Losing Identity – Dismantling your Tinker Toys

Below is a transcript of a teaching/coaching session between Simone and a group of Alchemy/Mystical/Metaphysics students discussing how Source Energy transforms the external structures of our Reality

SIMONE/T12: You have all  created an identity, and that identity operates like a scaffold. Not even a foundation, because your TRUE foundation (the one that comes from your Soul or Higher Self is solid and strong) But with an identity, that is created from personality or limited Self,  you pull out one or two of the supports and that whole thing crashes.  Somebody has an identity of “I am a married woman” and they get divorced, you pull out some of those struts and that identity gets very unstable. You take away somebody’s money who has built an identity on wealth, you pull it out and that identity will collapse. So what is the identity you’ve built for yourself?

We see the picture very clearly – wooden wheels with holes on the outside, you play with them as children. What do you call them?

ANSWER: Tinker Toys.

SIMONE/T12: This is your identity. Tinker Toys. Some of you will create little windmills with flags on them, and… but if you pull out too many of those struts, that identity will collapse. The truth of the matter is, that’s what’s happening now, through this global shift. Everybody’s identities are collapsing. So there are all these people standing around in the world in a field of Tinker Toys believing that those Tinker Toys are who they really are. When the really wise people (the Mystics) will notice all of the sad people standing in the field, and they’ll know that they are not that identity that their personality has built for them. They’ll realize that they are in fact the acorn (the seed of limitless potential) and the hose (higher mind) connected to Source energy.

So all of the people are trying to scramble and grab their Tinker Toys and put them together quickly to build another identity, yet  YOU, (The Mystic) while all of the insanity is ensuing, are sitting with your acorn and your hose, bringing things to fruition, and fruition, and you can look to those people who are scrambling and you can say, “Oh I remember when I played that game as well. I remember. And the whole time the hose was right here, within me. And I thought the identity was out there. That’s very interesting.”

So as a Mystic, you remove all of the investment that you have in this false identity. And you focus one hundred percent on keeping that hose (the channel of Higher Mind) de-kinked. Knowing that the hose is always on … wide open, full blast waiting to water the acorn.

Personal Identity is a distraction. But you can still exist in the world and feed your service to it.  You can still honor other people’s identities, because, let’s be clear, if you try to take it from someone, you best be ready for a battle. Because none of the people who believe the Tinker Toys are real, are willing to surrender them or give them up. And so they’ll go to war. You already knew that.

The moment you channel who you really are and challenge somebody else’s identity is the moment their power and control over you falls away; because you see the truth of the Tinker Toy game. But if somebody is committed to the identity that they’ve built and feel threatened, it will be a battle of epic proportions.

And again, this takes us back to the global shift in consciousness and how you best navigate it … because as the Tinker Toys are collapsing and everybody is scrambling to put them back together… when somebody is in survival mode, they’ll have no qualms about taking your tinker toys, or your flag that made your windmill run and powered your little fake house. When it’s survival in their minds, it’s every man, woman, child for themselves. Because they don’t know that the true source of power is the hose running through the field where they’re building their Tinker Toys.

QUESTION:  What if we feel that part of our mission and purpose in this lifetime is to help the shift happen gracefully. Doesn’t that mean we take everyone into consideration?

SIMONE/T12: You still focus on you. When you are focused on you, and your awareness that you are the hose directly attached to Source energy, you will know precisely what these people need. You will know how to be in relationship with them. You will know how to say what they need to hear.

Because understand that if you’re to be a part of the shift, the shift is happening in YOU first. So when the shift is honored a thousand percent within you, with a surrendering to these people going through their process at the same time, you have far more power to be a source of change. The other people will change through you. This is important. They will change through you, not because of you. They will change as a process of what you have become, remembering that our reality is all-internal. Not because of a dressing that you’ve put on them.

