Occupy Yourself

Occupy Yourself

Revolution is upon us. Nothing is more indicative of this fact than the global build up of ‘The Occupy Movement’ and all of the discordant dynamics that surround it. And as we all watch its reach spread further around the globe, ‘Occupy’ grows heavier with more violence and abuse and less wisdom and enlightenment as each day progresses.

As Evolutionaries, we must view the world and our lives within it, from a higher and more energetically refined perspective. We must look at the actions we take and the attitudes we posses when we seek to create change, not as ‘entitlements’ but rather as foundations that determine how things will unfold. These foundations are either stable and can support the new dream or idea, or they are not. The foundation that Occupy is building is not a stable foundation, and we do not benefit ourselves; or the planet by believing that it is.


Have you noticed … the core of the word Revolution is Evolution?

The Occupy Movement will not work, because it has at its core, as do all un-Evolved Revolutions, a distorted and illusory belief that it is US against THEM, the Have’s against the Have Nots, the 1% against the rest of us, the rich against the poor, the corporation against the ‘Every Man. No desire to create or sustain change on a personal or global level; that is based in this sort of energy, will ever succeed in the long run.

As the crowds and emotions grow around The Occupy Movement, which seeks to change things by forcing the wealthy 1% to physically ‘pay up’ in order to level the playing field and shrink the gap between the ‘haves and the have nots’ – a huge opportunity for real change is being missed out on; the opportunity to change ourselves.

Sure, make a physical stand if you want to … but that will not change things at the root or causal level. If you don’t believe me and you still think that un-evolved dissent will change things, just look at history. The founders of the USA started a revolution to avoid financial persecution and unbalanced distribution of wealth by the nobility, by fighting, killing and dying so things would be different … and now, over 200 years later here we are again, this time … on a global scale … but now the ‘nobles’ are called Corporations, The Wealthy, The Stinkin’ Rich or the 1%.

Almost weekly, ‘evil dictators’ are being overthrown all over the world, only to be replaced by a different but identical ‘regime’ based in fear, control and limitation; each one more diabolical than the last. The faces may have changed, but the paradigm that drives the systems … all of them … has stayed the same.

This current ‘Revolution’ would have us believe that the terrorists are now the bankers, and the people who in our mind have more than they deserve. A new war has been waged. But this one is closer to home than ever before… it is in our pocketbook.


What would you do if someone walked up to you on the street and demanded you give them your money? Would you give it willingly? What would you say to that person who wanted to remove something from you against your will? If you were an Evolutionary you might give it willingly, knowing full well that you can generate more of it whenever you need it, but there aren’t many of us out there who are that empowered… at least not yet. And until you ARE that empowered, you cannot demand that any other person on the planet be.

What would YOU do if you were one of the 1% of the most Wealthy who were being forced through rebellion by the 99% to give up a portion of your wealth? If you were really honest about it, you would not do it willingly – you would probably shout at the protesters who were camped out on your lawn and tell them to go get a job. Go DO something. Go CREATE something. Go BE something.

Even if you as the 1%, did concede to their demands, ultimately there would be little change or grounded success, because it wasn’t an idea seeded within your own heart. The results of those changes, regardless if it is about money, or race, or sexuality, or love, or faith, will never truly take root and come to a fruition that everyone is pleased by; because the energy simply does not support it.

Regulating others is NOT going to solve the problem. SELF REGULATION which is considered a core emotional and evolutionary strength will light the way.

I am NOT one of the wealthy 1% … not even close; but I do have the same opinion as those who would have their wealth forcibly removed from them. But for a reason that is based strictly in how we create our reality and where and when we expend our energy.

Protesting, griping, complaining or thinking that someone else is responsible for your level of success in any arena is a complete and total waste of time and energy.

The amount of energy required being angry, jealous and self righteous is more than enough of what you need to shift your awareness and start creating solutions of your own; be they financial, emotional, physical or spiritual. But if you burn that energy in rebellion you will have none left for evolution.


Instead of Occupying Wall Street, or Fleet Street or Oakland, I invite you to ‘Occupy YOURSELVES’, perform a Personal ‘Sit In’. Take some time to participate in a ‘Singular peaceful demonstration’. Take some time to get to  ‘Know Thyself’. As Evolutionaries we know that the source of change happens internally long before it is ever noticed on the external reality, so we owe it to ourselves to start there.

Do you want greater wealth? Do you want to have enough resources to do what you want, when you want, however you want? Then I must ask you an important question … WHERE are you FOCUSING your ENERGY? And how much of it are you WASTING on forcing other people to change their attitudes? Never mind the global crisis … where are you burning your own energetic resources, funds and finances in your day-to-day, moment-to-moment life?

