12 Week Online Program 


Are you ready to ‘stop spinning your Spiritual Wheels’ and develop some real momentum? Are you burned out with all of the ideas out there that haven’t worked for you and learn some authentic and field tested Wisdom? Are you ready for a real Spiritual upgrade?

If you’re ready to claim your Spiritual Courage, Clarity and Confidence and break apart the limits of your past that are slowing you down, so you can start tapping into inner spiritual resources that will help you shape your future …

Then I have the road map to help you do just that.



There IS a practical yet powerful map that outlines the Spiritual Journey from Self to Soul. Cultivated by ancient Mystical cultures throughout time, this path is the true Heroes’ Journey that takes you from the limits of  your past and propels you into the limitless potential of your true Spiritual nature.

This roadmap is hidden all around you, and when revealed, holds the keys to you being able to authentically partner with the Life Force of the Universe. It unlocks your connection between inner and outer transformation and brings the hidden wisdom of the ancient Mystics to life. 

When you join me for Initiation, you’ll discover powerful and practical spiritual teachings that generate lasting transformation that helps you enrich every area of your life.

Amplify your gifts of Intuition, Creation, Transformation, Vision, Courage, Identity and Power and learn to direct them to shape your life in ways that inspire, invigorate and propel you forward.

You will learn how to:


  • Powerfully engage with the intelligence of your Soul and make it a regular habit
  • Generate massive emotional equilibrium and balance using Power and Peace as your foundation
  • Partner with the ‘Life Blood of the Universe’ to become a powerful Creative Force
  • Recognize the patterns of limitation carried within Self and immediately begin to break them apart
  • Cultivate empowered CHOICE so you can powerfully partner with Creative energy
  • Develop Courage, Clarity and Momentum to become a change-maker in your own life
  • Develop your Spiritual Gifts of Vision, Transmutation and Intuition (and many others)
  • Understand the foundation of ‘Reality’ and how to shift your energy to begin to deliberately shape it
  • Claim your energetic power so you can easily follow Intuitive inspiration without resistance
  • Cultivate and use your inner passion and joy regardless of what life throws your way …. and much, much more.


Each weeks lessons will be jam packed with unique and powerful exercises to show you:


  • How to begin to effectively engage with Source energy
  • How to begin to use ALL of your Spiritual nature to move you forward
  • How to use Alchemy to break apart limitation and old conditioning
  • How to amplify and shape creative energy to influence your relationships, money, health, career etc
  • How to generate CAUSATIVE patterns that generate change
  • How to effectively use ACTION & FLOW to gain momentum
  • How to access Divine Shadow to serve you … and much more.

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In this revealing and powerful Mini – Masterclass you will be guided through a dynamic alchemical process that is designed to transform your energetic relationship with the ‘thoughtform’ we call money. Getting to the roots of your partnership with wealth and learning how to transform the shadows and limits of it to turn it into a dynamic and balanced friendship, is the key to being able to have more money flow through you, to you and AS you. When the limits are transformed, money starts to flow more elegantly and with greater ease.  *** Will be posted mid way through Level One



We are all stardust – and all have a direct lineage which connects us to the higher intelligence carried within our Universe. With my lifetime of engaging and being taught by Star beings and meeting my own Star family, I have refined some powerful tools designed to help you meet and engage with your own Multi-dimensional family. This relationship can be used to empower your identity as you proceed deeper into your Initatory path. ***Will be posted mid way through Level Two



Access all lessons via computer at your convenience

Lifetime access to all content

Study at your own pace

All modules can be downloaded to your computer

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LEVEL ONE: Foundations

WEEK 1: THE PATH OF INITIATION – Discovering the Foundation of Self, Soul & Source

In this introductory week you discover the authentic Mystical pathway of transformation and the levels of power involved in each stage. * Learn how Source energy uses you to Create *Start to differentiate and use your Soul power to serve you *Discover the levels of Self, Soul and Source that are all active within you *Start using Alchemical tools to accelerate your growth. *Begin to powerfully ENGAGE with Source *Begin to develop a new, sustainable and authentic way of being that links you directly to the Life Blood of the Universe … and more


Engage with your authentic ‘Soul-ar’ power through the powerful process of ‘Integrating & Mapping’ Polarity.   Access the Power of the Archetype High Priest/Priestess to guide you.  *Break through limitation by applying Alchemical tools of transformation *Begin to dismantle false conditioning *Activate Dis-Integration before Re-Integration  *Access the entire spectrum of Light and Shadow to serve us * Learn why the world is challenging and how you can use that reality to propel you forward * Begin to amplify your ability to engage with Spiritual energy as a consistent habit … and more.

