The Metaphysics of Christmas

Claiming the Arrival of Your Divine Nature

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For a Metaphysician, Christmas isn’t a time of year – it is a level of Consciousness – that once we grow comfortable with, gives us access to the TRUE and ETERNAL gifts of the Mystical.

Simone Wright

Make Every Day Christmas Day

There is a Mystical and Metaphysical map, designed to help us awaken our deepest Spiritual gifts and connect us with the power of our true Divine nature, that has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

Carried within its story line, filled with people, places and events from long ago and far away – is a story more personal than our heart beat –  and more cosmic than the Universe itself.

The Alchemical guide book, that we are all familiar with … that invites us with an impulse of Light to take a journey through the dark, is the Metaphysical story of Christmas.

But this day for a Mystic, is NOT a day on the calendar, or a season of the year- but an eternal and ever evolving present moment of expanding consciousness – that is happening in every moment of our lives.

And it isn’t a story about someone else, from another time and space – it is about each one of us. Here and Now.

It’s All About YOU …

How would it feel to have a profoundly rich relationship with your Soul?

What could you create in your world if you had a deeper faith and trust in your Spiritual gifts?

What levels of confidence and certainty could you generate if you KNEW, INTIMATELY your origins as a Divine Being?

How would you feel about yourself, if you understood YOUR profound role in one of the most sacred stories in history?

What if the story of Christmas, was ALL about YOU? What would that change in your world? What would that awaken within you?

What might be possible if YOU were the Christed one? And the Virgin Mother? And the Earthly Father? Can you even imagine?

It’s time to find out … The Metaphysics of Christmas

As Mystics, our impulse of deeper evolution is to go ‘meta’ – which means to ‘go beyond’ or ‘to go higher, or deeper’.

When we understand the Metaphysics of Christmas – we gain the capacity to do just that. To go ‘beyond’ where we have gone before – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Alchemical wisdom carried in the Christmas story, creates a powerful template on which WE are invited to claim EVERY aspect of our Divine identity.

Divine Mother. Divine Father. Divine Child – we are EVERY character in this most exquisite tale.

The power of KNOWING that is generated from this understanding, elegantly yet profoundly shifts us out of the old constructs that we are used to experiencing in our lives. It helps us break limitations that take shape in repeating patterns of disappointment, overwhelm, powerlessness and defeat. It helps us clearly and wisely step into a deeper and more powerful relationship with Spirit that results in greater levels of of health, well being, happiness, prosperity, trust and peace.

Gnosis is KNOWING. 

KNOWING shapes Perception.

Perception is EVERYTHING.



In the current era of Covid 19 – the reality of our 3D world is going to continue to become more chaotic as we navigate this next stage of our evolutionary transformation. But we need not be fearful.

The GIFT carried in this turbulent time (if we know how to open it), is the activation of a greater impulse of consciousness. As we continue to experience the OUTER WORLD systems around us fail and come apart – a deeper INNER Wisdom and Power System is being ACTIVATED.

This inner power – is the Christ within us.

We don’t have to do anything to Activate it … it is ALREADY happening. But we DO need to learn how to EXPECT it,  RECOGNIZE it, PARTNER with it,  make it WELCOME and RISE to meet it.

When we understand how to invite, access and participate with this exalted level of consciousness – we learn how to deliberately and intentionally partner with it. AS it. 

From this position of being,  we have greater access to creative levels of consciousness, which have the ability to shape more beauty, truth, prosperity and well being – as a natural expression of our identity.

These are the TRUE GIFTS that Christmas brings.


claim your gifts of …


Intuitive Power








Well Being

Spiritual Connection


Claiming Your Sovereignty

If the era of Covid has you feeling out of balance, anxious, stuck, frustrated or even fearful. If you’ve been worried about what’s to come and how to navigate it …. or if you’ve just been wanting more clarity and a deeper understanding of your own Spiritual Power – then The Metaphysics of Christmas will help you claim the Clarity and Sovereignty that will begin to shift things for you.

The need for Sovereignty is more important now than it has ever been before – and will only become more essential in the years to come.

The Metaphysical Meaning of Sovereignty is:

Supreme power or authority, a self  governing state.

In a spiritual context, this means that we declare ourselves to be the
supreme power and authority of our body, mind, emotions, life affairs, and sphere of influence.

From this position, the 3D world and its conditional limitations have no influence on our power or capacity to create. Over time, these energetic roots become strong and deep, to help shape ‘The Peace that Passeth ALL Understanding.’

In Sovereignty, we are ONE with the mind of Source and THAT is where our power lies. The GIFTS that come through that level of consciousness are the true Mystical ideals of Peace, Creativity, Abundance, Happiness, Well Being and Love.

These are the Gifts YOU will discover in The Metaphysics of Christmas.

On THIS day, in the City of David … A King is born.

YOU are that KING.


