Becoming Quantum

The Metaphysics of Miracles 

December 11 – 21, 2019

LEVEL ONE – 2 Week Mini Masterclass

As Mystics we dig deep into our Spiritual power, we go beyond personal mind and its limitations to access our Higher Consciousness to cultivate and create miraculous outcomes. World class athletes, artists and elite performers of all kinds access this deep power to do ‘super human’ things. Their outcomes are not created through their personality – but through their Spirit. This is what it means to be QUANTUM.

Simone Wright

Start Living life by a diferent set of rules

Do you feel an undeniable knowing that you have more power than you’ve been using in the world?

Do you have an unshakable feeling that there is more to this Spiritual adventure than you’ve been told, and you’re standing at the threshold of discovering what it is?

Do you know deep in your Soul that there is far more to the world than what lies on the surface – and if you could find the missing piece of the puzzle that your reality would change forever?

If you recognize yourself in these ideas, you aren’t imagining things … you are on the threshold edge of a Quantum leap in consciousness and creative power.

And that unshakeable feeling, is your Soul telling you … it’s time to jump into something vastly … MORE.

There’s no out there …

If that idea of jumping into the unknown frightens you … don’t worry. I have great news that will make it alot easier to take the leap.

The world you live in isn’t real. At least not in the way you think it is. Contrary to what you’ve been told to believe, that the 3D reality is solid, has power over you, and is governed by a set of non-negotiable rules, called ‘Physics’ – the greater reality is quite a different story.

Everything we perceive in the outer world, the people, places, circumstances, opportunities and disasters we experience are shaped by our minds as an expression of consciousness. (or lack of it)

There is no such thing as ‘outer things’. There is no ‘there’, out there.

There are only ideas and patterns of thought, taking shape as the physical world – and as Mystics, who understand the Quantum nature of things, we no longer need to be contained by the apparent solid circumstances of our lives.

We have a completely different option …

It’s time to go ‘META’!

 Our impulse of deeper evolution is to go ‘meta’ – which means to ‘go beyond’ or ‘to go higher, or deeper’.

The rules by which we live life don’t have to be the same rules that others live by. As Mystics we can rise above the physics of ‘regular life’ to transcend into the ‘metaphysics of the miraculous’. We become Quantum.

This evolved wisdom helps us to move BEYOND the old constructs that we are used to experiencing in our lives. It helps us break limitations that take shape in repeating patterns of disappointment, overwhelm, powerlessness and defeat. It helps us step into a deeper and more powerful relationship with Spirit that results in greater levels of of health, well being, happiness, prosperity, trust and peace.

This inner transformation becomes our Quantum fingerprint – and our reality changes as a result.  

Becoming Quantum

The reality of our 3D world is going to continue to become more chaotic as we navigate this stage of our evolutionary transformation. This turbulence isn’t something we should fear, but it is something we are well served to understand. 

When we understand it, we can rise above it – to become as the Mystics say, ‘In the World, but not Of it.’ – This is what it means to Become Quantum.

From this position of being, that exists beyond time and space, we have greater access to creative levels of consciousness, which have the ability to shape more beauty, truth, prosperity and well being – as a natural expression of our identity.

With NO high vibration, thinking positive, fluffy manipulations – but rather with deep, rooted, powerful, integrated, sacred energetic functions that literally create gravity around them, which gives us the ability to direct matter into being.


Moving Beyond Archetypes

If you are ready to expand your Spiritual practice into one that is rooted in massive Power, yet shaped by a radical Peace, then The Becoming Quantum Mini Masterclass is for you.

If you are ready for a Mystical upgrade and to take your Esoteric understandings to a more advanced, elegant and expanded expression, then I invite you to join me.

If you are ready to break patterns of limitation, shatter habits of energy that have held you back and learn how to USE the things that used to restrict your process of creation, then it is time for you to graduate to the next level.

If you are ready to step into your role as Mystic. Maverick. Rebel. Visionary. Creator … then it is time for you to Become Quantum.

When you join me in my NEW 2 Week Becoming Quantum Mini Masterclass this is precisely what you’ll do.

Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field ~

I will meet you there.