If your acorn (spiritual DNA) is to be a part of assisting the shift, then the only way to do that is by being so intimate with the hose (your connection to SOURCE) that the intimacy determines and dictates how you do everything. It determines and dictates the projects you put into the world that come through you. It determines the relationships that you do or do not have in your field. The hose, the source, and you determine everything. You’re always connected. By knowing that you’re connected. But engagement with that connection is your true goal and ultimate creative power.

When that is an intimacy, nobody can diminish you, nobody can talk you off your path, nobody can fill you with fear or doubt. Nobody can talk you out of the resources you carry – and when you are so intimate with acorn, hose, source, then and only then are you in a position to offer it to the world. Because if you don’t have an intimate relationship with acorn, hose, source, the people you’re trying to help won’t hear you. They’ll continue to play with their Tinker Toys. They’ll continue to believe the fiction because they’ve not had enough of a distraction to pull them from the game. You need to be a big enough of a distraction to pull the children off their video games. And you do that by becoming intimately engaged with your source of power.

The global shift in consciousness and the reason the tinker toys of identity are collapsing is so that people stuck in the field will recognize the futility of the illusion that has been building around them and the artifice of it. And so when everything is scattered about, they’ll notice the hose, the source, and all of these big, huge Oak trees, and you will be one of the ones in the trees saying, “Of course, it’s always been this way. You didn’t know?”

And they’ll ask, “How is it that you’ve managed to make your way through all of this chaos and not lose your mind?”

And that’s the breaking down of it now. That’s the stripping of it now. Does that help you? Do you need more clarity?

QUESTION: I thought I wasn’t kinked, but apparently I am kinked. I don’t know how to recognize where the kinks are.  I thought I was open-minded.  There’s been a stripping down…

SIMONE/T12: Your Tinker Toys have been removed.


SIMONE/T12: So all you’re left with is YOU. The acorn, your Spiritual nature, your true self. So you’ve been pushed through the shift first, or at least at the head of the wave. And the only way you can help bring other people through it is to make your way through the shift and be whole. Because you’re no good to anybody if you come through and then tell them how to get through it broken.

Understand that if you are on a mission to create something, or achieve something, that you believe is a part of your destiny and it’s not coming to fruition, then there’s a kink somewhere. Maybe there’s still a remnant of your Tinker Toy identity jamming the hose.

You get very specific, it may only be the tiniest minutia of a false identity that you’ve built that says “For whatever reason, I’m not open, I’m not clear, because source should be flowing through me and it’s not, so someone is standing on my gosh darn hose!” And then you go, “Oh! I have my foot on my hose! But I don’t know where it is… “

Whereas before you were probably tied into knots like everyone else out there, now there is only maybe one or two knots … but they’re big blocks because they’re keeping you from watering your acorn. And whatever the acorn sprouting means for you (money, career, influence, being able to project a message)

If we were to ask you right now, you say you thought you had all of the kinks out but it’s still not moving, where do you think, what parts of your identity do you think, whether they’re pieces your mother gave you, your grandmother gave you, your culture gave you, your gender gave you, what parts of that tinker toy identity are jammed up on your hose?

Because something is jamming your hose or there would be no stuckness. What if the foot that was standing on your hose was just a comfort with things having to be tough or challenging or difficult? That’s a part of your false identity.

In order for the hose to be perfectly clear, the entire identity has to collapse. The entire Tinker Toy game is over, and the only identity that you claim from that moment forward is the identity of your Higher Self – not your personality and that’s a step that very few people have the courage to make.

We’ve said to you, “In order for you to be one of the people on the leading edge of the shift, you have to be willing to say to those other people, ‘Here, take my Tinker Toys. I’m really going Home.’ “  Your Higher Self is really Home.

Our parents have given us a piece of the Tinker Toy game, our siblings have given us a piece, our former employees, and our spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends have given us other pieces and we’ve jammed them all together and then we end up with a thing and we go ”That’s me!”  — But none of it is you. So you get to decide how you dismantle it. It would be unwise to knock the whole thing over at once. You’d lose any grip on reality, really. Look at the world; people are being dismantled one bit at a time.