These are the Gifts of The Metaphysics of Christmas:

Access the power of Christmas DAILY and use it to shape your future

Recognize YOUR role/s in the Christmas story and claim the alchemical power carried with each one to serve your spiritual growth and metaphysical goals

Discover hidden Alchemical ideas that put you in deeper and more direct flow with Source energy on a micro (Personal level) and macro (Cosmic level)

Amplify all of your Spiritual practices and tools by understanding your crucial position at the CENTER of the energetic equation

Claim your position as a High Initiate, which gives you the capacity to create on  multi dimensional levels, with greater confidence

Break old patterns of mental, emotional and physical limitation by applying the energetic archetypes contained in the Christmas story

Generate greater levels of mental clarity that assist you in making decisions, taking action and empowering your Intuition

Develop a position of powerful focus that removes fear, doubt and uncertainty

Shatter ALL of the misconceptions about the Christmas story and claim the beauty and power carried within it

Position yourself in the ‘sweet spot’ of ‘receiving’ that amplifies your intuition and capacity to materialize

Recognize and integrate ALL levels of your BEING, (Self, Soul and Source) so you have greater power and clarity in the world

Develop a powerfully intimate relationship with Source that creates KNOWING, that shapes PERCEPTION, that shapes REALITY

Learn simple yet powerful tools that neutralize old patterns of energy, so you can move forward with greater ease, grace and humor

Discover the TRUE Gifts of Christmas – and unwrap them EVERY DAY!

… and much more

What People Say About Working with Simone

Simone is a one of a kind mentor. Her spiritual vision and mystical perspective is SO clear and it has helped me take my 25 years of ‘wandering’ and put it into such laser focus, that it takes my breath away. She has helped me rediscover the JOY and POWER in my spiritual life. I am so, so grateful.


Simone is one of those rare people who takes complex ideas, that so often confuse me and make them so simple , that it’s as if I had the answer in front of me the entire time. Which of course, as she reminds me … I always do. She is my Mystical Mentor and I know my Mastery is emerging through our partnership.


Simone has an uncanny ability to go straight into the energetic heart of the matter. Whether I am working on a practical issue or a spiritual one, her clarity helps me see in an instant what I have spent years looking around in the dark for. Don’t let her down to earthness fool you. She’s the real deal.



Check out the videos below that feature a short segment of each module. They’ll give you a bit of a preview about what is included in each lesson … and a sense of some of the Alchemical ideas that we’ll share througout the program.

The Metaphysics of Christmas – Introduction – Take a peek and see what we’ll be playing with throughout the Masterclass.

Module #2: The Role of the 3 Wise Men – The Alchemical Power of YOUR Mind 


Module #3: Gnosis- Knowing your Divine Map: Claiming the Power of Self, Soul and Source

Here’s what’s inside …

MODULE #1 – The Metaphysics of Christmas: Expecting the Arrival of your Divine Nature

In this powerful lesson, we discover the Alchemical and Metaphysical meaning of Christmas and how every character, location and symbol in the eternal story is an aspect of our consciousness. 

We discover the hidden Alchemy that ACTIVATES the flow of Source energy within us – and recognize our true position of power, that merges the Material and Spiritual within us.

We also realize the skills, tools and gifts that the ‘main players’ in the story represent and how we can begin to activate and amplify them, so they serve our Spiritual goals. (1hr 48 min run time)

MODULE #2 – Squaring the Circle – The Alchemical Journey to the Star

In this module we meet the Alchemical process of Squaring the Circle – which is the intentional activation and combination of our Material and Spiritual Nature.

We meet the 3 Wise Men, who share their gifts of Widsom, Clarity and Intelligence and discover the true meaning of Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh. And through the powerful meditation Walking the Path of the Night Star, we deepen the INVITATION and the EXPECTATION of higher levels of Light to become active within us. (1 hr 30 min run time)

MODULE #3: Gnosis – The Mystical Science of KNOWING who you REALLY are

The Mystical meaning of GNOSIS is the Power to KNOW your Divine Nature. Here we dive deeply into the metaphysical structure of Self, Soul and Source and begin to see, feel and KNOW how profoundly and intimately connected we are to the creative power of Infinite Intelligence and how all of it is carried in the story of Christmas.

These understandings put you in direct flow with Source energy to empower and expand your ability to create and manifest as never before. We shape a powerful Metaphysical tool that gives us the capacity to refine and focus our Intuition and gives us the capacity to access information from the field whenever we need it. (1 hr 45 min run time)

GUIDED MEDITATION: The Path of the Night Star

This powerful meditation moves you beyond Time and Space and into the potent Night that holds the potential of everything. Here we make an invitation to the Divine to become alive in you and create the powerful Expectation and Receptivity of its gifts.

You also get…


MODERN MYSTICS ARCHIVES: There is no greater example of a Quantum consciousness than that represented by the Mystical Jesus. At this time of year (Christmas / Winter Solstice) – this bonus module takes you on a deeper journey into the meaning of the Christ represents. Discover your own divine, Quantum identity and how to use it for greater prosperity and peace in the new year.

 BONUS GUIDED MEDITATION: Becoming the Christed Light


Soulstrategies Article – The 12 Spiritual Gifts of Christmas

This article reveals the Twelve Gifts of Spiritual Power that we can use and engage throughout the time of Christmas so they become a part of our ongoing Mystical practice as we step into the New Year.

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