Declaring Spiritual Independence

Declaring Spiritual Independence

This week marks the July dates where both Canada and the United States honor their National Independence. Meaningful dates in history where the citizens of these countries celebrate their political sovereignty from the oppression and governance of a limiting rule to become nations that are self-governed, self-directed and self-responsible.

To be sovereign means to: possess supreme or ultimate power. To have absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, ultimate, total, unconditional, full personal and independent responsibility of one’s own being.

As authentic Mystical adventurers who deliberately choose to walk the path of transformation from the limits of Self to the expansiveness of Soul, so we too can become Sovereign rulers of our lives and claim our Spiritual gifts – our SPIRITUAL INDEPENDENCE is of utmost importance.

And yet more and more these days, regardless of whether we are walking a Mystical path or not, we are giving away greater and greater amounts of our power to external circumstances and as a result, we are being ‘falsely governed’ and are losing our Sovereign independence.

In order for us to become Mystically powerful, we need to reclaim our Spiritual Independence and become energetically responsible.



We give away Spiritual power to innumerable people, circumstances and situations. Some of those dynamics exist in the present moment, some exist far in the past and some haven’t even happened yet. But regardless of the time frame in which they occur, if we are not paying attention to our ‘relationship’ with these energetic situations, we will lose vital energy to them. (like a slow leak in a balloon, or a tiny hole in the bottom of a boat – eventually the balance of energy we need to sustain our own buoyancy and flow becomes depleted).

The current global political environment is a prime example of a ‘power leak’ as external situations took a major and off-balance turn. Many people are concerned about what the future brings and feel ‘powerless’ to truly shape their lives or have any meaningful say in what may happen moving forward.

On a personal or intimate level, there may be situations in your own life, where there has been an energetic shift that has resulted in a feeling of ‘powerlessness’ or lack of clarity. Whether the situation is global or personal, our ability to craft, cultivate, hold and maintain our energetic integrity so we can WILLFULLY guide and shape our lives, depends on us having an understanding of how we manage our Spiritual Independence so we can use it in meaningful ways.

As Mystics we make it a point to deepen our understanding of a couple of things:

#1. That the ‘created’ world (that is the outer world / our reality) is simply a projection of mind and so it (as a created thing) does NOT have the ability to CAUSE anything … especially our feelings of powerlessness, worry, anxiety or any of the other thoughts, feelings and emotions that drain us.

Our outer world is an effect. Our inner world, our SOUL[ar] power is the true CAUSATIVE power – and so is the only dimension we should be acknowledging as having any true power.

#2. We know that true Spiritual Power cannot be given, earned or purchased, for it is a natural energetic resource that we all possess and that we have access to by virtue of our Divine/Human nature. Nor can authentic Spiritual Power be taken from us. We can forget this knowing and so unwittingly disconnect or disengage from our power, which can leave us feeling vulnerable and uncertain.

#3. The more we are engaged with, and identified AS our Soul[ar] selves, the more Spiritual energy we have and the clearer a channel we become for Creative power to move through us. This open channel then becomes a conduit through which higher energies can flow, thus shaping our lives in alignment with our ‘highest good.’ ‘Good’ in this context meaning, wellbeing, balance, abundance, clarity, peace, etc. etc.

This means that outer circumstances, no off-balance leader, no mean girl/ or guy co-worker, no government program, no external law has the power to shape your reality … unless you let it.



#1. Stop giving your power away to the words and actions of others.

Many people on the planet have given their power away to WORDS and fallen into the misconception that WORDS have more power than they do. They don’t.

Forcing other people to manage their words by legislating thought, so that in an effort to be ‘politically correct’, others do not get offended, is the highest form of Spiritual restriction. If you notice yourself losing power because of someone else’s behavior or the things they say – it is not because of them, it is because there is a leak in you. If you believe that ANYTHING in the external world has the power to knock you off balance, your ability to master your Creative and Spiritual Power will be extremely limited.

Stop making other people’s words, attitudes, behaviors and thoughts responsible for your sense of Peace and Power. Remember the old rhyme – ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.’ There is powerful wisdom there.

There are 7 billion people on this planet with 7 billion opinions of you … yours is the only one that matters. Make THAT opinion the only one you listen to.


#2. Stop requiring that the world and others in it, think like you, act like you or walk the same path as you.

When we claim our Sovereign identity and become Spiritually independent, our ability to be self-governed and self-directed and follow the path that we know is correct for us, becomes greatly amplified.

When this power is activated, we are emboldened by our choices and make no apology for them. The side effect of that power is a greater freedom to let others walk their own path as well, without our interference, without our projections of what we feel is right or wrong and without foisting our opinion on them about what they should or shouldn’t be doing to make the world a better place.

If you want to be a vegetarian, be a vegetarian. If you don’t then, don’t. But regardless of your choice, let others eat what they want to without making them wrong for it.

If you want to be a gun owner, then be a gun owner. If you don’t then don’t. But regardless of your choice, let others choose how they want to protect themselves without making them wrong for it.

If you want to be a Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, or if you want Oprah or Elvis for President – then vote that way – but regardless of your choice, let others determine how they want to be led.

As Mystics with true Spiritual understanding you know that none of these external choices have any power over you anyway, so you are not influenced in any way by the decisions that others make. YOU are responsible for YOU, let others be responsible for themselves.


#3. Exercise your Sovereign power of CHOICE

Our Spiritual Independence comes on line in a very powerful way, when we commit to the process of becoming who it is we truly want to be. When WE start making powerful choices about the paths we want to take and the outcomes we want to generate, we align with a greater degree of power.

