Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuitive Equipment – No Assembly Required

Your Intuition operates as a multi-dimentional, multi-faceted intelligence and it uses all aspects of your being to connect to, communicate with and guide you. It uses your body, mind AND spirit to do it’s job. (See video below)

I like to compare this physical equipment to the gear used by a SCUBA diver to navigate through the underwater environment in a safe, elegant and fun way … but for YOUR intuitive purposes I call it your SCIBA gear – that is Self. Contained. Intuitive. Brilliance. Apparatus. This natural intuition equipment allows you to navigate through the environment of your daily lives in the same elegant and fun way and supports you in achieving the highest level of survival along the way.

There are three main sources of intuitive power that guide us – I call this power house team our TRILATERAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM – and it is held in the dynamic centers of the GUT, the HEART and the BRAIN.

Check out the video below to learn precisely how these systems work and how they translate their intuitive information to guide and support you.

Your Intuition is a natural and innate wisdom held at the core of every cell of your being – you don’t have to do anything to grow it or earn it. You already possess every piece of equipment you will ever need to guide you to your Highest good and it is already communicating with you. Have you recognized it?

How has YOUR Intuitive equipment communicated with you in the past? Do you follow its guidance regularly or are you still learning to trust it’s subtle language? I’d love to hear your stories. Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks so much for watching, sharing and being a part of my community.

Get your Intuition on! Live your dreams.


Me, You and Steve.

Me, You and Steve.

When Steve Jobs passed away last week there was a renewed interest in all of the things he had said over his expansive career; and while Mr. Jobs had many potent and powerful things to say about success, creativity and persistence – in my mind, the most powerful thing he said about life was this, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is the result of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out the sound of your own inner voice. Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Mr. Jobs was not the only visionary who relied heavily on his Intuitive intelligence – if you look on the list of any of the top influential minds of today and throughout history you will find that they ALL give credit for their success to their Intuition. The enigmatic and often severely ‘poopooed’ intelligence that many of us don’t even know we posses – or if we do acknowledge it within ourselves, it is often with a sniff of skepticism about its power and our ability to use it properly.

My mission in life is to reassure people from ALL walks of life – that Intuition is not some voodoo, woo-woo, magical, mind trick, special gift that some people have and some people do not – but that it is a natural, and obvious tool that we all have access to and are (at least in my mind – and in Steve Jobs mind) fools NOT to use in EVERY aspect of our lives.

Intuition is our ‘FIRST INTELLIGENCE’ – it is a level of knowing that goes beyond any and all things we have ever been taught, or heard or experienced in our day-to- day lives. Intuition is the intelligence that exists in alignment with all Universal intelligence that gives us access to solutions that have never been thought of before, ideas that have never been considered before and possibilities that have never been imagined before.

Our Intuition serves to guide us to our HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Intuition does NOT rely on previous knowledge – it does not find its information in study, research, analysis, graph sheets or statistics. True intuition which is NOT the same thing as instinct; seeks the routes, solutions and innovations that are in alignment with the potentials of our Evolution and seeks to guide us BEYOND the tired and worn, unproductive and ineffective patterns of our past.

Intuition works hand in hand with Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration and Intent – and holds the lead position in what I like to call the ‘Five I’s (eyes) of Visionary Power’. It gently leads us to look with different eyes and to see from a different perspective, any and all of the things we experience. Whether those things are a crisis in our health or relationship, a fork in the road in a career or life path, or an opportunity to create success and great abundance – our Intuition stands ready, willing and able to guide us to the attitudes, actions and alliances that will make the most of each of those situations ~ all the while, ensuring that our highest survival and most powerful evolutionary potential is maintained.

Intuition is specific, unique and designed exclusively and precisely for each individual. MY Intuition guides ME based on what I need to reach my highest potential. YOUR Intuition guides YOU based on what you need to reach your highest potential. Intuition cannot and does not serve more than one master.

