Success Stories

First Intelligence is making it’s way around the globe and lovely people who have put it to work in their lives are beginning to see profound and inspiring results of putting their intuition to work.

If you have had some wonderful, unique, inspired or just plain interesting results of your Intuition assisting you in beneficial ways, as a result of First Intelligence, please send me an email at … and I will share your story here.

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I continue to have good adventures. The warning buzzer for the headlights and ignition key wasn’t working on my Honda CRV. I took it in and the mechanic said it would take hours to diagnose with an initial cost of $85 and more to follow. I decided to wait and imagined the electrical system completely restored. Last Monday I felt this leading to google the problem, had a nudge to choose the third one down, followed the suggestion to swap the driver door switch with the passenger switch and … presto, problem solved. Time: 15 minutes. Cost $0. Pretty cool.

Hi Simone,

Thank you so much for your support. It’s official. After numerous flights, passing my written, oral, and flight exam, I am a private pilot! Woohoo!

Your teachings, counsel, and the practices I learned from you played an instrumental role in helping me access all that I had learned and accomplishing this dream.






Hi Simone,

I was thinking about how, every once in a great while, something so profound comes along that’s a game-changer.  Maybe it’s an epiphany, an experience, or maybe a new connection with someone; whatever form it takes, it’s not an everyday, routine happening.  You know it’s meant to be.  Your book is one of those game-changers for me.  I stopped looking outside for gurus a long time ago and started searching for the inner guru.  I think the cat and mouse game is finally coming to a close.

Thanks Simone.