Video 3 – Overcoming Polarity

Learning how to balance the Polarized nature of our reality is one of the most powerful tools an Alchemist can posses. When we understand that our nature and the nature of everything we see around us contains a duality (ie. positive electrical charge, negative electrical charge, masculine and feminine, north and south, love and hate)  and learn how we can overcome it – we discover our true Mystical power.

Understanding that everything is identical in nature, only varying in degrees we reclaim our ability to become masters of our destiny instead of victims of fate.

Simone explains in this video how we can begin this shift of energy by discovering the MEANING we give to both the positive and negative situations or attributes of our lives – and with clarity, discernment and power, decide whether those meanings are ones that benefit and serve us in our ability to transform our lives – or if they limit us. The choice as Simone so deftly points out … is always our own.

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