Which is why those who are committed to following the guidance of their Intuitive voice often leave others confused, baffled or irritated … (or convinced that they have truly lost their minds!) And if the truth be told, they have lost their mind – at least the one that does not possess the power to really see beyond what is already known, or the one that everyone else relies on to gain the same results or create the same solutions.

Intuition does NOT come from the human brain, nor is it housed in the intellect. Your brain, what you know, what you have been taught, your IQ, or your GPA will NOT help you with your Intuition … it simply isn’t wise enough.

The human heart is the hub of Intuitive Intelligence, with the spokes of creativity, innovation, passion and vision radiating out from it like the spokes of a magnificent wheel … constantly rolling and moving towards greater and higher ideals and potentials.

Relying on your Intuition is simple, but rarely is it easy. Intuition requires you to have and use your courage in every moment– because it leads you to take risks, to let go of what you know, to do things that are not always comfortable and to take action based entirely on faith and faith alone – with no proof, validation or outward signs that you are doing the right thing. There are very few people on the planet who are willing to make that kind of leap or take that kind of risk. People who say they want to change their lives, but never really do are those who do not listen to their Intuition.

Our Intuition will say ‘Leap. Jump. Go for it. Let go of what is known. You will be safe.’ But our Intellect talks us out of it by saying, ‘What will people think? How will I pay my bills? It will never work. I can’t. So we don’t … and life stays the same.

How many times in your life have you heard the soft nudging of your Intuition and ignored it or talked yourself out of the wisdom because you were afraid? How many times have you allowed fear or faithlessness to hit the mute button on your highest intelligence? You aren’t alone … we have all done it.

But the truth of the matter is, if you want to be a Visionary in your own life … that is to see potentials and possibilities for the future that do not exist now, you are going to have to be willing to take some chances and let go of what feels safe and known.

The pathway to success is NOT a straight ladder that allows you to put one foot in front of the other with a constant solid support under you – it is more like a jungle gym with opportunities, possibilities and advantages that fly your way like a rope swing – and when they do fly your way, your Intuition will tell you to jump. If you want your life to change and evolve, you better jump.

You may never be certain about where you will end up, but your heart, your courage and your Intuition will always guarantee that the view, what you see with your new eyes and the perspective you achieve will never be the same as it was before, regardless of what the outcome turns out to be.

Steve Jobs and any of the other visionaries throughout time (Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Galileo, et al) … depended on something greater, grander and more compelling than most of us are used to … but it made all of the difference in their lives AND in ours. (As I type this post on my MacBook listening to my music from I-Tunes) If he … or they … hadn’t followed their hearts, what do you suppose our world would look like? If you were brave enough to follow YOURS … what do you suppose your world COULD look like?

So keeping in alignment with what Mr. Jobs said – ‘If you have a dream for your life, stop wasting your time, listen to your heart, follow your Intuition ….. and jump!’

Would you like to become a visionary in your own life and develop your Intuition to serve you every day? … Check here!

Live your dreams!

Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life.

I am feeling compelled to take the gloves off today to take a moment to address something that we all must be aware of.  Now more than ever as the potent energies of change, shift and upheaval are rising all around us … the luxury of denial or being naive is no longer available.

Now I know that each and every one of my readers are smart, determined and intelligent people, who want to create great lives of joy, purpose and significance  – who would like in some small way (or maybe large way) for their lives to have meaning and to have their efforts in life stand for something … and to maybe, just maybe … leave the world a bit better place than it was before they got here.

That commitment in and of itself is a noble and heroic undertaking – and it is a journey that is rife with opportunities to gain great success as well as to face challenges, overcome obstacles and discover what it is we are truly ‘made of’.