The Universe is not holding out with some big secret about what our destiny is meant to be, nor is it keeping our ‘ultimate purpose’ hidden from us … those choices are up to us. We get to decide.

This is the ultimate gift and responsibility of being Spiritually Independent. Our ability to CHOOSE.

So decide now, what you want your life to look like, the HOW is not important. In fact, you have all of the resources within you, right now, to make that outcome a reality. But you must CHOOSE it.

Stop waiting for the world to give you permission, for the government to get itself organized, for the climate to recalibrate, for your parents or your kids to be okay with it … the longer you wait, the longer you will wait.

When you exercise this power of COMMITTED CHOICE – 3 other powers will come on line to support you – they are Consciousness, Clarity and Character … all essential to true Spiritual Independence.



I invite you to declare your Spiritual Independence every day, not just on days when everyone in the physical world is doing it. The more awareness we have about the Mystical reality that ‘our world does not come TO us, but it comes THROUGH us, AS us’ … then we begin to realize that is it OUR direction, our energy and our power that we must become Responsible for.

Our lives and the reality that builds up around us to take shape as our health, relationships and contribution to the world – DOES revolve around us – so it is our duty as the Sovereign creator of our circumstances to accept that responsibility with grace, enthusiasm and a huge sense of adventure.

No one else is responsible for our ability to create, shape or transform our lives. No government, no education system, no leader, no parent, no preacher. We and we alone as sparks of the divine creative flame are responsible for our destiny and are channels through which it flows.

When this realization is crystallized, so much of the power that we have given away to external sources comes rushing back to serve us.

So as the celebrations unfold over this week – I encourage you to consider where you have given your Independence away – and commit as the fireworks explode overhead that you will call it back– so that your authentic power be restored and your ability to rule, direct and shape your life in a way that is perfect for you, returns to its rightful place – within your own personal and Independent Spiritual Nature.

Here is to YOUR Spiritual Independence. Celebrate!


Declaring Spiritual Independence

Generating Momentum – Choice and Driving Your Life

One of THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS we have is our ability to CHOOSE – despite what the New Age tells us, the Universe will NOT randomly direct our lives into fabulousness without our conscious participation.

If you feel stuck or feel like you are lacking momentum, then you may want to investigate whether you have been using your power of CHOICE to shape your destiny, or if you have just been sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the Universe to figure it out for you.

If you are waiting for a ‘sign’ … chances are good you will continue to wait.

But if you are wanting to truly create your life in a way that brings you joy, then learning to exercise your POWER OF CHOICE will be the boost of momentum that you have been waiting for.

Our reality and everything we experience, is a reflection of our level of Consciousness. Which means that our lives do NOT come TO us, they come THROUGH US. When we CHOOSE what we really want to BE, DO AND HAVE and commit to it, no matter what, THAT is when the creative power of the Universe lines up to support us.

But if we do not exercise our Sovereign power of Choice, then we will feel like victims of fate, rather that authentic Masters of our own Destiny.


Think of it like this …

Your life is a map of the entire world. The possibilities as to where you can go on that map are limitless. You can go anywhere and do anything.

Your body is the car. It is the vehicle that you use to get you to your various destinations and support your activities while you are on the journey.

YOU / YOUR Mind/ Your Consciousness is the DRIVER. It makes the choices about where to go, when to start and what actions to take along the way.

If YOU do not put your hands on the wheel of your life – and CHOOSE where you want to go, then you will either spend the rest of your days, sitting in the driveway of life, feeling stuck or bored or you will be relegated to being a passenger on the journey and have your destiny determined by outer forces.

There is a powerful New Age Myth that we need to stop believing if we are going to reclaim our Creative Power …

There is no hidden secret purpose for your life, that the Universe (God/Creative Force) is keeping from you. There is no deep mysterious piece of a mystical puzzle, that if you could only discover, your life would make complete sense.
Source energy/Creative Force … whatever you want to call it, expresses itself through us – as us. So whatever WE want is an expression of that creative force. The more strongly we claim, commit and focus on that expression, the more energetic resources we gain as we align with the creative power that supports and nourishes all things. But WE must CHOOSE.

The Universe does not have an opinion about where you go, how long it takes you, or what you do along the way. It has no judgement about whether what you are doing is going to save the world, or only serve you. It does not withhold energy from you on any account. This is what is meant by the Mystical statement that says ‘The Mind of God is no respecter of persons.’

This powerful creative energy is available to anyone and everyone, if they know how to engage and direct it. (Yes, even a**holes can direct this energy) Our created reality and the energetic foundation that supports it, is merely a reflection of our consciousness and how we use it.

Our ability to CHOOSE is an aspect of Consciousness that must be activated in order for us to truly Master our lives.
CHOICE is a power given to us by the CONSCIOUS MIND. It is a part of SELF that provides us with ability to direct, select and intend the direction we want to go in and the things we want to create. It provides us with the ability to select a goal, dream or desire out of the field of all possibility and ‘cut it from the herd’ like an excellent cowboy can throw his rope around the head of one particular cow out of thousands and bring it towards him.

When we do not exercise empowered choice, and say, “I will just let the Universe decide,” we become victims of the conditioning that we inherited from our families and ancestors, or worse yet, we suffer the ‘law of averages’ that brings us the results that the rest of an un-conscious society experiences. This is the opposite of Mastery – and it is a guarantee that there will be no progress on the road from Self to Soul.



When Empowered Choice is activated – when a commitment is made to selecting a goal, dream, desire or outcome – THEN and only THEN will CLARITY come. Most people sit around waiting for some sign from the Universe that will bring them Clarity – but because they haven’t exercised conscious CHOICE, nothing happens. And so they wait, and wait, and wait.