WEEK 3: BUILDING YOUR FOUNDATION – Preparing for your Spiritual Gifts

This week you begin to build the foundation on which your Spiritual Gifts of Vision, Creation & Transformation are sustained. *Discover the Personal Disciplines and Spiritual Attainments that come as a result of your Alchemical work. *Get CLEAR about how to manage this transformation through the process of BEING, DOING and COMMUNION  * Activate your partnership with Source by crafting your Personal Manifesto *Activate all 3 levels of consciousness that help you become a deliberate creator and more

WEEK 4: ACCESSING YOUR INTUITION- Engaging the Voice of your Soul

This week you begin to engage with your newly activated Soul relationship and refine your Intuitive Intelligence. *Combine the 3 levels of mind essential to accurate Intuition *Start making yourself available to synchronicity and co-incidence *Learn how to control your sensitivity so you become a Master of engagement with life forces *Develop and recognize your personal Symbolism *How to ask powerful questions in order to receive powerful guidance * Reduce energetic static so you can direct our Intuitive intelligence AT WILL to guide us to the outcomes you seek *and more

WEEK 5: WORKING WITH DIVINE SHADOW – Freeing up ALL of your Energetic Resources

Begin to access a powerful yet hidden source of energy, your Divine Shadow. Rapidly advance your growth and activate your Spiritual gifts. *Discover the authentic equation of Light and why Shadow is crucial to your transformation *Discover how Mystics USE shadow as a friend and ally to support them *Learn how to USE the process of Alchemy to neutralize and free the energy carried within shadow to propel you forward  *Unlock a vast reservoir of hidden power, that has been waiting for you to use it … and more

WEEK 6: PARTNERING WITH THE UNIVERSE – Combining Personal & Divine Will

Now, you begin to deliberately engage with Source AS Source and learn to use its flow to move you forward. Here you align YOUR Will with COSMIC Will and watch the fruit of your labor begin to appear *Develop an inspired action plan to help you generate momentum *Start recognizing when you are IN THE FLOW and when you’re OUT of it and what to do to change it quickly *How be more consistently in the Wisdom Stream to be more efficient in your use of energy *How to apply Spiritual principles to Practical needs *How to get the Universe to ‘see’ you and support you *and more


WEEK 7: THE POWER OF EXPANSION – Taking your Energy to the Next Level

Now in Level Two you begin to upgrade your levels of Power and start the Expanding process essential to making room for Spirit to move. Here you begin to generate greater Equilibrium and Balance. *Develop powerful grounding tools to support higher levels of Spiritual Energy *Deepen Clarity and inner Vision *Become even more precise at recognizing and working with Divine Shadow * Prepare for the journey through the Four Gates and more

WEEK 8:  ACTIVATING FIRE – Opening the First Gate of Transformation

In this module you enter the First Gate of Transformation and partner with the Element of Fire. This represents the Power of Courage and is sourced from your Alchemical Identity of The Lover. *Use the integration of Love and Fear to overcome any obstacle *Recognize your patterns of limitation and dissolve them *Use the power of the body to generate massive action and move ahead with greater focus … and more

WEEK 9:  ACTIVATING WATER – The Initiation of the Seeker

Here you enter the Second Gate of Transformation and partner with the Element of Water. This represents the ideal of Personal Power and is sourced from your Alchemical Identity of the Seeker.  *Develop Mastery of your Emotions so you can FLOW through any situation with Clarity *Establish strong yet flexible Boundaries and learn to navigate with greater Ease and Grace  * Break apart your past emotional obstacles … and more

WEEK 10:  ACTIVATING AIR – Energizing Your Inner Magician

This week you enter the Third Gate of Transformation and partner with the Element of Air. This represents the Power of Mental Clarity and is sourced from your Alchemical Identity of the Magi. * Deepen your power of Inner Vision to create your outer reality *Develop Mental Power and Clarity through understanding and Wisdom * Break apart old constructs of Confusion, Overwhelm and Avoidance *Become Laser focused yet flexible to stay on track … and more

WEEK 11:  ACTIVATING EARTH – Unleashing your Spiritual Warrior

This week you enter the Fourth Gate of Transformation and partner with the Element of Earth. This represents the Power of Enthusiasm and Passion and is sourced from your Alchemical Identity of The Warrior. * Deepen your sense of humor and lightness as you start to recognize how Powerful you are * Break apart limits of fatigue and access greater levels of consistent energy *Tap into your Spiritual reservoir of Wisdom … and more

WEEK 12:  RETURNING HOME – Entering the Void of the Mystic

This week, we bring all the stages of our journey together to settle into the element of Aether or the Void. This represents ultimate Freedom and is Sourced from your Alchemical Identity of the Mystic. This represents your return home to your authentic Source of Spiritual Power. *Develop balanced strategies for Life and Success *Recognize the voice of your Inner Knowing and start trusting it completely *Develop tools for staying consistently in the Zero point to remain CLEAR, FOCUSED AND POWERFUL … and more