But there is a single truth that EVERY Evolutionary human being MUST understand if they are going to navigate these ever turbulent rapids that are surrounding us all, so as to emerge on the other side of the white water stronger, more potent and more conscious than ever before. That single truth is this …

We MUST be willing to claim the position of being the singular HERO of our own lives, and be willing to embrace ALL of the challenges, obstacles and victories that any heroic journey contains … AND be willing to realize that there is no external source, no outside force (government, romantic relationship, legal or military guard, or financial windfall) that is going to do it for us. Not, one. And while we may be surrounded by people, friends and loved ones who assist, support and encourage us along our journey – it is we and we alone who must take the steps to see it all to completion.


If you truly wish to succeed on the path you have chosen in life, you must be willing – with 1000% commitment to let go of any idea of being a victim of the circumstances that you have experienced along the way, or to blame any of those above mentioned external forces as being the source of your inability to thrive. That is a cop out that most of us have clung to at one time or another and it is an unconscious choice that keeps us small, impotent and tied to the past.

The reality is – you will not be able to claim your Hero status, and create the potent life you have dreamed of and that you are capable of … until you have grown tired of playing the victim.

Evolutionary Intelligence understands that CONSCIOUSNESS creates REALITY – that reality takes form as our health, our relationships, our finances, our business dealings, our children … even our perception of luck and whether it is deemed ‘good or bad’. Realizing that OUR consciousness determines OUR reality makes it impossible for us to continue to blame any external source for our trials and tribulations – OR for our successes and victories. Consciousness – our individual consciousness is the source of all of it.

There are many people out there who will take responsibility for the ‘good outcomes’ in life, but will project ‘negative results’ outward … these people will continue to be victimized by the system, or the people, or the circumstance to which they have completely given their power to. (Which ultimately as an Evolutionary understands are simply mirrored reflections of our own un-illumined consciousness.)

Where have YOU given your power away to a victim based mindset and whom or what do you continue to rail against in an effort to get ‘them’ (whoever ‘they’ are) to say, do, or behave differently? Where do you minimize your own past successes or diminish your own greatest assets? How often do you catch yourself hanging out in the past or thinking that things ‘SHOULD’ have …. or ‘COULD’ have been different? These are all victimized mindsets that obliterate our ability to take true and mindful responsibility for our lives and set us up to spin our wheels in a sense of frustration and lack.


Those times when we have crashed and burned, lost it all, had our heart broken, or faced our own mortality are genuine gifts that must be used in order to raise our consciousness, question our own perceptions and decide whether or not we are truly embracing all of our potential. Those are the times that our Hero is called into action – and the decisions he makes in those moments determine every outcome and every situation to follow – and how they all turn out in the end.

Author and philosopher Joseph Campbell says of those times “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

We all stumble, we all face personal and intimate difficulty. This is truer now for more of us than ever before. The only way we become victorious over these challenges, is to banish our need to project external blame or seek outward solutions – and instead reflect inwardly to where our Hero possesses all of the tools and intelligence needed to bring us out of the abyss and back into the light of our highest joy and potential.

So when you look out into the world, or into the corners of your own life and see things that do not please you or that you wish to change – do not pump your fists in the air and raise a war cry to ‘the people in power’ to change their game … change your game instead … and tie on your cape and your superhero mask and get to work yourself!

Live your dreams! Feel free to comment/share and post below!

Entrepreneurial Intuition

Entrepreneurial Intuition

**This article originally appeared on in 2010

Richard Branson swears by it. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both confess to depending on it. Oprah Winfrey credits the majority of her success to it. Countless other gifted, successful, leaders in entertainment, finance, medicine and enterprise have used this enigmatic, largely misunderstood and often ridiculed tool. This tool possesses the ability to change the world of business and improve a persons’ health. It aids in reducing stress and increasing creativity, efficiency and profitability and is finally ‘coming out of the closet’ to be validated by science AND commerce to be a tangible, practical and applicable skill that everyone can use.

What is it this magical tool and where can you get it

The tool is INTUITION… and you’ve already got it, you just haven’t been taught how to use it properly.