Think of Empowered CHOICE as being like the address you enter into the GPS in your car. In order to receive guidance and direction, you must enter the destination first – THEN the guidance system can direct you. But not a moment before.

Once that choice has been made and entered, then step by step, moment by moment, guidance, clarity and momentum begin to emerge. The Conscious mind has given a direction to the Subconscious mind and now they are working together in a common goal. When this happens the creative force of the Universe, does line up to serve and support us, and we become more aligned with the flow that will generate movement and outcome.

Along the way, things may happen that slow the journey down … we may get a flat tire, experience a rain storm, or run out of gas. These obstacles are not ‘signs from the Universe’ telling us to abandon our journey, they are opportunities for us to Master and refine our consciousness and learn to take appropriate action. When stuff happens along the way, we can either play the victim and give up, or we claim our power and take action to correct the situation, always keeping our destination activated as we move ahead.

If powerful CHOICE has not been activated, it will be very easy to give up, turn around and return home when the going gets rough.

Choice leads to COMMITMENT. Commitment leads to CLARITY. Clarity leads to ACTION. Action leads to MOMENTUM. Momentum leads to OUTCOME. Repeat as necessary.




To begin to activate Momentum and begin to powerfully partner with the creative force that shapes all things – you must CHOOSE.

What do you want? Career wise? Money wise? Health wise? Relationship wise? Lifestyle wise? How do you want to spend your time? How do you want to spend your money? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? If your deepest desire could be granted … what would it be? If you could, BE, DO or HAVE anything you wish … what would it be.

WRITE IT DOWN in all of its juicy detail. You do not need to know HOW – that will come later. But you need to be clear about the WHAT.



When we plan, commit and set a date, we set things in motion. Our subconscious, intuitive mind comes on line to support us with guidance and direction. This is when the creative energy of the Universe begins to recognize our consciousness and we become aligned with the flow that will sustain us.

But you must COMMIT. Set a date to begin your journey. No turning back. No cancellations allowed. **Please note this is not a date about your arrival or completion – this is setting a date of beginning your commitment.

Do you want to write a book? Schedule time to write – starting when. Now? Plan for it – daily.
Do you want to get fit/lose weight? Schedule a time to exercise. Shop for healthy food. Starting now. Schedule it daily.
Do you want to grow a new business? Schedule time to plan/prepare and shape it – do it daily.

When you commit in this way – YOU are putting your hands on the steering wheel of your life and driving it! Only you can prevent you from taking the action. Only you can stop you from remaining committed when things slow down or go sideways. As you take these actions, you begin to ‘make the dream welcome’ (like preparing for a new baby) and eventually, over time, momentum is generated, courage is cultivated and experience and Mastery are developed.


Recognize the ways you sabotage yourself or talk yourself out of movement. Notice when you are using New Age euphemisms to justify your lack of action. (Things like, ‘Oh this is challenging, The Universe must not want me to do it.’ or ‘I’m not feeling it, I’m just going to let the Universe bring it to me.’ etc)

**Just so you know, we ALL do it. But it is important to know when you are being lazy or talking yourself out of moving ahead because a trigger has been activated, or you are genuinely resting to regenerate and recuperate from an extended period of activity.

What are the ‘triggers’ that stop you from being in the flow, or that frighten you into turning the car around?
Spend some time with these thought forms and begin to challenge them so they are no longer the energies that are driving your car. For awhile, there may be a bit of a power struggle as you regain your control of your Will and Determination. It doesn’t need to be a big deal – but it will be an important piece of the puzzle as you recognize the patterns that have restricted you in the past.

These subconscious patterns of fear or uncertainty are remnants of your past conditioning that need to be transmuted and released. Acknowledge them, but do not allow them to shut you down. See them, bless them and continue to take steps forward. (even if only small ones)

As you begin to deepen and empower your CHOICE, new energy, guidance, support and direction will begin to flow – but it won’t be because The Universe has just randomly stepped in … it will be because YOU have made a powerful decision to determine your destiny and claim Mastery over your own life.

When you make that kind of commitment to your own power – the Universe can’t help but align with you – helping to make your goal far more of a reality, than it has ever been before.


Declaring Spiritual Independence

Solstice – The Ultimate Polarity

Solstice – The Ultimate Polarity (Earth is Challenging for a Reason)

Today marks Solstice on our beautiful planet. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it is the longest day of the year, with exposure to the greatest amount of sunlight, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day of the year with exposure to the greatest amount of darkness.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, it is a sacred and special day that if you truly understand (as the Ancients did) can be used to benefit you in meaningful and powerful ways throughout the rest of the year.

Throughout history these special days have been marked by powerful ceremony with great temples built to harness the energy of the sun. These energetic rituals (performed by the High Initiates of the culture) were designed to influence the consciousness of the society that existed around them, which would then shape how the culture expressed itself. When guided properly, these expressions of consciousness would manifest themselves in elevated culture, high art, profound mystical understanding and peace.

These celebrations are of course, still practiced today – but to a large degree, the authentic meaning of them has been lost and so much of the power that can be cultivated has become limited.

But if you understand the Esoteric meaning of Solstice and how you can USE it, that authentic understanding is returned to you and you can begin to use it specifically in your own life, to refine and expand your creative power.

But before we do that, first we must have at least a basic understanding of a very important spiritual principle … The Principle of Polarity.