QUESTION: Is the intensity with which people are being dismantled around the world going to increase?

SIMONE/T12: Yes. Which is why you’d better be de-kinked. If you are clear and connected to source when stuff really gets chaotic (either globally or personally) you’ll know precisely which actions to take, what choices to make, which relationships to develop, what is a worthy investment of your resources. And as we are all very aware now, it didn’t all happen on December 21, 2012, it continues to happen. But yes, more and more people are going to lose their tinker toys.

QUESTION: And their lives?

SIMONE/T12: Those who cannot deal with the dismantling of their identity in this moment, will. Either by choice or by circumstance because their souls know that they are not equipped for this dismantling.

QUESTION: Does that apply to large groups like for example the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan where many people perished at once?

SIMONE/T12: Yes.

QUESTION: There was a collective consciousness in Japan that couldn’t… ?

SIMONE/T12: Not equipped. And the shift due to the radioactivity that’s coming out of the Fukishima power plant is shifting the energy even further, so the people there who are exposed to the radiation will not die from the radiation, they will die from the shift of energy they are not equipped to handle.

And understand as well, that to a certain degree, Earth is dismantling her own set of Tinker Toys. Earth maintains a consciousness that is evolving just as we do. Because we all agree that Earth is a conscious entity, yes?


SIMONE/T12: Earth has built her own Tinker Toy identity that says, “It’s alright for me to be abused, it’s alright for me to be raped, it’s alright for my life resources to be stripped from me without a return of value. It’s ok for all of that.” So that identity that was built around that level of consciousness is starting to come apart as well. So Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Forest Fires, that’s the dismantling so that the true understanding of Earth’s consciousness can be known to Earth.

As we are embracing our acorn–ness, so too is the planet. So is every planet in the solar system. They are all heating up … it’s not just Earth. They are all experiencing more ‘LIGHT.’ It’s all dismantling and even as the planet as a conscious entity watches all the Tinker Toys collapse, there is a time as there is for all of us, as souls, of going, “Oh my gosh, what do I do now?” and getting used to the idea that this false identity no longer works.

The animals that are going extinct, the people that are leaving, it’s all because they’re not equipped for the change. It’s not good or bad, doesn’t make the people who are here any more potent or powerful. Because many more will go, but many more will thrive. Many more will say, “I finally found my hose!” This is the awakening. The new Man.

So if there’s a certain level in your life that is uncomfortable, then be okay with it being uncomfortable, be okay with it moving, and be okay with it shifting. If you get an idea or an impression to make a movement, make a choice, then honor it, follow it. It’s about surrender to cosmic will that always supports your HIGHEST GOOD. The hose acting as your Intuitive voice is always going to tell you what is the best choice for you as this dismantling accelerates. It’s a quickening.

You may or may not have felt that time feels like it’s going faster, that there isn’t enough time to do what you need to do. It’s not because time is increasing, it’s because mind is becoming disconnected from time. Higher consciousness is NOT connected to time. Lower Consciousness is. And how people try to stay connected to time is they use their cell phones, emails, facebook etc, they are never really present in the eternal moment of now. The need for people to be distracted, or be on the phone with somebody while they’re having dinner with somebody else, isn’t because they’re rude, it’s because their mind cannot grasp the ‘letting go’, so they have to cling to something in order to feel a part of the Tinker Toy game.

So be very aware of those moments in your own experience when you may be having a conversation and you’re distracted by something that is out of this moment. The buzzing or tweeting or whatever it is, is not even a reality in this moment, yet people are constantly doing it. It’s your mind trying to grasp onto time as it is being removed from you.

QUESTION: Is there a choice – can we either dismantle our own Tinker Toys or have them dismantled for us? Can you give us specifics on how we might dismantle our own Tinker Toys gracefully?

SIMONE/T12: Stay connected always to your understanding of your true nature being the hose, (Higher Consciousness) always open to Source. Start dismantling the identity, the parts of the Tinker Toys that serve you the least, first. The belief of being unworthy, or the belief of being untalented or the belief of being unlovable or the belief of being incapable of connecting with Source.