The financial situation will collapse – it has to, because it is not based in true energetic or evolutionary laws – it will collapse whether you get angry about it or not. It is changing because the energy that is required to build it, support it and empower it, no longer can … It is a true example of ‘unsustainable resources.’

When you Occupy Yourself you begin to recognize your own personal and eternally sustainable resources – those of creativity, imagination, innovation, purpose and passion. Those are the refined energies of true value and these are the energies that will usher in a real and meaningful Revolution. If you want to be a Rebel, use these energies to source your mission for change. If you want to be an Evolved Rebel – HOW you approach your desire to change is even more crucial than WHAT you do to generate it.

If you are angry at the level of greed in the world – then I invite you to practice ultimate generosity; both with your resources and your compassion. If you are disgusted by the level of dishonesty surrounding us – then I invite you to live in the highest integrity that you are capable of maintaining – in word, thought and action. If you are disturbed by the perceived imbalances of materialism and consumerism – then I invite you to look into your own life and see where you are contributing to those distortions and begin to gently remove those aspects from your life.

In the lyrics of the song Revolution, John Lennon said,

You say you’ll change the constitution

Well, you know

We all want to change your head

You tell me it’s the institution

Well, you know

You better free your mind instead

But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao

You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow…

Don’t you know it’s gonna be ~ alright…”  

There is no 1% and the rest of us … there is only the whole. When you ‘Occupy Yourself’ with the understanding that you do not become powerful by stripping power from someone else (regardless of how they achieved it), and that you are responsible for your own reality, (which includes how much wealth you do or don’t have) then EVOLUTION becomes REVOLUTION in its highest form. And from that higher perspective, you would have to agree with Mr. Lennon and say ‘It’s gonna be … alright.’

Live your dreams.


Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

I am feeling compelled to take the gloves off today to take a moment to address something that we all must be aware of.  Now more than ever as the potent energies of change, shift and upheaval are rising all around us … the luxury of denial or being naive is no longer available.

Now I know that each and every one of my readers are smart, determined and intelligent people, who want to create great lives of joy, purpose and significance  – who would like in some small way (or maybe large way) for their lives to have meaning and to have their efforts in life stand for something … and to maybe, just maybe … leave the world a bit better place than it was before they got here.

That commitment in and of itself is a noble and heroic undertaking – and it is a journey that is rife with opportunities to gain great success as well as to face challenges, overcome obstacles and discover what it is we are truly ‘made of’.

But there is a single truth that EVERY Evolutionary human being MUST understand if they are going to navigate these ever turbulent rapids that are surrounding us all, so as to emerge on the other side of the white water stronger, more potent and more conscious than ever before. That single truth is this …

We MUST be willing to claim the position of being the singular HERO of our own lives, and be willing to embrace ALL of the challenges, obstacles and victories that any heroic journey contains … AND be willing to realize that there is no external source, no outside force (government, romantic relationship, legal or military guard, or financial windfall) that is going to do it for us. Not, one. And while we may be surrounded by people, friends and loved ones who assist, support and encourage us along our journey – it is we and we alone who must take the steps to see it all to completion.


If you truly wish to succeed on the path you have chosen in life, you must be willing – with 1000% commitment to let go of any idea of being a victim of the circumstances that you have experienced along the way, or to blame any of those above mentioned external forces as being the source of your inability to thrive. That is a cop out that most of us have clung to at one time or another and it is an unconscious choice that keeps us small, impotent and tied to the past.

The reality is – you will not be able to claim your Hero status, and create the potent life you have dreamed of and that you are capable of … until you have grown tired of playing the victim.

Evolutionary Intelligence understands that CONSCIOUSNESS creates REALITY – that reality takes form as our health, our relationships, our finances, our business dealings, our children … even our perception of luck and whether it is deemed ‘good or bad’. Realizing that OUR consciousness determines OUR reality makes it impossible for us to continue to blame any external source for our trials and tribulations – OR for our successes and victories. Consciousness – our individual consciousness is the source of all of it.

There are many people out there who will take responsibility for the ‘good outcomes’ in life, but will project ‘negative results’ outward … these people will continue to be victimized by the system, or the people, or the circumstance to which they have completely given their power to. (Which ultimately as an Evolutionary understands are simply mirrored reflections of our own un-illumined consciousness.)

Where have YOU given your power away to a victim based mindset and whom or what do you continue to rail against in an effort to get ‘them’ (whoever ‘they’ are) to say, do, or behave differently? Where do you minimize your own past successes or diminish your own greatest assets? How often do you catch yourself hanging out in the past or thinking that things ‘SHOULD’ have …. or ‘COULD’ have been different? These are all victimized mindsets that obliterate our ability to take true and mindful responsibility for our lives and set us up to spin our wheels in a sense of frustration and lack.