One of the most powerful Spiritual gifts one can attain, is that of ‘Translocation’ which means to be in two places/ or two stages/ or two levels of energy at the same time. Authentic Mystics who are deliberate Spiritual creators, take full advantage of this understanding and use it to their benefit in accessing creative power to shape their reality. But NOT in the way that has been taught or focused on in the New Age (ala: Law of Attraction / only Vibrating High)

All seven billion people on the planet are always in two places at once – but few are aware of it. Solstice marks this powerful reality as Earth and all of her inhabitants are in both the ultimate expression of light (the longest day) and the ultimate expression of darkness (the shortest day) at the same time. This moment in the calendar is a snapshot in time that reminds us of the power of POLARITY and how it is always in constant expression in our world.

Earth IS a POLARITY. In fact every CREATED thing is a POLARITY. Meaning everything we see or experience in our physical world/ everything that is MATERIAL (this includes our body, our thoughts and yes even our emotions) has an expression of opposites. Polar opposites. Light/Dark. Masculine/Feminine. Up/Down. Hot/Cold. Abundance/Lack. Love/Hate. Positive Electrical Charge/ Negative electrical charge. Even Matter and Spirit exist as polarities.

Each of these expressions are the SAME thing – that is, they exist on ONE scale – they only vary in degree. Light and dark are a measurement of ‘ILLUMINATION’. Hot and Cold are a measurement of ‘TEMPERATURE’. Masculine and Feminine are an expression of ‘GENDER’ … etc.

In our Earthly realm, these polarities, CANNOT – NOT exist. In ALL dimensional manifestations, that come out of the Creative energy of the Universe, in order for them to BE PHYSICALIZED, polarity MUST occur. There is no way around it.

In order for something to ‘manifest’ out of the ‘mind’ of  Source energy, it must split. (ie: the Masculine/Feminine as represented by the ‘Creation Story of Adam and Eve’) Where masculine and feminine ‘fell to earth’ (into polarity) – thus forgetting their origins of The Garden of Eden (non-polarity perfection/whole/complete perfected/ Source energy) and losing their power to be deliberate creators.

Polarized matter cannot create matter. Only Non Polarized SOURCE ENERGY can create material things. Physical matter is a RESULT. SOURCE Energy is a CAUSE. Physical matter is Polarized. SOURCE energy is not.

So in order for us to be ‘AT CAUSE’ in our lives and to begin to authentically engage with SOURCE ENERGY/CREATIVE POWER we must map, neutralize and integrate Polarity within ourselves.

How do we do this? By USING the challenges that the EARTH plane provides for us to begin to Master our own energy. It has been said many times, that the Earth is an advanced Spiritual school and that only the bravest of Souls sign up for it. Polarity is the reason.

When we incarnate here – it is POLARITY that refines us, shapes us, breaks us and wakes us up from our deep, forgetful dream of separation from our authentic Spiritual origins. Without the trials and tribulations, the swings from light to dark, from apparent good to apparent evil, there would be no refinement, no awakening and no evolution.

The Earth is harsh for a reason – we agreed to it, so we could remember who we really are.

Self exists WITHIN Polarity. Soul EMERGES OUT of it.



Another very important Principle in our Earthly dimension, is the Principle of Rhythm. Which to overly simplify means that ‘what swings to the left, will swing to the right’ – this principle of rhythm is expressed vividly on Solstice as the swing of longest day to shortest day moves from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere and back again. (it is also expressed in tides, seasons, climate change and earth changes)

Mystics and Masterful Spiritual adventurers know how to NEUTRALIZE this swing, to rise out of it and above it, so they can position themselves firmly in the CENTER POINT OF CREATIVE POWER. Like the pivot point at the top of a pendulum – that is immune to all of the action happening below it, but is the source of the action at the same time.

The Law of Attraction which tells us to ‘Vibrate High at all times’, forces us into an unattainable artificial polarity, that MUST swing back the other way. This is why so many people who are practicing the Law of Attraction are feeling stuck and exhausted. Not because they are doing anything wrong, but because they are unknowingly putting themselves into a very powerful Polarity that requires an intense amount of energy to maintain and that will eventually do what it is rhythmically supposed to do… swing back the other way.



So how do we begin to use the message of Solstice to regain our authentic creative, spiritual power?

#1. Realize that Polarity is a part of being Physical. That both sides of the Spectrum Light and Dark are a part of the whole and exist at the same time, all the time. The longest day and the shortest day are happening simultaneously. Your physical self is a polarized version of your Spiritual self – they are both a part of the same equation, the same moment in time and both are essential.

#2. The harshness AND beauty of Earth are here to refine us into a remembering of our authentic Spiritual origins. When ‘crap hits the fan’ it isn’t a punishment from the universe or a ‘Law of Attraction FAIL’ – it is an opportunity to refine and amplify our power.

#3. Stop trying to manipulate experiences by ‘polarizing them’ into thinking positively or vibrating high.

#4. When you experience a Polarizing experience (either positive or negative/good or bad), do NOT judge it, simply witness it the energies contained within that experience. Observe it, observe yourself within that experience, become aware of it as though you are watching a movie. Do not take any of it personally. Realize it is a part of your Initiation into Mastery.

#5. As you spend time WITNESSING/OBSERVING without judgement, you are bringing the awareness of higher consciousness (your Soul) into the equation, which begins to break apart the energetic structures that are held in that experience, thus freeing those energies up for you to then use and direct as you wish. (***This is the Highest form of Alchemy and Transmutation)

#6. The result of this Alchemical process is PEACE. (Scientists call this creative place Zero Point) Which is the center point of Polarity and is the door way to authentic Intuitive guidance, true Spiritual Wisdom and meaningful creative power.

#7. From this place of PEACE you can then ask meaningful questions for guidance and take meaningful action into growth.


As you become proficient at these practices, you begin to move out of the limitations of SELF and into the limitlessness of SOUL. You remain IN the world, but because you understand how it is structured, you are no longer a victim OF it.

