Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuition operates as a multi-dimentional, multi-faceted intelligence and it uses all aspects of your being to connect to, communicate with and guide you. It uses your body, mind AND spirit to do it’s job. (See video below)

I like to compare this physical equipment to the gear used by a SCUBA diver to navigate through the underwater environment in a safe, elegant and fun way … but for YOUR intuitive purposes I call it your SCIBA gear – that is Self. Contained. Intuitive. Brilliance. Apparatus. This natural intuition equipment allows you to navigate through the environment of your daily lives in the same elegant and fun way and supports you in achieving the highest level of survival along the way.

There are three main sources of intuitive power that guide us – I call this power house team our TRILATERAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM – and it is held in the dynamic centers of the GUT, the HEART and the BRAIN.

Check out the video below to learn precisely how these systems work and how they translate their intuitive information to guide and support you.

Your Intuition is a natural and innate wisdom held at the core of every cell of your being – you don’t have to do anything to grow it or earn it. You already possess every piece of equipment you will ever need to guide you to your Highest good and it is already communicating with you. Have you recognized it?

How has YOUR Intuitive equipment communicated with you in the past? Do you follow its guidance regularly or are you still learning to trust it’s subtle language? I’d love to hear your stories. Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing and being a part of my community.

Get your Intuition on! Live your dreams.


Me, You and Steve.

Me, You and Steve.

When Steve Jobs passed away last week there was a renewed interest in all of the things he had said over his expansive career; and while Mr. Jobs had many potent and powerful things to say about success, creativity and persistence – in my mind, the most powerful thing he said about life was this, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is the result of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out the sound of your own inner voice. Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Mr. Jobs was not the only visionary who relied heavily on his Intuitive intelligence – if you look on the list of any of the top influential minds of today and throughout history you will find that they ALL give credit for their success to their Intuition. The enigmatic and often severely ‘poopooed’ intelligence that many of us don’t even know we posses – or if we do acknowledge it within ourselves, it is often with a sniff of skepticism about its power and our ability to use it properly.

My mission in life is to reassure people from ALL walks of life – that Intuition is not some voodoo, woo-woo, magical, mind trick, special gift that some people have and some people do not – but that it is a natural, and obvious tool that we all have access to and are (at least in my mind – and in Steve Jobs mind) fools NOT to use in EVERY aspect of our lives.

Intuition is our ‘FIRST INTELLIGENCE’ – it is a level of knowing that goes beyond any and all things we have ever been taught, or heard or experienced in our day-to- day lives. Intuition is the intelligence that exists in alignment with all Universal intelligence that gives us access to solutions that have never been thought of before, ideas that have never been considered before and possibilities that have never been imagined before.

Our Intuition serves to guide us to our HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Intuition does NOT rely on previous knowledge – it does not find its information in study, research, analysis, graph sheets or statistics. True intuition which is NOT the same thing as instinct; seeks the routes, solutions and innovations that are in alignment with the potentials of our Evolution and seeks to guide us BEYOND the tired and worn, unproductive and ineffective patterns of our past.

Intuition works hand in hand with Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration and Intent – and holds the lead position in what I like to call the ‘Five I’s (eyes) of Visionary Power’. It gently leads us to look with different eyes and to see from a different perspective, any and all of the things we experience. Whether those things are a crisis in our health or relationship, a fork in the road in a career or life path, or an opportunity to create success and great abundance – our Intuition stands ready, willing and able to guide us to the attitudes, actions and alliances that will make the most of each of those situations ~ all the while, ensuring that our highest survival and most powerful evolutionary potential is maintained.

Intuition is specific, unique and designed exclusively and precisely for each individual. MY Intuition guides ME based on what I need to reach my highest potential. YOUR Intuition guides YOU based on what you need to reach your highest potential. Intuition cannot and does not serve more than one master.

Which is why those who are committed to following the guidance of their Intuitive voice often leave others confused, baffled or irritated … (or convinced that they have truly lost their minds!) And if the truth be told, they have lost their mind – at least the one that does not possess the power to really see beyond what is already known, or the one that everyone else relies on to gain the same results or create the same solutions.

Intuition does NOT come from the human brain, nor is it housed in the intellect. Your brain, what you know, what you have been taught, your IQ, or your GPA will NOT help you with your Intuition … it simply isn’t wise enough.

