you have been taught, your IQ, or your GPA will NOT help you with your Intuition … it simply isn’t wise enough.

The human heart is the hub of Intuitive Intelligence, with the spokes of creativity, innovation, passion and vision radiating out from it like the spokes of a magnificent wheel … constantly rolling and moving towards greater and higher ideals and potentials.

Relying on your Intuition is simple, but rarely is it easy. Intuition requires you to have and use your courage in every moment– because it leads you to take risks, to let go of what you know, to do things that are not always comfortable and to take action based entirely on faith and faith alone – with no proof, validation or outward signs that you are doing the right thing. There are very few people on the planet who are willing to make that kind of leap or take that kind of risk. People who say they want to change their lives, but never really do are those who do not listen to their Intuition.

Our Intuition will say ‘Leap. Jump. Go for it. Let go of what is known. You will be safe.’ But our Intellect talks us out of it by saying, ‘What will people think? How will I pay my bills? It will never work. I can’t. So we don’t … and life stays the same.

How many times in your life have you heard the soft nudging of your Intuition and ignored it or talked yourself out of the wisdom because you were afraid? How many times have you allowed fear or faithlessness to hit the mute button on your highest intelligence? You aren’t alone … we have all done it.

But the truth of the matter is, if you want to be a Visionary in your own life … that is to see potentials and possibilities for the future that do not exist now, you are going to have to be willing to take some chances and let go of what feels safe and known.

The pathway to success is NOT a straight ladder that allows you to put one foot in front of the other with a constant solid support under you – it is more like a jungle gym with opportunities, possibilities and advantages that fly your way like a rope swing – and when they do fly your way, your Intuition will tell you to jump. If you want your life to change and evolve, you better jump.

You may never be certain about where you will end up, but your heart, your courage and your Intuition will always guarantee that the view, what you see with your new eyes and the perspective you achieve will never be the same as it was before, regardless of what the outcome turns out to be.

Steve Jobs and any of the other visionaries throughout time (Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Galileo, et al) … depended on something greater, grander and more compelling than most of us are used to … but it made all of the difference in their lives AND in ours. (As I type this post on my MacBook listening to my music from I-Tunes) If he … or they … hadn’t followed their hearts, what do you suppose our world would look like? If you were brave enough to follow YOURS … what do you suppose your world COULD look like?

So keeping in alignment with what Mr. Jobs said – ‘If you have a dream for your life, stop wasting your time, listen to your heart, follow your Intuition ….. and jump!’

Would you like to become a visionary in your own life and develop your Intuition to serve you every day? … Check here!

Live your dreams!