You know what those things are. They’re the things you say to yourself over and over again. Or if you find yourself challenged to accept or receive, if a gift comes your way, that’s very telling. Because if you’re not willing to, with grace, accept a compliment, then it’s going to be very hard to accept the force of Source energy moving through you.

Like what if you receive something really small … perhaps a construction worker whistles at you as you walk across the street… “WooWoo!” Maybe perhaps we’re speaking to the ladies. And what will most women do if a construction worker “WooWoo’s” them on the street? Get angry or maybe run the other way, or flip them the finger or get offended or go all ‘feminist uber woman’ on them. Right?

Now it’s true, they may be very unsophisticated people with a very large Tinker Toy collection… but in their way they have given you a gift, a compliment, and yet people get angry. The hose and Source wants to whistle at you and compliment you and,“WooWoo” you all the time.

“You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re lovely, you’re ageless, you’re timeless…” we’re hearing a song … “Ageless, timeless, lace and fineness, you’re beauty and elegance, you’re a rhapsody, you’re a comedy, you’re a symphony and a play. You’re every love song ever written …”  ***note – apparently these words came from a Rod Stewart tune .. who knew??? ***

What would you do if somebody said that to you everyday? You’d run screaming from the room. Yet that is what the hose engaged with Source energy is. A construction worker is a little less poetic. The people who hire you, the people who interview you, the people who leave you a fine tip at the end of the meal, even the people who stiff you… they in their own way are saying, okay, “Where are we stepping on the hose?”

So yes, you can easily dismantle your Tinker Toys so that you have by choice taken it apart nicely and put it back in the box on your terms. And said, “Okay, I’m surrendering to Source energy, so I’m going to stop playing this game, and I’m going to put it away so that I can be of service when everybody else’s stuff starts to crash.”

It doesn’t need to be frightening.  It doesn’t need to be painful. But it is easier when it is conscious and deliberate and not a decision made out of desperation.

QUESTION: Is this a Tinker Toy? I, for the first time in 12 years, cancelled my NFL Sunday ticket package, because I didn’t want to spend 300 dollars on watching ten hours of football on Sunday. I’ve realized when I do it, I feel horrible by the end of the day. I’d much rather be creative. It just kind of clicked for me… that I don’t need it.

SIMONE/T12: One of your identities was as an avid sports fan. Yes that’s a Tinker Toy.  So there’s an example of how you can dismantle without it being painful. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing.  Now there are people, and we’ve seen them, with the cheese on their head, what you did, your choice might be painful for them because their identity is so wrapped up in that.

They train their children that that is their identity. It’s not limited to sport – it’s religion, politics, it’s your government, your money, it’s all of it. The designer clothes you wear, the car you drive, it’s all part of your identity. If you’re aware of it, then it loses its power over you. “I am not the car I drive. I am not the football team I cheer for.” I am the hose connected to and engaged with Source. All this other stuff is frosting on the cake – but there is no cake. Blow on the frosting and it falls away.

How do you know if it’s a false identity? If somebody threatens to take it from you, or if you’re at risk of losing it and it feels painful, then you know it owns you, you do not own it.

You ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up my season tickets? Yes.” Okay.

Where it gets easiest to navigate through the shift is in being willing to let go of all of it, but know that you don’t have to. If you’re willing to let it go, is that surrender, or is that defeat? You choose. You choose the attitude … the attitude, if it is limited, is the kink.

We spoke of this the other day. How can you be face to face with the worst thing you could possibly imagine for your world, and one; recognize the value of it, and two, be able to embrace it? Those are two facets of attitude. And each of those perspectives of the situation is a different kink.

The hose (your Higher Consciousness) is not stupid. And it’s not inefficient. Tinker Toys? Your personality or limited self? Very inefficient.