The human heart is the hub of Intuitive Intelligence, with the spokes of creativity, innovation, passion and vision radiating out from it like the spokes of a magnificent wheel … constantly rolling and moving towards greater and higher ideals and potentials.

Relying on your Intuition is simple, but rarely is it easy. Intuition requires you to have and use your courage in every moment– because it leads you to take risks, to let go of what you know, to do things that are not always comfortable and to take action based entirely on faith and faith alone – with no proof, validation or outward signs that you are doing the right thing. There are very few people on the planet who are willing to make that kind of leap or take that kind of risk. People who say they want to change their lives, but never really do are those who do not listen to their Intuition.

Our Intuition will say ‘Leap. Jump. Go for it. Let go of what is known. You will be safe.’ But our Intellect talks us out of it by saying, ‘What will people think? How will I pay my bills? It will never work. I can’t. So we don’t … and life stays the same.

How many times in your life have you heard the soft nudging of your Intuition and ignored it or talked yourself out of the wisdom because you were afraid? How many times have you allowed fear or faithlessness to hit the mute button on your highest intelligence? You aren’t alone … we have all done it.

But the truth of the matter is, if you want to be a Visionary in your own life … that is to see potentials and possibilities for the future that do not exist now, you are going to have to be willing to take some chances and let go of what feels safe and known.

The pathway to success is NOT a straight ladder that allows you to put one foot in front of the other with a constant solid support under you – it is more like a jungle gym with opportunities, possibilities and advantages that fly your way like a rope swing – and when they do fly your way, your Intuition will tell you to jump. If you want your life to change and evolve, you better jump.

You may never be certain about where you will end up, but your heart, your courage and your Intuition will always guarantee that the view, what you see with your new eyes and the perspective you achieve will never be the same as it was before, regardless of what the outcome turns out to be.

Steve Jobs and any of the other visionaries throughout time (Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Galileo, et al) … depended on something greater, grander and more compelling than most of us are used to … but it made all of the difference in their lives AND in ours. (As I type this post on my MacBook listening to my music from I-Tunes) If he … or they … hadn’t followed their hearts, what do you suppose our world would look like? If you were brave enough to follow YOURS … what do you suppose your world COULD look like?

So keeping in alignment with what Mr. Jobs said – ‘If you have a dream for your life, stop wasting your time, listen to your heart, follow your Intuition ….. and jump!’

Would you like to become a visionary in your own life and develop your Intuition to serve you every day? … Check here!

Live your dreams!

Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

I am feeling compelled to take the gloves off today to take a moment to address something that we all must be aware of.  Now more than ever as the potent energies of change, shift and upheaval are rising all around us … the luxury of denial or being naive is no longer available.

Now I know that each and every one of my readers are smart, determined and intelligent people, who want to create great lives of joy, purpose and significance  – who would like in some small way (or maybe large way) for their lives to have meaning and to have their efforts in life stand for something … and to maybe, just maybe … leave the world a bit better place than it was before they got here.

That commitment in and of itself is a noble and heroic undertaking – and it is a journey that is rife with opportunities to gain great success as well as to face challenges, overcome obstacles and discover what it is we are truly ‘made of’.

But there is a single truth that EVERY Evolutionary human being MUST understand if they are going to navigate these ever turbulent rapids that are surrounding us all, so as to emerge on the other side of the white water stronger, more potent and more conscious than ever before. That single truth is this …

We MUST be willing to claim the position of being the singular HERO of our own lives, and be willing to embrace ALL of the challenges, obstacles and victories that any heroic journey contains … AND be willing to realize that there is no external source, no outside force (government, romantic relationship, legal or military guard, or financial windfall) that is going to do it for us. Not, one. And while we may be surrounded by people, friends and loved ones who assist, support and encourage us along our journey – it is we and we alone who must take the steps to see it all to completion.


If you truly wish to succeed on the path you have chosen in life, you must be willing – with 1000% commitment to let go of any idea of being a victim of the circumstances that you have experienced along the way, or to blame any of those above mentioned external forces as being the source of your inability to thrive. That is a cop out that most of us have clung to at one time or another and it is an unconscious choice that keeps us small, impotent and tied to the past.

The reality is – you will not be able to claim your Hero status, and create the potent life you have dreamed of and that you are capable of … until you have grown tired of playing the victim.

