Intuition & Alchemy Online Workshop

Intuition & Alchemy Online Workshop


Mastering your Inner World / Transforming your Outer World

Live Six Week Online Workshop

August 24 – October 1, 2016


Check out this content rich interview that describes the Intuitive and Alchemical partnership and touches on what we will be working on in my upcoming workshop. Then take advantage of the Early Bird discount and get your spot in class at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!





Simone invites you to join her in this extraordinary LIVE Webinar workshop series, expressly designed for those individuals who are committed to taking their understanding of personal and spiritual transformation, true inner guidance and mystical awareness to a much higher level.

In her typical, down to earth, no nonsense style, Simone powerfully assists the serious the spiritual adventurer who is ready to deeply engage and direct their hidden potential and start using it to deliberately access the power that exists within and all around us.

Discover potent wisdom and develop powerful tools that reveal the nature of reality, mysticism, metaphysics and higher consciousness. Learn to master workable psychic and intuitive skills, designed to accelerate your ability to transform and deliberately shape your life. Learn to Mystically shape your money, health, career, relationships and ultimate spiritual destiny.

Join Simone for 6 Live teaching modules and 3 Live Q&A sessions meant to deepen your relationship with your personal Spiritual tools – Intuition and Alchemy.




Learning how to use our Intuition is more important now than it has ever been before. But how do we learn to PROPERLY access this subtle yet powerful, mystical intelligence so we can use it to serve us in PRACTICAL AND MEANINGFUL ways that we can trust and depend on?


And how do we use the ancient mystical tool of Alchemy to assist our Intuition in transforming our limitations and shift our Spiritual Lead into Spiritual Gold, so our ability to deliberately transform our lives is easy, elegant and effective?



Check out the videos below to get an idea about what you will learn to Master in this amazing 6 week class. Click on each link to be taken to the video page.

Video #1 – An introduction to Alchemy

Video #2 – The Alchemy of Money

Video #3 – Overcoming Polarity

Video #4 – Engaging with Source



I invite you to join me for this exclusive and specially designed  Intuition & Alchemy Intensive Online Workshop. This unique training combines all of the powerful mystical aspects of my internationally acclaimed First Intelligence Intuition training and my groundbreaking Activating Alchemy program to give you the dynamic energetic foundation to support and amplify your metaphysical and mystical power so you can use it to guide you to greater success, happiness, health and over all well being.

This dynamic program will provide you with all of the benefits of my lifetime of Intuitive experience and field tested metaphysical success combined with my practical yet deeply spiritual approach to understanding, engaging and most importantly USING your Alchemical and Intuitive power AT WILL … in all aspects of your life.

We will deeply engage in rarely taught Mystical training that will show you how to:

  • Recognize the true Intuitive voice of your Higher Self and develop the courage to follow it
  • Use Alchemy to break apart past limitations and energize new opportunities
  • Use your Mystical power to begin to transform your current reality
  • Increase your capacity for supernatural, magical and mystical experiences
  • Avoid the traps of New Age misunderstandings that limit your Spiritual and Creative power
  • Tap your intuition to help you discover new solutions, innovative ideas and groundbreaking approaches to creating your best life
  • Mystically direct your Intuition to advance your Spiritual practice
  • Understand the foundation of ‘Reality’ and how to shift your energy to begin ‘magically’ shaping it
  • Claim your energetic power so you can easily follow Intuitive inspiration without resistance
  • Recognize the power carried in ‘negative life situations’ and release them
  • Precisely recognize the difference between fear and wishful thinking and true intuitive guidance
  • Use your intuition to help you make powerful decisions in business and in life
  • Let go of bad habits that keep you in a pattern of feeling limited or stuck
  • Translate the intuitive messages carried in your dreams to heal and transform obstacles
  • Reduce fear and stress and take action backed by inspired power
  • Cultivate and use your inner passion and joy regardless of what life throws your way …. and much, much more.

Each weeks lessons will be jam packed with unique and powerful exercises to show you:

  • How to joyfully and powerfully engage with the Universal field of creative energy
  • How to amplify and direct Psychic energy to influence your money, health, career etc
  • How to break apart limited/limiting life situations
  • How to clear resistance and negative conditioning
  • How to recognize authentic intuitive guidance
  • How to take inspired action … and much more.

We will learn how to apply our Intuition to everyday life situations that include:

  • Relationships, Money, Health, Career
  • Decision making
  • Dreams
  • Coping with change or re-invention
  • How to use the Present moment to create our future (even if the present moment isn’t perfect)

The relationship you have with your Intuition should be the most important relationship of your life. Deepen the connection you have to this powerful wisdom so you can start living a life of ease, confidence and certainty. Consider it one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself.




6 Weekly Teaching Modules – 3 bi-weekly Q&A Sessions (August 31 – October 5th)


Week #1 – Understanding the Mind of Reality – Meeting the Mystery

* Becoming a Master

* Engaging with Source

* Where Intuition and Alchemy meet

* Where are we in the Cosmic picture

* Clearing the Static and getting out of our own way

Tools- exercises and more


Week #2 – Creating in the 3D World – Breaking the Spell of The Matrix

* Understanding and overcoming Polarity

* How to easily move into Higher Consciousness

* Managing Light

* Increasing Spiritual Momentum to accelerate your goals

Tools, exercises and more


Week #3 – Digging for Lead – Using Everything in your life to Generate the Good

* How to use ‘negative’ life stuff to propel you forward

* Why The Law of Attraction doesn’t work

* Reshaping your past – creating your future

* Neutralizing Negative situations and releasing their power

Tools, exercises and more


Week #4 – The Alchemy of Money – Transforming your Financial Relationships

* Discovering your hidden Money reality

* Transforming your Money history

* Developing Intimacy with your Money

* What money wants

Tools, exercises and more


Week #5 – Making Magic Happen – Marrying Heaven and Earth

* Moving from Self to Soul

* Partnering Spirit and Matter – Generating Thought Forms

* Understanding the Alchemical partnership of Masculine and Feminine

* Using Alchemy to transform any material situation

Tools, exercises and more


Week #6 – Claiming Mastery – Living your Sovereign Nature

* Knowing your true Spiritual Nature and using it

* Becoming an energetic ally with Creative power

* Navigating Authentic/ Inauthentic reality

* Identifying and Activating your Soul Blueprint

Tools, exercises and more


***This program is a pre-requisite for any of Simone’s advanced classes, retreats and events



Week #1 – Wednesday, August 24 (6-8 pm PST)

Week #2 – Wednesday, August 31, (6-8 pm PST)

Q&A #1 – Saturday, September 3 (11am – 1pm PST)

Week #3 – Wednesday, September 7 (6 – 8 pm PST)

Week #4 – Wednesday, September 14 (6 – 8 pm PST)

Q&A #2 – Saturday, September 17 (11 am – 1 pm PST)

Week #5 – Wednesday, September 21 (6 – 8 pm PST)

Week #6 – Wednesday, September 28 (6-8 pm PST)

Q&A #3 – Saturday, October 1 (11am -1pm PST)



You will be provided with a webinar link via email, prior to each scheduled class so you can join each session LIVE. If you cannot join us for the live modules, each session is recorded for easy replay so you can listen at your convenience.


You can ask your questions LIVE on each Q&A call, however if you cannot join the Q&A at the scheduled time, you may email me your questions ahead of time and they will be answered on the call, which will also be recorded and available for replay.


Space for this very special class is limited, so I encourage you to register as soon as possible.



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