Your Higher Self says, “Just engage with cosmic will and out of the acorn, (your Spiritual DNA) I will create a four hundred foot, thousand year old tree that creates multitudes more, and creates food and shelter and nourishment for the critters and air.”

So the attitude with which you dismantle your Tinker Toys is germane to how that conversation unfolds and serves you.

There are people whose Tinker Toys are being taken apart who are throwing themselves off of bridges or who are hanging themselves on a bathroom rod in a fourteen million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. Somebody removes an identity structure and you are not aware of what’s happening, and you’re entirely connected to mind and don’t even know that the connection to Higher Mind exists, then that’s the choice you may make. Again, no judgment, everyone’s in a different place, with a different understanding.

So having a clear understanding of how much you invested in the career choice you made that you now possess, and being able to free up the energy that you have invested in having that job, being a valuable contributor in that moment, all of that kinks your hose and cuts you off from the intelligence and flow of ideas that you would be able to put out – that would move that room.

QUESTION: So, it’s the attitude with which I’m in the career, it’s not that I need to get out of the career to unkink the hose…

SIMONE/T12: Yes. Have you had other careers that you hated?


SIMONE/T12: Did time move quicker or slower in those moments?

ANSWER: Slower.

SIMONE/T12: Were you more creative or less creative in those moments?


SIMONE/T12: Did you like the people? Were you healthy?


SIMONE/T12: Whose reality was that job?

ANSWER: My own self-created reality.

SIMONE/T12: Right. And would you say that your hose was kinked?

ANSWER: Yes. Kinked.

SIMONE/T12: It could have been a different experience had it not been kinked.  That said, it wouldn’t have pushed you and propelled you to where you are now.

QUESTION: Did I just switch to another kinked reality?

SIMONE/T12: Oooohhh! Good girl! You’re still carrying you around, and your hose is still kinked. So, unkink it. And watch how the dynamic created through your perception of your reality changes.

QUESTION: To unkink it is to change the attitude?

SIMONE/T12: That’s a start. Attitude is a kink. And deliberately engaging with Source energy and using it is the super – un- kinker. It’s a matter of knowing all the time that you’re connected to the hose. Let’s say if this little acorn is your career, the hose is creativity, brilliant ideas, you walk into the room, all lit up, people want listen to what you have to say…

QUESTION: Because what I have to say would be directly from source and not from my ‘little me persona’?

SIMONE/T12: Yes. The hose, you are a conduit, your hose rarely lies in a straight line, but there are still no kinks in it. The creativity still moves. Flows. It can still meander. So this part here might be this project now, then this project later, then a year from now… The acorn seed will drop, it will grow, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, it’s done its thing and a bunch of other things pop up.

And you go, “Hmm, now I should like to try this. And because I know I’m connected and engaged and my Higher mind is open, it worked the last time. Where might I still be standing on the hose?” Because the Tinker Toy arrangement has a large base.  It may be stepping on different curves on the hose. You may think you dismantled that part a long time ago, but on the other side of the field, there’s a similar leg standing on the hose.

Maybe it’s the inability to be grateful when somebody pays me a compliment, or… fill in the blank. And you say, “Oh, yes there it is!” and ‘plunk’ … you don’t need it anymore.

And understand that all of those pieces of the Tinker Toy identity have served you. They protected you, kept you safe, they served a purpose until you no longer needed them. Mankind no longer needs any of them. That’s why they’re being removed. And understand that the financial structures of the planet are also a Tinker Toy.

QUESTION: Can we talk about abundance? Financial abundance?

SIMONE/T12: What would you like to know?

QUESTION: Because I want it but I understand it’s not the hose. But if I feel like I’m deserving of that kind of freedom, in that form, but I do not self-identify with those things, how do I feel okay with wanting that? Or is that a Tinker Toy?

SIMONE/T12: No, as long as you don’t identify with it as if that is you.

But let’s understand what money is. Money. Paper. A symbol of value. A resource. There’s an agreement between you and the banker or you and the government that says there’s an exchange of value and resources, agreed?