We have all heard about ‘gut instinct’ and as Entrepreneurs we have made decisions based on just having a ‘knowing or feeling’ about something that others didn’t get or have. Sometimes those gut impulses have worked in our favor and sometimes they haven’t, but we all recall moments in our lives when ‘we just got a feeling’ about something and we made a decision based on that impression.

But gut instinct isn’t the same as Intuition… gut instinct is a survival skill. It is a remnant of our days as cavemen whose only concerns were finding a mate, putting another meal on the table and avoiding the Saber-toothed tiger at the door.

While sometimes life in the Entrepreneurial trenches may still feel that way and often times our gut is a good indicator of what we should or shouldn’t do in a particular moment, it is not nearly sophisticated enough to guide us through the new and rapidly changing environment that is Entrepreneurship.

Intuition is the more evolved, refined and sophisticated cousin of gut instinct. Intuition is Champagne to gut instinct’s Malt Liquor‘, it is Mozart to ‘Mary had Little Lamb’. It goes far beyond the temperamental ideas of ‘Feminine Intuition’ or the supernatural ideas of a ‘sixth sense’ and can be fine tuned to operate specifically and at will as a beneficial tool of the mind and partner on the road to success.


Imagine that your Intuition operates like a personal GPS system; if you know how to use it properly you can count on it to get you from point A to point B with relative ease and peace of mind. You can expect that it will steer you clear of road blocks, keep you free from traffic jams and direct you to the quickest and most direct route to your desired destination. All the while helping you maintain good fuel efficiency and giving you a pleasant view along the way.

These are the Six Steps to activating your Intuition.

Step #1 – Clearing the ‘Stress Static’

The number ONE obstacle to being able to unleash the power of your Intuition is Stress! Stress is like static on a phone line, when you are worried about a deadline, concerned about finances or overwhelmed by too much to do, you cannot access the parts of your mind that are integral to creative problem solving or higher intelligence.

Working harder is NOT working smarter. Stress makes you LESS efficient, less effective and in the long run costs you a lot more than time and money. Getting stuck in your head and analyzing, asking others for advice or thinking, pondering or processing things will never bring up creative or innovative ideas or solutions.

Take a tip from Albert Einstein who claimed all of his groundbreaking solutions came to him while he was out walking in nature or outside of the laboratory and who said “You cannot solve a problem on the same level of thinking that created it.” You have to go out of your mind; that is break the patterns of stressful thought that have been the source of the problem in the first place, relax the mind, clear the static and allow Intuition to speak instead.

Action Step: Take a break, get outdoors and breathe.


Step #2 – The Power of the ‘Ask’

The power of a properly worded question is crucial when accessing your Intuition and just like the GPS in your car, in order to get where you want to go, you need to know precisely where you are starting. In simple language you need to know what questions to ask your Intuition in order for it to respond in a beneficial manner. Where most people trip up, especially in the beginning, is by looking for solutions or answers by using ineffective questions.

Giving your Intuition a strong starting point depends on a strong ‘direction request.’ Questions should be worded ‘in the present moment’, be positively oriented and results based. For example – ‘How can I most effectively improve cash flow?” is a far more empowered question than, “How am I going to make payroll?”  “Is this new partnership beneficial to my business mission?” will give you a far more Intuitively potent result than, “Is this guy going to screw me over?”

Action Step: Get clear about what you DO want and the ultimate goal, NOT what you are afraid of or are trying to avoid.


Step #3 – Forget what you ‘Know’

People who think they ‘know everything there is to know’ about their field of expertise, have a very difficult time accessing their Intuition. Intuition is housed in the non-linear and non-rational, right side of the brain and finds solutions that do not follow ‘traditional or schooled avenues’ of thinking. If you are convinced that there is only one way to solve your problem or create a certain outcome, then you limit the pathways through which your Intuition can communicate with you.