With this understanding you begin to Master all elements of Polarity, neutralizing and integrating them so you can use the energy contained within them. Here you are immune to the unconscious rhythms of the rest of society and you reclaim your ability to authentically engage with the Creative Power of the Universe – and as the sun rises and sets on each new day, and in every Solstice to come, you will be reminded and remember your true mission here – to Remember Who You Are.

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Declaring Spiritual Independence

Donald Trump – Crossing the Mystical Threshold

Tomorrow marks inauguration day here in the United States, where one of the most polarizing figures in history will be sworn in as the 45th President.

The weeks and months since the election have seen many in this country and around the world, shaking their heads and sometimes shaking in their boots with confusion, fear and consternation about what we might expect from the next 4 years.

Mr. Trump is like nothing the world has ever seen in a U.S. president; brash, unlikeable and politically incorrect, and if we get even more direct about it, he appears to be dangerous, un-ethical and malevolent. Not even the most disliked presidents of the past can measure up to this figure-head whose temperament is so un-refined and even, some might say – grotesque.

But this post is not about politics or why Mr. Trump is bad for the future of the world, but rather, why from a Mystical and evolutionary perspective, he just might be good for it.


The Guardian of the Threshold

In every heroic, mystical or spiritual journey that carves a path from lower consciousness to higher consciousness, or limited light into exalted light – there are challenges along the way. These tests and initiations are meant to call the traveler into richer and more poignant levels of consciousness, courage, commitment and character and there are many of them. Some more profoundly difficult than others.

And just as it is before every great leap in evolution, right before the breakthrough that would propel the journeyman into the greatest light, the hero always faces a seemingly unsurmountable setback. One that threatens to catapult him back to the beginning of the journey (at best) or completely destroy him (at worst).

This point of major transformation and ultimate point of no return is called The Threshold. It marks the moment in every transformative journey where the hero must face the things he most fears and call forward all of himself, his light AND his dark, to be able to move ahead in any meaningful way. This Threshold defines supreme advancement and mystical success and it must be crossed in order for the hero to meet his ultimate goal of transformation, evolution and enlightenment.

This Threshold is always guarded by a gatekeeper – a person or being who will challenge, block and even threaten our hero. Often times this ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ is ugly, grotesque and vile, making it almost impossible for the hero to even look at it, let alone overcome it. It embodies everything the hero hates, judges and fears; it mocks, demeans and diminishes all that is good and hopeful and stirs up all of the self-doubt, limitation and unworthiness that the hero has buried and locked away in the hidden shadows of his psyche.

This Guardian of the Threshold, while frightening and forbidding is essential to the true evolution and completion of The Journey and holds the key to the ultimate redemption of the hero.

For, in order to overcome it and cross the Threshold into the next stage of the Spiritual adventure, the hero must hold his torch of light high and shine it boldly forward into the darkness and directly into the face of The Guardian. The amount of courage and character required to lift this light is immeasurable and cannot be accessed through ease, nor can it be tapped into when the road is lined with those who bless the path.

The ability to access this alchemical power to transform Spiritual Lead into Spiritual Gold can only be realized when we stand in the heat of our greatest fears and the realities of our darkest shadows and summon all the strength we have to face them.

When the hero directs his bright light into the grotesque face of the Guardian he sees all that he fears, all that he hates and judges, and all that he has buried, resisted and suppressed. He sees every shade of shadow and darkness possible – and without flinching or backing away, he courageously faces it.

If he remains steady and consistent in his witnessing, without turning away – he will notice a stunning transformation occurring. In the fixed view of the light, the Guardian begins to change, and the hero soon notices that he is not standing face to face with a demonic gargoyle, but that he is standing face to face with himself. It is at this point when light and dark, seen and unseen are merged and our hero, through the process of Alchemy becomes an elevation and refinement of himself.

This refinement would impossible without The Guardian at the Threshold.


Donald Trump is that Guardian.


A Hidden and Unlikely Spiritual Ally

His arrival in the Oval Office, does not symbolize failure. And while it may be uncomfortable politically and even humanely, the reality is, he IS there for a reason. A reason that holds far greater meaning than a wall, or a pu**y grab or a tax break.

He practically forces us to grow into a greater Spiritual Maturity and to understand that when we summon great amounts of Light, the Shadow is called forward as well. They are intimately and divinely connected and there is no way to Spiritually bypass that principle of Nature. When faced with something as seemingly distorted as the new Commander in Chief, we as Spiritual adventurers cannot pick and choose who we say ‘we are all one’ with.

Mr. Trump, like it or not, is a part of that oneness. The Shadow IS a part of the LIGHT. We have rejected this reality for too long … and so The Guardian of the Threshold has shown up to clarify some things for us. He does so at this time, because we are ready for it.

You don’t have to like him, or approve of him, or tolerate his unkindness or bullying, nor do you have to support anything he does, or doesn’t do, but what you are well served to realize, is that he IS a part of this transformation that we have been calling forward, and his new position will ask greater things of us all.

We will be asked to call forward ALL that is within us. All of our Light and Goodness – that it may guide, unite and connect us. All of our darkness and hypocrisy, so that it may be healed, integrated, redeemed and transformed to serve us. All of our courage and character, that it may be used to rise, re-build and re-structure. And all of our Nobility and Honor, that it may be used to love, support and nurture one another, even and especially those we may not identify, or agree with … as we all navigate this new era.



Life IS. There is no stopping its expansion.  And it will use everything placed in its path – especially those things that challenge and threaten its survival, to evolve into something greater. Something more refined, something more efficient and something more evolved.

