Week Four – Accessing Your Intuition

WEEK 4: ACCESSING YOUR INTUITION- Engaging the Voice of your Soul

This week we will begin deeply engage with our newly activated Soul relationship and refine our Intuitive Intelligence. *Combine the 3 levels of mind essential to accurate Intuition *Start making yourself available to synchronicity and co-incidence *Develop and recognize your personal Symbolism *How to ask powerful questions in order to receive powerful guidance *How to reduce energetic static so we can direct our Intuitive intelligence AT WILL to guide us to the outcomes we seek *and more

Teaching Modules


Module #4 Webinar Lesson

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Module #4 Webinar


Module #4 – Audio only

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Module #4 – Workbook

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Initiation Workbook 4



Module #4 – Webinar Slides

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Module #4 Coaching / Q&A Call

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Initiation Module #4 Coaching Call