Initiation – Bonuses and Special Offers


To Thank you for being a part of my Initiation Workshop, I am sharing some special bonuses with you. These special offers are designed to support you with on going mystical training after the workshop has ended and to provide you a special (and limited) opportunity to work directly with me at discounted prices.

These special offers include a FREE MONTH of Modern Mystics Membership, a $145 discount off of a Personal Clarity Session and 10% off of Mastery Coaching. There is something here for every budget and level of practice! I invite you to dive in and take advantage of these special discounts. **They expire November 5th.



Modern Mystics Membership is a monthly membership community that combines powerful, practical spiritual, alchemical and metaphysical training modules designed to help you understand the Mystical journey process and tap into your Soul based/Spiritual  resources so you can navigate this transformative time with greater clarity, courage, power and passion. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT MODERN MYSTICS MEMBERSHIP)

Your FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP provides you with access to the entire Modern Mystics library with lessons designed for the dedicated Spiritual Adventurer who is  committed to understanding, developing and actually USING their mystical gifts to transform their lives and shape their Destiny in a way that is real, grounded and deeply meaningful. It is the perfect follow up and continued to support to the tools and understanding that you gained in the Initiation workshop.

***You will need to enter your credit card information to register for the free month. Your card will not be charged for the first 30 days. If you decide to remain a member, your card will be charged $47/month after the 30 day trial has passed. You can cancel at any time.

Once your registration is confirmed, I will send you a welcome email with the login / password details that will provide you with access to the entire Modern Mystics Library and all of the current modules and lessons. **Special offer expires November 5




A personal Clarity Session is unlike any other Intuitive or Psychic reading you have ever had!! (Click here to learn more)

Activate a purposeful momentum in your life. Identify and release obstacles and clear a path to greater peace, ease and success. Move towards your destiny, with greater certainty about the steps to take. In these rapidly changing times – having a strong and dynamic, Personal Clarity is a MUST and is they key to helping you achieve all of these things.

A 90 minute personal  ‘Clarity Sessions’ is a Soul based, transformational, intuitive support system created to help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be.

I help you recognize the spiritual and energetic patterns that are keeping you from moving forward and give you tools and guidance in how to eliminate them. I also help you identify the energetic allies and power sources that can assist you in gaining momentum so you can begin generating results right away. The reading will identify the most prevalent ‘Spiritual Themes’ of your current situation and align them with your Highest outcome. Regular Price: $395 / Initiation Special offer $250 ***Special offer expires November 5



Unlock your Spiritual Power, add powerful mystical, esoteric and alchemical processes to your life – to cultivate deeper success, accelerate spiritual growth and profound self mastery. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Mastery of any kind requires consistent refinement, focus and practice and is accelerated by the support of a dedicated and astute coach. Applying Spiritual principles to practical life situations in a meaningful way requires a deep understanding of personal power and mystical techniques that go beyond much of the ‘New Age fluff’ that is out there. That is where I excel as a coach

Working with me in my Mastery Coaching Series’ invites you to strengthen and deepen your spiritual, alchemical and mystical tools AND apply them to your PRACTICAL goals. This potent combination of Spirit and Matter clears out the clutter of what works and what doesn’t, strengthening your metaphysical skills and understanding through the process and focus of achieving your real life dreams and desires. Mastery Coaching series are available in 3, 5 and 10 session packages.

SPACES AT THIS DISCOUNTED PRICE ARE LIMITED. If you are interested in discussing coaching with me and how it might support your Initiatory path and further your Mystical work, please email me at and we can set up an appointment to talk about how we can best work together. **Special offer expires November 5