Week Three – Building Your Foundation

WEEK 3: BUILDING YOUR FOUNDATION – Preparing for your Spiritual Gifts

This week we begin to build the foundation on which our Spiritual Gifts of Vision, Creation & Transformation are sustained. *Discover the Personal Disciplines and Spiritual Attainments that come as a result of our Alchemical work. *Get CLEAR about how to manage this transformation through the process of BEING, DOING and COMMUNION * Activate our partnership with Source by crafting our Personal Manifesto *and more

Teaching Modules


Module #3 Webinar Lesson

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Module #3 Webinar 


Module #3 – Audio Only

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Initiation Module #3 Audio


Module #3 – Workbook

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Initiation Workbook 3


Module #3 – Webinar Slides

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Initiation Self to Soul Slides Module3


Module #3 – Coaching / Q&A Call

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Initiation Module #3 Coaching Call