Video #4 – Engaging with Source

We are continuously linked with all of the Creative and transformative power we could ever need. When we discover the Nature of the intelligence that creates everything we see, know and experience, and learn how to properly partner with it, our ability to transform our world (inside and outside) becomes practically miraculous.


In one of my favorite videos to create for you to date, (definitely the most personal) I invite you behind the scenes, into my studio and into the alchemical process to share 5 powerful ways that you can begin to use today to more deeply engage with Source. Deepen your Intuition, activate your Creative power and transform your Inner world to become a Master Creator.


Join me for my INTUITION & ALCHEMY ONLINE WORKSHOP that begins August 24th. Details below the video.

Join me for INTUITION & ALCHEMY – Mastering Your Inner World/ Transforming Your Outer World

Online Workshop

August 24 – October 5.