Evolutionary Intelligence understands that CONSCIOUSNESS creates REALITY – that reality takes form as our health, our relationships, our finances, our business dealings, our children … even our perception of luck and whether it is deemed ‘good or bad’. Realizing that OUR consciousness determines OUR reality makes it impossible for us to continue to blame any external source for our trials and tribulations – OR for our successes and victories. Consciousness – our individual consciousness is the source of all of it.

There are many people out there who will take responsibility for the ‘good outcomes’ in life, but will project ‘negative results’ outward … these people will continue to be victimized by the system, or the people, or the circumstance to which they have completely given their power to. (Which ultimately as an Evolutionary understands are simply mirrored reflections of our own un-illumined consciousness.)

Where have YOU given your power away to a victim based mindset and whom or what do you continue to rail against in an effort to get ‘them’ (whoever ‘they’ are) to say, do, or behave differently? Where do you minimize your own past successes or diminish your own greatest assets? How often do you catch yourself hanging out in the past or thinking that things ‘SHOULD’ have …. or ‘COULD’ have been different? These are all victimized mindsets that obliterate our ability to take true and mindful responsibility for our lives and set us up to spin our wheels in a sense of frustration and lack.


Those times when we have crashed and burned, lost it all, had our heart broken, or faced our own mortality are genuine gifts that must be used in order to raise our consciousness, question our own perceptions and decide whether or not we are truly embracing all of our potential. Those are the times that our Hero is called into action – and the decisions he makes in those moments determine every outcome and every situation to follow – and how they all turn out in the end.

Author and philosopher Joseph Campbell says of those times “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

We all stumble, we all face personal and intimate difficulty. This is truer now for more of us than ever before. The only way we become victorious over these challenges, is to banish our need to project external blame or seek outward solutions – and instead reflect inwardly to where our Hero possesses all of the tools and intelligence needed to bring us out of the abyss and back into the light of our highest joy and potential.

So when you look out into the world, or into the corners of your own life and see things that do not please you or that you wish to change – do not pump your fists in the air and raise a war cry to ‘the people in power’ to change their game … change your game instead … and tie on your cape and your superhero mask and get to work yourself!

Live your dreams! Feel free to comment/share and post below!

Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits

In the new movie “Limitless”, a somewhat talented yet lazy writer Eddie Mora played by (Bradley Cooper) discovers  a performance enhancing drug called NZT, that allows him to activate and access 100% of his brain – 80% more brain than the majority of us ‘regular’ human beings use. With the ingestion of the small ‘clear pill’ Eddie is catapulted into a world of unfathomable wealth, success, and sex as he conquers Wall Street, learns new languages and becomes an instant genius.

The price to pay for this level of ‘Enlightenment’ … and it seems there always is one … is that his new brilliance is highlighted by a twitchy dark arrogance and an adrenaline fixation; and even more worrisome … the side effects include paranoia, psychosis, brain damage and … well, um … death.

Call me crazy, but death sounds pretty limiting.

I am always intrigued by movies like this (which is by the way, the first release by Sir Richard Branson’s – Virgin Produced) – that open the door ever so slightly to allow us a sneak peek at what might be possible for human potential, only to slam it shut by painting that potential with the grimy ooze of ‘the dark side’ … as if to say … ‘Yes, this level of intelligence is possible … but once you achieve it … all hell will break loose and you will long for your old days of mundane ordinariness.’ Sort of like the ‘red pill/ blue pill’ conundrum of The Matrix. Or the ‘brain tumor’ explanation for John Travolta’s brilliance in the movie Phenomenon. It tells us … if you are going to be this gifted, this advanced, this Enlightened … well, you gotta die at the end.

I don’t buy it.

It is my belief that elevating and evolving human potential to an advanced level IS possible and to some degree is happening already. And like it or not – it is going to take an elevation of human potential to lift us all out of the rather rampant mess that we have gotten ourselves into. It is going to take a grand leap of the ‘development of Human Intelligence’ to change the status quo and turn our global, local and personal situations around.

Regardless of the intentions of Government, Education and Health Care (these intentions may be good or bad, depending on what side of the aisle you sit on) relying on these OLD systems is not going to help us, so we need to STOP looking there for the answers. Why? Because every one of these systems is committed to the ‘OLD’ intelligence, the OLD patterns and the OLD outdated ideas that clearly do not work. The Intelligence, Innovation and Imaginings that are required to turn things around will come from the individual, from the entrepreneur, from the visionary who is not tied to old ideas … it will come from you and me. But we will need to be willing to drop all of our fears about embracing our brilliance and be willing to adopt a new, grander idea of ourselves first.