This is why ‘Beginners Luck’ is such a potent phenomenon, because those who know little or nothing about a situation are not limited by what they DO know, so their minds are open and accessible to any and all possibilities that may present themselves. Give yourself permission to forget everything you have ever been taught, or what you THINK you might know and be willing to be surprised by what information comes your way.

Action Step: Adopt a bit of Humility


Step #4 – Go to your Heart

Science has recently discovered that there is a level of intelligence carried in the heart that out powers the brain by 10 to 1. The heart being the first organ in the body to develop has more lines of information going from the heart TO the brain, than the other way around. This is why when we are stressed and our heart is racing due to fear, anxiety or any of the countless other pressures that being an Entrepreneur can present, access to problem solving Intuition is impossible, because our brain literally SHUTS DOWN.

Intuition thrives on the level of mind that I call ‘Integrated Intelligence’, that is bringing ALL levels of intelligence together to function as a cohesive whole. Balancing the powers of the head (left brain, analytical thought and right brain, creative thought) with the intelligence of the heart brings us to the powerful middle ground of agile creativity and opens the channels of higher mind and wisdom needed to solve problems and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Action Step: Practice Gratitude


Step #5 – Pay Attention

Intuition doesn’t always speak the language we understand, often times it will speak to us in the language of the right brain – the language of symbols, images, art or music and it may use any or all of our five senses to guide, direct and influence us.

Once you have asked your Intuition for direction, pay attention to what begins to catch your attention throughout the course of your day, or even at night through the messages in your dreams.

You may hear a song on the radio or hear a line in a movie, or a statement from a friend that contains a tag line with the perfect solution to your problem. This is your Personal GPS in action, saying ‘Turn here’, ‘Look here’, ‘Watch this’. It’s up to you to notice it and take action.

Action Step: Become a great Observer – Watch more, speak less.


Step #6 – Have FUN

I believe the reason most of us became Entrepreneurs was so that we could design our own lives, so we could have a sense of creating our own destiny, so we could do some good and have some fun along the way. Sometimes though the pressures of being ‘self made’ make finding joy almost impossible.

Intuition thrives in an environment of ease, peace and grace. It speaks most clearly through a mind that is not overwhelmed or burdened with the pressure of having to get it right or needing to prove anything to anyone. Intuition gives direction through a system that is flexible, agile and open to anything. Intuition is the language spoken to athletes when they are in the zone, to musicians who are in the flow and entrepreneurs who are on the leading edge. It speaks to us through our Natural state – being Intuitive IS our Natural state.

Take a moment to rediscover the joy that being an Entrepreneur was meant to bring you, it might take you a bit of time, but if you can get back to that feeling and do your best to make it your ‘starting point’ for everything moving forward, you will find that your Intuition begins to speak as clearly and directly as any solid, tangible or real personal coach or advisor ever did. The difference here is your Intuition is concerned only about your needs, it is available whenever you need it and never charges for its services.


Action Step: Lighten up and remember to laugh (especially at yourself)



As many of the most successful people in history have proven, it is those who have trusted that small inner voice, to break free of the pack, and carve their own pathways that leave the greatest footprint for others to follow.

If we are going to survive and thrive in rapidly changing business climates, escalating economic shifting and rampant old world extinction, our navigation and direction tools have to evolve. It isn’t enough to count on the ‘experts’ to guide us through these changing times, because no one has been on this journey yet, the maps have not been drawn.

Maneuvering through this new economy and new global business will require each of us as individuals to chart our own course and in the process bring direction and inspiration to the whole. The old ways of doing business can’t help us do that… but our Higher Intelligence, our Inner Guidance, our Intuition can; and it does it with ease, grace and a sense of joy and purpose.

Intuition is a skill we all NATURALLY possess. Everyone can use it. It isn’t a gift given to a chosen few. When developed and used appropriately, it can guide us to improve our careers, our relationships, our health and our world. There is no greater power and it is waiting quietly beneath the surface to serve us, whenever we need it…. All we need to do is ask.

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