These turning points require an EXPANSION of consciousness and a deeper look into the true reservoirs of our nature – instead of the CONTRACTION of consciousness that fear, hate and panic stimulate. That is the Threshold we are on today.

Do we expand or contract at this moment of Threshold? How we manage this choice point as individuals will determine our destiny as a collective.

What President Trump will do over the next 4 years and what the legacy of his position will be in the years to come is uncertain, but one thing IS certain …

No leader, whether he is noble or ignoble has the power to determine our destiny. Only WE DO. As individuals, as families, as tribes and ultimately as a global community, the power IS and always has been within US. We have forgotten that – and we have time and time again, given our power away to an external and artificial entity. The Guardian at the Threshold challenges us to make a different decision.

WE get to choose if we will continue to move ahead despite the seeming obstacles and whether or not we will do it with the contraction of fear and pettiness or with the expansion of Grace and Courage.


That power, does not rest in the Oval Office – it rests in the Hearts and Souls of all of US…. it always has.

Declaring Spiritual Independence

The Power of Failure

I’m not a big fan of baseball … I admit. It was only because I was speaking at a business event for artists that I learned that the Chicago Cubs baseball team was on the verge of breaking one of the longest losing streaks in history. And that in typical Hollywood movie fashion, it was a last minute, out of the clutches of another loss, series of events, that an astounding victory was born. One that was 108 years in the making!

It was ironic that as I was speaking to a room full of artists and entrepreneurs in a gloried, historic hall in Southern California; encouraging them to embrace their failures as often as they could, (fresh off one of my own) that on the other side of the country in another revered, old building was an example of how remaining focused on a heart-felt vision, despite setbacks, was creating history.


The Burn of Failing

The simple truth of creating lasting and evolutionary change, is that things are not always going to appear to be successful. There will be times when things seem to go terribly wrong, when we are disappointed by expectations that are not met and grieved by circumstances, situations or outcomes that do not go as we hoped. Or when we are, through no fault of our own, disenchanted by actions that we felt spiritually or intuitively guided to take, that do not even begin to measure up to what we felt would be the result.

I know this from a life time as an entrepreneur – and was reminded of it again recently at an art show that I did in Las Vegas, where over $50,000 of my original artwork was damaged in the drive to the event.

I had an opportunity on the drive home, after the show, to sit deep in the anger and fury of what happened in Vegas – and there was a lot of emotion around having 2 years of work, injured so unceremoniously. I didn’t pretend to be all spiritual about it – I was pissed. Hard core. Disappointment, frustration, anger … especially at myself, burned hot inside me as I viewed all the work I had done, and the show itself as a massive failure.

These disappointments burn our hearts like a hot flame – and if it happens enough times, we develop a thick callous of self-protection that paralyzes us. The feelings and emotions that rise up out of these situations are often so overwhelming that we develop an attitude that it is just safer not to try, because to fail again, would be too much to endure.


May The Force Be With You

Life is always trying to emerge and evolve through us. The Life force itself uses us as a conduit through which it grows and expands, breaks new ground and expresses new potentials – and there is nowhere that this Life force does not exist.

So, if that is the truth, which I believe it is …  ‘then there must be an evolutionary purpose behind failure’.

That was the epiphany I had as I drove back from Vegas. And as I sat in the inner fire of disappointment, a clearer picture of what failure really is and how it serves us began to emerge.

What if there were a way to USE failure and learn to not be afraid of it, so that when were called to making even small steps forward to embrace our highest Visions and dreams for the future, we could do it with a sense of grace, despite how it may or may not turn out?

There is a way and it far simpler than you might think.

The emotions we have around failure are intricate, multi-faceted and often very deep and they form their own unique tapestry of energy within each of us. When the flames of failure are high, these emotions rise to the surface like trapped gas being released from a gold mine. Alchemically and Spiritually speaking, these emotions are the inner lead of our consciousness, that need to be released in order for us to become Spiritual Gold.

The crystalizing understanding that completely altered my perception of my failure in Vegas and every failure I had had before and the emotions that surrounded them … was this …

Our Emotions are NOT an indicator of what is TRUE. Our Emotions are an indicator of what we BELIEVE.


Two Guys and The Ocean

There are two men standing at the edge of the Ocean. One is giddy with excitement, glowing with anticipation, vibrating with the sheer joy of being alive as he prepares to enter the water. He is a surfer.

The other is paralyzed with terror, incapacitated by dread and tortured with the vision of complete annihilation as he tries to figure out how to stay dry. This man cannot swim.

The Ocean is the Ocean. It is a body of water that simply is. It is not good, nor evil. It is not life affirming or life negating … it is just the Ocean.

But to each of the men on the shore, it represents Life or Death. It represents success or failure. Their beliefs are revealed through and by their emotions.

The reality IS that the surfer will probably have a great time and consider his day in the water a huge success. And the non-swimmer if he went in, would have a rough time of it – maybe even drown, which of course would be deemed ‘a failure.’

So the revelation here is, the emotions come to the surface through the situation, and reveal our beliefs about ourselves and about Life. It is not the SITUATION or the FAILURE that CAUSES them … the situation or failure REVEALS them.

Life reveals them, so we can heal them.


Finding the Truth in the Fails

So if you are hesitating to do something because you are afraid of failing, I invite you to ask yourself, ‘What would I make it mean about me, if I were to fail at this? Or what would other people say about me, if I were to fail?’

Or, if you are right smack dab in the middle of a big ‘failure’, ask yourself the same question, ’What am I making this mean about me? About life?’

You may come up with things like, ‘I’m just not good enough. I’ll never get this right. I suck. I’m un-loveable. The Universe doesn’t want me to succeed. Mom/Dad/Teachers were right. Etc.’