‘Becoming Quantum’ – Level One – Shows You How to:

 More deeply understand your relationship with Reality and how to refine it

Move beyond time and space to heal your past, present and future

Overcome fear and doubt to step into greater levels of clarity and freedom

Recognize the power hidden in setbacks and use them to transform your perception

Grasp a deeper understanding of Mystical direction when it shows up

Develop greater faith, trust and commitment to your goals and let them guide you

Discover the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck

Recognize and use the symbols of your life to access greater power

Develop a more intimate relationship with Spirit that helps you create in bigger ways

Shape greater Integrity and Wholeness and start reflecting that into your Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships

… and much more


Level One Becoming Quantum will be a pre-requisite for any upcoming ADVANCED Becoming Quantum classes.

What People Say About Working with Simone

Simone is a one of a kind mentor. Her spiritual vision and mystical perspective is SO clear and it has helped me take my 25 years of ‘wandering’ and put it into such laser focus, that it takes my breath away. She has helped me rediscover the JOY and POWER in my spiritual life. I am so, so grateful.


Simone is one of those rare people who takes complex ideas, that so often confuse me and make them so simple , that it’s as if I had the answer in front of me the entire time. Which of course, as she reminds me … I always do. She is my Mystical Mentor and I know my Mastery is emerging through our partnership.


Simone has an uncanny ability to go straight into the energetic heart of the matter. Whether I am working on a practical issue or a spiritual one, her clarity helps me see in an instant what I have spent years looking around in the dark for. Don’t let her down to earthness fool you. She’s the real deal.


A New Way to Pay Over Time

You now have an option to break up your registration into installments. This special offer is offered through Square Installments and lets you register for Becoming Quantum with 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments. *Conditions apply*

Here’s what we’ll share in ‘Becoming Quantum’

MODULE #1 – INTRODUCTION: Becoming Quantum

Here we discover the foundations of our Metaphysical roots by revealing the principles of how our consciousness shapes reality. This profound understanding begins to put the power back in our hands (and minds) and starts to reshape our ability to alter our outer world, by refining our inner world. We practice becoming Quantum.

  • Discover the Quantum Rules that the great Mystics (Jesus, Buddha and others lived by)
  • Learn how your Life is actually helping you discover your deepest power.
  • Start to break patterns of limited consciousness that prevent your Miraculous nature from emerging … and more.

MODULE #2 – METAPHYSICS: Collapsing Time, Shaping Space, Overcoming Ourselves

Here we begin to work deliberately with the Quantum field of potential. By using the template of our life, and our visions for the future, we begin to collapse time and space, to overcome our past limitations and reshape our consciousness to one of strength, power and clarity. With this metaphysical adjustment our reality begins to respond to our new level of consciousness.

  • Discover what Reality really wants from you.
  • Start to generate a Clarity of mind that allows you to navigate any situation with Grace and Power.
  • Start shaping the field of expansion, detachment and integrity that is the portal for miracles … and more.

You also get…


There is no greater example of a Quantum consciousness than that represented by the Mystical Jesus. At this time of year (Christmas / Winter Solstice) – this bonus module takes you on a deeper journey into the meaning of the Christ represents. Discover your own divine, Quantum identity and how to use it for greater prosperity and peace in the new year.



Each week we will have a powerful deep review of the work, with valuable additional insights, tips and tools. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with me to get your specific questions answered and gain even greater refinement, integration and mastery of the Quantum practice.


You will be provided with a series of Guided Meditations, Exercises and Practices that will help you deepen your relationship with the Quantum field and develop the energetic muscles to maintain that connection.

All materials in this course are in digital format (MP3, PDF and Streaming Video) so they are easy to access whenever you wish.


December 11 – 21, 2019

2 Powerful Webinars (Posted each Wednesday)

2 LIVE  Coaching Calls (Happen each Saturday @ 9 am PST)

You can join me from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD


All sessions are recorded and available for download

** If you can’t join me LIVE you can email me your questions in advance so you’ll be supported each week


Access all Coaching Sessions via telephone or computer

LIFETIME Access to Program AND Updates

Guided Meditations and Exercises

All modules can be downloaded to your computer

Additional Bonuses


If you’re ready to develop your Metaphysical muscle and become more Miracle Prone, then I invite you to join me for Becoming Quantum – Level One – and register today. **Early Bird special endsDecember 2nd**

A New Way to Pay Over Time

You now have an option to break up your registration into installments. This special offer is offered through Square Installments and lets you register for Becoming Quantum with 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments. *Conditions apply*

If you’re ready to discover the Metaphysics of Miracles…

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