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Ep 04 – R is for ReSOURCEfulness – What a Garden Hose can teach us about Unlocking our Spiritual Gifts

The key to being able to unlock your ability to access a greater flow of Spiritual and Creative Power, lies hidden in plain sight and is within your reach right now. Unleashing this flow empowers our Intuition, deepens our engagement with Soul and Higher Wisdom and amplifies our trajectory towards evolution, enlightenment and greater life potential.

In this episode, Simone walks you through the Mystical and Alchemical process of turning Spiritual Lead into Spiritual Gold by dissolving the obstructions of Self that limit our ability to powerfuly access, direct and use Life Force and Source energy. Like removing the kinks from a garden hose our ability to clear out our inner blocks provides us with greater flow, ease and the ability to thrive and create the beautiful garden that is our life.

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Ep 003 – C is for Courage – The Mystical Chuck Yeager

In this episode Simone reveals the Mystical power of Courage through the story of pilot Chuck Yeager and his paradigm altering achievement of breaking the sound barrier. In order to evolve and expand our Mystical power and step into our authentic Spiritual identity, we need to have the Courage to break through limits, overcome resistance and stay centered and calm when it feels like our world may blow apart. When we understand how Courage works to neutralize fear, we become stronger, braver and more resilient in the face of our biggest challenges – and create opportunities for even greater breakthroughs in the future. Enjoy!

Simone also invites us to join her for her upcoming Modern Mystics Redwoods Retreat, March 25-30, 2018. Details and registration can be found at

Ep 002- V is for Vision P.t2 – A Mystical Exercise

In this episode, Simone expands further on V is for Vision by guiding us through a powerful exercise which helps us integrate the information carried within our Vision and combining it with the coherent energy we generate with our heart and mind. This powerful combination of Information + Energy = Outcome helps us begin to learn to Master the Mystical ability to shape our outer reality and physicalizes Simone’s philosophy of ‘When we learn to see with our eyes closed, we will know how to dream with our eyes open. Enjoy

Simone also invites us to join her in her upcoming Modern Mystics Redwoods Retreat, March 25 – 30, 2018. Find details at

Ep 001 – V is for Vision – Planting Seeds for your Future – Pt.1

This episode is brought to you by the letter – V for Vision. Simone shares why Mystical Vision is so important and how it serves as an energetic ‘seed’ we plant into the Intelligence Field of the Universe. When we stand as ‘Noble Stewards’ of this seed of information, over time, it begins to grow and generate results that bring our goals and dreams for the future into fruition. Our job as Mystics is to nurture our Visions like a farmer nurtures his crops – they will not grow on their own … they are a result of our consciousness, commitment and care. Enjoy Part 1.

Ep.00- Welcome to Modern Mystics – Remembering Who You Really Are

In this Welcome episode, Modern Mystic Simone Wright shares her story of Mystical discovery and her roots as a sensitive and psychic child. She explains what traits are common in a Modern Mystic, why Mysticism is so important these days, how we can begin to USE all of our life to shape our Destiny and much more.

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