Check out what a few of Simone’s very satisfied clients have had to say …


“Simone is a dynamic speaker, consultant and advisor, full of clarity and heart felt wisdom, packaged in a passionate and enthusiastic dynamo of a persona. She combines artistry and vision with grounded business and common sense, like a fine rose with root and blossom both in tact. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Sheva Carr / CEO – Fyera Stress Management Services

“Simone’s work is crystal clear. Her message is potent and powerful and she has given my team a priceless toolbox to dip into whenever we lack certainty and need a bit of guidance. She is spot on!”

Ervin Sandler / CEO – Resonant Knowledge Consulting

“I have seen first hand the abilities and passion Simone brings to her work. She has sought to transcend traditional barriers and develop skills in people that would have never considered the possibility of using Intuition and Integrated Intelligence in such conventional domains. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Simone will come away with a deep appreciation and a renewed outlook of what life can offer.”

Detective Michael Saunders ~ CPS

“Simone is a straight shooter. No BS, down to earth and direct. Yet at the same time she is warm, funny and makes everyone feel safe and protected. Her workshop is amazing and I consider it to be one of the best things I have done for my business and for myself.”

Kasey Matheiu/ CEO – New Baby Organic Foods


“A brave, pioneering venture with multi-faceted applications for Investigation and Wellness.”

Detective M. Saunders

“An innovative program which reinforces that sometimes to find solutions, we need to think ‘outside of the box.’ ~ Detective G. Adams

“A great way to improve, enhance and refine a skill set that police use to some extent every day.” Detective R. Thomas

“A new way of looking at ‘gut instinct and intuition’ and formalizing it, in life and in police service.” Detective S.Webber

“Refreshing to see a different perspective on ‘the job’ after all these years.” ~ Detective L. Rigby


“Simone gives a MILLION dollar interview.”

Charles Adler / Syndicated Radio Host

“Simone simply WOWED our audience. It is one thing to have a speaker back once, but we have invited her back three times ~ every time, she exceeds our expectations.”

Chris Dayton / Women In Business

“You could have heard a pin drop. Simone’s presentation was simply amazing.”

Harold Galant / Lantana Products

“Our team could not be more inspired.”

Heather Talent / Regional Director, Party Lite Gifts

“Simone knocked everyone’s socks off. We recommend her without hesitation.”

Jodi Fung/ President, The Sirens Society

“We just want to Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge and insight. We have hosted many retreats over the years and this was truly one of the best! You are a Master at what you do and are one of a kind.”

Darlene Emme/ Program Coordinator

“Hearing Simone speak was FAR beyond what I ever expected it to be. Absolutely inspiring! Her work is SO interesting, and as much as what she says seems like common sense, it really forces you to make a conscious effort at working towards being the best you can be. Keep doing what you do!”

Angela Jamieson ~ Royal LePage Real Estate