Those times when we have crashed and burned, lost it all, had our heart broken, or faced our own mortality are genuine gifts that must be used in order to raise our consciousness, question our own perceptions and decide whether or not we are truly embracing all of our potential. Those are the times that our Hero is called into action – and the decisions he makes in those moments determine every outcome and every situation to follow – and how they all turn out in the end.

Author and philosopher Joseph Campbell says of those times “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

We all stumble, we all face personal and intimate difficulty. This is truer now for more of us than ever before. The only way we become victorious over these challenges, is to banish our need to project external blame or seek outward solutions – and instead reflect inwardly to where our Hero possesses all of the tools and intelligence needed to bring us out of the abyss and back into the light of our highest joy and potential.

So when you look out into the world, or into the corners of your own life and see things that do not please you or that you wish to change – do not pump your fists in the air and raise a war cry to ‘the people in power’ to change their game … change your game instead … and tie on your cape and your superhero mask and get to work yourself!

Live your dreams! Feel free to comment/share and post below!

Creating Change by 'Accessing the Code'

Creating Change by 'Accessing the Code'

Every person, relationship, circumstance, problem, situation AND solution carries it’s own unique and precisely individual energetic imprint or fingerprint.

Just like we as individuals posses a meticulous yet completely unique code in our DNA, which we consider our personal ‘source code’  – so too do the situations in our lives posses a ‘code of information’ which outline, add density to and ultimately define them … good, bad or indifferent.

All of the information, regardless of the complexity of the ‘living situation or circumstance’ is held in a small yet information packed ‘energetic envelope’ that we can access if we know how.


As evolutionary beings using our Integrated Intuitive Intelligence we are capable of opening that envelope and accessing those codes so we can become more powerfully capable of creating positive change and successful outcomes in our lives.

Let me give you an example … as an Intuitive I have from time to time been asked to assist law enforcement with ‘sussing out’ information regarding a particular crime or situation. Knowing as I do that this crime – like ANY other situation has an energetic base source code that defines the players, the details, the actions and the outcome in the complete event – I am able to access that source code and translate the information that gives me the Intuitive clues I need to assist the folks who have asked for my help.

This information is then ‘decoded’ by my open and relaxed, active yet neutral mind – which then translates that information through my six senses. Communicating through imagery, sound, feeling and impression to provide a mental replay if you will of the situation needing attention.

We are all capable of translating source code so we can improve, change or completely alter ANY situation in our lives.

So how do we do it?


Step #1 – First of all it is crucial to remove any emotional charge around a given situation. Being in a calm, open and coherent state charges the Intuitive mindset required to open the envelope of information. Taking a few calming and clearing deep breaths is a great way to start neutralizing any emotion you may be carrying around the situation you are looking to change.

* Develop and maintain a practice of Active Coherence.

Step #2 – Setting an Intention of wanting to understand clearly what the current circumstance is, without judging it and what steps need to be taken in order to clarify it, improve it or change it (which ultimately would be YOU aligning your Intelligence with an ‘altered source code’ which defines your NEW or PREFERRED situation, which could be considered a healing of sorts) Setting an Intention can be as simple as stating to yourself, “Show me the TRUTH of this situation.” – so your Integrated Intelligence can begin the information search that it needs to find your solution.

** Set a CLEAR Intention for True Understanding.

Step #3 – Be willing to let go of what you know, what others have told you is right or what your ‘logical mind’ believes to be true. Integrated Intelligence is an innovative mindset – it finds solutions that you have not thought of before and that your logical mind has not yet had the chance to disassemble because it hasn’t seen it before.

This can be a stumbling block for folks who are very proud of ‘what they know’ or who identify with education, degrees, schooling or previous training – if you consider yourself to be very ‘Intellectual’ – I invite you to adopt a bit of mindful flexibility – or your Intuitive mind will not be able to maneuver through the solid wall of ‘knowledge’ you have constructed.

*Forget what you ‘know’.


Every problem, situation or circumstance holds within it – the keys to its solution.

Your job is to align yourself with the energetic information of the circumstance and be willing to courageously follow the direction your Intuitive mind provides for you ~ even if it makes no sense to you at first.

Eventually and with consistent practice, you will be able to align yourself with the source code of ANY situation and be able to shift attention, come up with new ideas and take action to create the outcome you desire.

If you would like to learn more about developing your Integrated Intuitive Intelligence and applying it to ANY life situation you have – check this out.

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