How to do Everything Better Audio Program

‘Getting your Head, your Heart and your Sh!t Together.’

(9 hour Audio program – digital download)

How do you get the visions and dreams you have for your future, out of your head and into the world? How do you find more joy, make more money, have better relationships and create a life that has value and meaning to you and those you love?

There is a way to do it that doesn’t involve striving, pushing, forcing or working extra hard to make it happen and that can assist you in creating the life of your dreams by using all of the natural resources and intelligence you already possess.

How To Do Everything Better ~ Getting your Head, your Heart and your Sh!t Together is a 9 hour Audio Training Program that teaches you precisely how to use the focus of your mind, and align it with the energy of your heart to activate life changing Intuition, Innovation and Imagination and using it to jump start productive and constructive action.

Dreams and desires become realities and destiny is returned to its rightful place … in your control.

The practical yet powerful lessons included How to Do Everything Better will teach you how to:

  • Activate and direct your Intuition to make more money, create better health and improve relationships
  • Become more innovative so you can create new strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • Let go of stress and cultivate energy that supports you
  • Learn the power your body holds to guide you to people and situations aligned with your vision
  • Break habits that cost you time, money and energy
  • Discover the hidden power of your personal journey
  • How to recognize opportunities and coincidence that you didn’t notice before
  • How to take action that moves you toward your goal and away from old results
  • How to identify the mental and emotional blocks that keep you stuck and frustrated
  • …. and much more

The Chapters included the digital download of How To Do Everything Better are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Users Manual
  3. Pt. 1 ~ Your Heart
  4. Pt. 2 ~ Your Brain
  5. Pt. 3 ~ Your Gut
  6. Coherence ~ The Master Conductor
  7. Getting to Your Highest Mind
  8. Using your Intuition
  9. Trouble shooting ~ Minimizing Stress
  10. Seeing Different Things
  11. Thinking Different Things
  12. Doing Different Things
  13. Putting your Tools to Work
  14. Generating Coherence
  15. The Workbook
  16. The Hero’s Journey

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