SIMONE/T12: The stock market is crashing and will continue to rise and fall, because it’s not supported by any real value or resource. It’s a mind game where people speculate about potential ideas of value. Cosmic intelligence operates on an authentic and true exchange of value.

The hose constantly flows and what comes up? Trees, amoebas, you, ideas, art, music, a zygote. Always an exchange of value. A single idea that flows to you through Source energy can spawn a billion dollar empire. That energy exchange is no greater task for source energy than is the creation of a leaf or a bug or a solar system. You just need to be in a position to receive it.

The economies around the world are failing because there is no true exchange of value. So if you want to generate in your world symbols, those pieces of paper that are an agreement of an exchange of value, in order to stay connected to the hose, and generate things that will allow you to have freedom, where is your greatest resource?

Inside. Everything you need is here. Your creativity, your humor, wit, your passion, your determination, your love, your sense of adventure, your willingness to run naked through a snowstorm (though we don’t know if you would find that enjoyable), all of that … those are your resources, sourced from your Higher Self, that when you present THOSE into the world, these things have genuine, authentic value!

All of the artifice of the stock market is going to bottom out, and all the people who’ve believed in it and fed it and built on it– there are people at the bottom of the main leg of that Tinker Toy who are holding on for dear life. So in order to create abundance, now remember there’s a difference between true wealth and abundance and money – we’re just talking about the symbol here. Money.

What makes you so happy that your mind disengages from the grid of time?

ANSWER: Self-expression, yoga, meditation, creativity …

SIMONE/T12: There’s no wrong answer.

ANSWER: Solving problems.

SIMONE/T12: All that makes you juicy like a berry. All of those things that fill you that way, those are your resources. So when you’re looking for a way to generate money to give you the freedom that really already exists within you, if you can bring all the ‘explode in your mouth juicy feelings’ to every interaction you have in an interview, when you’re trying to sell somebody an idea, and not be in your head about what you think that person wants to hear. You sell them on that feeling that oozes from you, that they don’t even know what that is but they will pay you whatever you ask them for, to get a piece of it.

You know your business, but your business is very cerebral. Numbers, marketing, and sometimes in order to communicate that, your heart gets kicked to the curb and the juicy, blueberry meditation, yoga, creativity steps back and the mind talks. Which can serve you after you’ve got the job.

Because remember the Tinker Toy illusion is collapsing now, none of that stuff is going to matter. You are your greatest resource. All of those things that sometimes make you so happy you could just weep, they bring you so much joy – that really if you could you would do for free, but you don’t want to because you have rent to pay. (and Source energy KNOWS that)

The paper symbol we call money is a representational agreement of what you hold within you and what you believe you are worthy of. It’s not even about how smart you are or how good you are … it’s about how you honor and love and value and cherish those things that bring you the greatest amount of joy and how you can apply that to how you can earn a living.

This money thing is a tricky thing. And it’s just an agreement between people that says, “I have something of value and so do you. Let’s exchange it.” But not everybody wants beans and not everybody wants shells, but the financial situation has not done its thing. And being aware of that as well gives you great power because you won’t invest your energy, that is symbolized by these pieces of paper, in the wrong place. And it will shift, it will all collapse but it won’t collapse before something else has come in to fill its place, to take its place…

QUESTION:  Another system of exchange?

SIMONE/T12: That is balanced in integrity and complete exchange of value. So the hose and Source does not operate in a vacuum, there’s never an empty space, there’s always movement…

QUESTION: So is greed and corruption, are those tinker toys collapsing?

SIMONE/T12: Yes. Because that’s another part of a false identity, somebody believes they need to steal from somebody in order to be wealthy or successful or powerful, this is a false identity not sourced from Higher Consciousness and it doesn’t stand – the quickening won’t allow it. That’s why, even the planet, there are things that she has done that aren’t allowed anymore, there’s a burning off, a discharge of energy…

QUESTION: Is she tired?

SIMONE/T12: Are you tired?


SIMONE/T12: That’s pretty much how she feels.