If you sit with it long enough, the beliefs that are driving the emotions will reveal themselves to you. But you must have the courage to sit in that fire long enough to discover them.

Once you do discover them, the simple question you ask then is, ‘Is this even true?’ If it is causing you to feel anything other than peace – then it is not the truth. And that is how you know.

Then it is up to you to decide to continue to carry the belief that your fire of failure has brought to the surface, or to make an empowered choice of Mastery and choose to let it go. You don’t need to replace it with a new belief – Life will take care of that as it flows in to fill the vacuum with its natural state of expansion, abundance and creative success.

From this new level of awareness, a deeper grace and courage begins to emerge and failure no longer becomes something you incessantly try to avoid. Instead you look to it as an ally in your evolution, constantly and continuously supporting you in becoming the greatest version of yourself.


What the Future Holds

Did the Chicago Cubs, go all Spiritual in their approach to this historic victory? Maybe. Maybe not. But they certainly didn’t let over 100 years of ‘failure’ stop them from reaching this pinnacle of sporting success.

Will I ever have another disappointment like I did in Vegas? I can’t honestly say for sure, but I know I won’t have to endure the emotional discomfort that I did this time. Not because things won’t go ‘wrong’ in the future, but because, if they do, I have used this profound experience to continue to refine my inner framework and clarify what I will and won’t believe about myself and about Life. If you take the same approach to the past or current failures you have experienced, so too will you alter your capacity for expanded growth, greater courage and more dedicated commitment to your goals.

And so, now I have a new more empowered energetic structure on which to move ahead. And so at least this time … What happened in Vegas … stays in Vegas. You can check out some of my award winning artwork here.


Live your dreams.

A Mystical Perspective on the US Elections

A Mystical Perspective on the US Elections

Ahhhh, such theatre. Shakespeare himself could not have written a better story. In these days leading up to the election here in the United States, where it seems that sheer madness is unfolding, we are reminded of the words of the mystical bard himself, ‘That all the world is a stage, and we are merely players.’

Shakespeare was known to hide deep mystical truths in the words of his plays and buried in the intrigue, drama and often times utter debauchery of it all, were seeds of deep wisdom, revelation and spiritual light. To the common man of the day – these tales of power and wealth, betrayal and sex and good and evil, stood as sheer entertainment and distraction that provided a brief respite from the daily drudgery of life as it existed at the time. Not much appears to have changed.

However, to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, a more mystical and profound gnosis was begging to emerge through the lyrical prose. And while the production value of the current election seems to twist and turn and gyrate on itself like a python devouring a deer, something deeper is beginning to come forward as it relates to true and authentic power, and that is being missed by the populace and is not covered by the talking heads or paid pundits on the 24-hour news cycle.



As Evolutionaries, Modern Mystics and Spiritual Warriors who are acting as midwives/and mid-husbands for the emerging consciousness, we are well served through this apparent madness, to remember a couple of things:

#1. Life and the Consciousness that supports it is ALWAYS emerging, expanding and evolving into greater possibilities and potentials. Even and especially in situations that seem bizarrely distorted or deeply polarizing.

Just like a blade of grass will burst through a seemingly impenetrable concrete slab, so too is the expansive Life Force making its way through this election. If we understand this principle, we can support the expansion of this evolving consciousness in a powerful way. And instead of being swept away by the overwhelming appearance of insanity and going deep into good vs. evil polarity or conversely, burying our heads in the sands of Spiritual bypass, we can stand as clear and potent channels through which the emerging wisdom is being born.

#2. We are well served as Conscious Evolutionaries NOT to look at the external personality of the characters playing their roles here, but rather like Shakespeare himself, to become deeply observant and aware of the underlying archetypes that are being revealed. By looking beneath the external appearances and deep into the energies held at the core of each of the players, we are more able to see, sense, understand and then support the higher vision of consciousness that is making its way to the surface through each of them.


So from a Mystical perspective, let’s take a moment to look at a few of the key players in this theatrical bonanza and see how each and every one of them is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of consciousness.

I remind you that I am not judging personality here, nor am a looking to demonize or rationalize any particular political party, stance or view point, but I am strictly looking at the underlying energies that each person/character REPRESENTS. And while some of my descriptions may sound harsh – I am simply noticing what is being depicted energetically and how they are manifested through each personality. I have no opinion one way or the other, politically or personally, nor do I seek to diminish, or disparage any of the actors. I simply present an energetic observation and invite you to do the same and come to your own conclusions.



Donald Trump – The Old King of the Dying Realm

Energetically speaking the character of Trump represents the distorted, bloated and imbalanced shadow of a quickly eroding Patriarchal political and economic system. He reveals a deeply wounded aspect of our own inner psyche that has gained great external wealth, though has functioned until now through a vast spiritual bankruptcy. His vivid persona and apparent mastery of money and success made him a celebrity king and while perhaps he did not have true respect from the people, he did and does have their distorted admiration.

He embodies a deeply dysfunctional view of masculine power and celebrity that has served him well for many years but grows weaker and more unstable as each day progresses and as he is more profoundly challenged. Mr. Trump symbolizes the ‘evil old king’ who grew a vast yet false kingdom through manipulation, intimidation and sometimes brutal force and that when held up into a rising light of consciousness, reveals a deeper inherent madness, neurosis and narcissism.

He is the personification of the Mystical understanding that as consciousness rises, old kingdoms of distorted power, control, wealth and influence will fall, for they simply cannot stand within the emerging light. He invites us to look at our own repressed shadows of anger, hate and powerlessness and bring them forward to be integrated and healed. While difficult to stomach, even for those who support him, he calls us to dive deep within ourselves and get honest about what we will or won’t abide within ourselves and our communities.