If a new and limitless idea of human potential is to come to fruition, then maybe Hollywood is right … something WILL need to pass away … but it isn’t us as human beings or individuals. It is the old ‘imaginings or ideas’ that need to be sacrificed. As in all Evolutionary practices, in order for the new dream to be born, the old dream has to go.

So perhaps the deeper message of ‘Limitless’ is that the possibilities of advanced human potential DO exist, but we cannot expect them to come in an easily digestible tablet. In order for humanity as a species to be capable of that type of advanced intelligence, a whole lot of ground work would need to be done first.

It may be that operating on that level of heightened potential is like driving a Ferrari when you have only just gotten your learners permit … perhaps it is a bit too much muscle for a beginner, but with the right amount of practice – mastery of that type of power IS possible. But we need to be brave enough to be willing to truly let go of all of the things that so obviously don’t work in our lives any more, or more bravely question if they ever worked for us in the first place.

I like the idea of being Limitless and I believe that we all have our ideas of how that would look to each one of us. I also have a certainty that it is possible, we don’t need to take a pill to achieve it though … and we don’t need to self destruct in the process. We need only to get out of our own way and allow the Intelligence that is waiting to be revealed … to have its way with us.


Innovation. Standing Life on its Head.

Innovation. Standing Life on its Head.

The most successful businesses in the world today, thrive on one thing … INNOVATION!” ~ Simone Wright

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a multi-national company, an entrepreneur running a one man operation, or a recent college graduate just tumbling into your first ‘real job’ – the fact of the matter is … if INNOVATION is not your number one priority, you will be left in the dust.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, Richard Branson, said of the innovative spirit, “I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their head and making sure those industries will never be the same again.” So the secret, at least according to Sir Richard is simply to turn everything upside down.

Okay. So how do we do that? And what exactly IS IT that will be getting the old upsy-daisy?

Suffice it to say, if something is standing on it’s head – the perspective will certainly be different. So if we are to heed Branson’s advice, in order to turn an industry upside down, WE are going to need to ‘alter our perception’ first. The greatest innovators have the ability to ‘see things differently’ which gives them the ability to perceive solutions or ideas that no one else does. So in order to innovate, we need to be able to do the same thing … And yes … I guarantee it is 100% legal.

Perception is a function of our Intelligence system, and is uniquely formed in each individual by the repeated patterns of both internal and external influences from our environment. To put it more succinctly, our perceptions are formed by what we see, think, hear, feel or experience physically, mentally, emotionally and even chemically. All of these influences hard wire our nervous system and our nervous system becomes our mechanism of perception.

The simple way to begin to alter our perception is to begin to change our informational influences so we can activate new ways of thinking. To put it simply, in order to activate innovation we need to begin to ask different questions – questions that will push our nervous system and creative thought processes into new and more dynamic directions.

Altering perception begins when you start asking yourself or your team a new set of questions. Empowered questions. Evolved questions. When an empowered question is asked, an Integrated Intelligence will go to work immediately to find the most effective and efficient solution to answer it.

Often times developing an empowered question will offer you 90% of the solution.

Instead of asking ‘unempowered questions’ that begin with WHY … like WHY won’t my boss give me that promotion? or WHY is our product not selling? or WHY can’t I save any money? Consider asking questions that begin with HOW or WHAT.

Questions like … HOW can my company, product, brand be different in the marketplace? Or WHAT details can we add/remove from our product that would make it more user friendly? HOW can this project be completed on time? WHAT does my boss need to help make his job easier? HOW can I bring more value to my job? WHAT resources are we overlooking that can make us more profitable? … you get the picture.

WHY questions do not activate the creative processes in the brain to find SOLUTIONS. WHY questions are often times subjective with no solid answer. So stop asking them.

HOW or WHAT questions beg the brain for ACTION steps, and ignite the innovation connections that offer new ideas. When these new connections are stimulated, the brain begins to alter its wiring, so new PERCEPTIONS become activated. It is when these systems are switched on that the solutions appear before us as though they were sitting there the whole time. Which of course they were … we just weren’t setting ourselves up to recognize them.