Hillary Clinton – The Rebel Knight of ‘The In-Between’

Energetically speaking the character of Hillary represents the middle ground or the un-manifested, in between two shifting paradigms. She is not a complete embodiment of the old rule, but she is not yet a complete embodiment of the new rule either. She is a symbol of the ‘place holder’ for the in-between and as such she operates as a testing ground for light and shadow to do their work. Her job moving forward will not be an easy one.

Hillary, though she represents the female, and so stands as a rebel to the distorted male establishment, is not YET an integrated representation of the balanced light and dark of masculine and feminine power. While she embodies the genetic make-up that determines her gender, her underlying energy is deeply masculine. As consciousness rises and evolves, it insists on an integrated balance of masculine and feminine, for to be solidly positioned, in either/or, instead of both/and, is disempowered and ineffective.

This energy has served her well, as she has had to play the crumbling patriarchal game and serve its masters in order to get where she has in her career. She has to a large degree had to overstep her true feminine power in order to have a seat at the table. And while she has made many inroads by the very nature of her gender, a great amount of that authentic power must be stifled and inverted in order to maintain her position in the current Kingdom.

She plays a poignant role as the first woman in the United States to be so close to this position of perceived power, but she is largely limited by the choices and actions of her past and so will be restricted to a certain degree in where she wants to go in the future. While she may break the glass ceiling of being the first woman in the office of the President of the United States, she will have a hard road ahead of her in bringing balanced and integrated feminine and masculine power into the office. Because, just like her predecessor, there will be great opposition to anything authentically evolutionary that might challenge the status quo.

She calls us to deeply examine our perceptions of what is authentic Masculine and authentic Feminine power and where we have limited or judged one or both, for the sake of the other.


Michelle Obama – The Light Queen of the Emerging Kingdom

Energetically speaking the character of Michelle represents the true nature of balanced integrated masculine and feminine power. In the final minutes of the play that seems on the verge of fiery implosion, this important, yet up until now, supporting character emerges on the stage as a voice of power, truth, honesty, integrity and honorable indignation.

Her words in the third act of the play emerge clear and powerful – stating a righteous decree for noble men and women everywhere who will no longer tolerate such indignity in the mighty halls of power, nor allow it to be wielded with such continued impunity.

And she does it all without the shrill banshee scream of the wounded feminine, or a single free the nipple selfie or middle finger salute to the masculine establishment. She observes the imbalance and injustice but does not linger in victim hood. She calls forth all that is good, all that is powerful, all that is noble, mighty and honorable and that is carried within each individual. She speaks truth to power, but more importantly, she speaks truth to the people, regardless of gender, race, political party, religious or economic background.

Her position in life, past and present has placed her in a public crucible where grace, determination and self-responsibility asked the best of her. Her race, her gender, her economic origin never stood as an excuse to falter, or blame or make anyone else responsible for her life. Her power and her persona balanced in masculine and feminine making her voice and her words a clear clarion call of awakening to an audience that has been made numb by the chaos.

People inspired by her character, and moved by her energy, insist now, that SHE lead. But that is not her role, at least not in this version of the play. Here she is meant merely to stand as a stark contrast and as a still yet powerful focal point around which the polarity of the political hurricane swirls.

She calls us to use our power, not our force. To use our grace not our victimhood. And to stand in personal integrity, and mean it.



None of these characters are completely Light or Completely Dark – just like none of us are and we will not know what effect any of these players will have on our future until we are deep in the midst of it.

We can look at each of the characters in this historical play and see evil and goodness played out on either side, depending on who we are as people in the audience. We can look to the ‘villain’ in whatever costume they wear and know that they are challenging us to bring the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, shamed, made bad, made wrong or made unworthy into the light to be integrated.

We can look to the ‘good guys’ in whatever costume they wear and know, that if they are inspiring us, that we are being called to bring out our greatness, our courage, our care, our power and our passion to serve as a light for others.

This time in history has brought to the surface what every great piece of literature should, it shines a light on who we are on the inside and invites us to ask greater questions of ourselves, regardless of which way we might vote.

Questions like:  Where have we given away our power? To whom or what external situation or circumstance in our past or our present have we given our Sovereign ability to be self-determined, self-directed and self-aware? Where have we turned away from our own inner darkness and made others responsible for our pain? And where have we turned away from our own inner light, asking others for permission for our ability to shine? How can we make it better? Starting with ourselves.

Ultimately, regardless of who wins this election in this country or any other election in any other country in the future, as Evolutionaries we must understand that the government does not have the power to determine who we are as spiritual beings. It cannot give, nor can it take away our true source of power, nor can it govern, limit or regulate how we use our inner resources or how we create and manage our lives – only WE can do that. That is what true Freedom really means.

When we are willing to claim that degree of responsibility, then and only then can we truly effect conscious social change. Then and only then can we watch how situations in the collective play out and see the deeper meanings held within them, so we can maintain our personal power regardless of what is happening around us. To be Mystically speaking, ‘in the world, but not of it’.

So regardless of whether you vote Democrat, Republican or Independent – or whether you can’t yet vote, or don’t have any ‘skin in the game’ one way or another – I invite you to take some time to look deep within the dynamic being played out here and ask yourself, “How is all of this seeming madness, being used as a conduit for good to emerge?” Then ask yourself, “How can I be a part of that goodness?”

If you take action based on the answers you discover there, then it won’t matter who gets elected, because so many people will be operating and acting from their highest good, that whoever is in office will be a servant to that and not the other way around.