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Remember Who You Are

 The A,B,C’s of Modern Mysticism (Pt1)

There are many meaningful things that every Modern Mystic needs to keep in mind as they navigate their Spiritual adventure towards Mastery. Living in the physical world but doing it from our Spiritual nature, takes some practice and just like with any skill that one becomes Masterful at, there is – at first – often a conscious and deliberate list of things one reminds oneself of, in order to stay on track. So it is the same with our work.

So for November and December I am going to take you through the complete alphabet – A to Z of Mystical attributes and ideas that we are well served to remember. Some of the letters will have more than one attribute, and that’s okay, because our journey is multi-faceted and it would be hard to just limit it to one word per letter.  This is a fun romp through our practice and a beneficial way to remember the little details that will make us true Modern Mystics.

There is also a Soulstrategies Workbook for each module that will help you keep track and take notes and even come up with your own words to put into each letter category. Have fun. Think of it like going back to school! We are learning our Mystical A,B,C’s


Teaching Modules

The A, B, C’s of Modern Mysticism (Part 1) A – G

This is a fun yet rewarding beginning to capturing some of the many refined nuances of our Mystical practice. Here we start at A and move through G, covering things like Awareness, Divine Self, Fear and more. Have some fun. Make notes in the Soulstrategies Workbook included below … and as you go along, if you come up with other words of your own … be sure to add them to your list!

The A, B, C’s of Modern Mysticism (Part 2) H-M

Continued from above. Remember to have fun, take notes and keep track of where these Mystical words are making themselves known in you day to day practice. Enjoy!

Soulstrategies Workbook – The A,B,C’s of Modern Mysticism (A – Z)

Use this workbook to keep track of all of the mystical information that is provided in our list. AND be sure to add a few of your own if you get a dose of inspiration along the way. Play. Have fun. Use colored pens, markers or crayons – just like you did when you were young and learning your A,B,C’s in school. They will stick in your memory better that way!

The A,B,C’s of Modern Mysticism (Pt2)

Welcome to the Mystical Month of December. The time of the renewal of Light. This month we will be doing an extra Mystical workshop covering the very special energies of the season and how to use them, including a wonderful ritual and exercise to support you in grounding your Mystical visions into the new year.
But FIRST we are going to wrap up the second half of the A,B,C’s of Modern Mysticism and complete the second half of the alphabet from N – Z. More great fun and lots and lots of wisdom and guidance to help you continue to amplify your Mysical gifts.
Remember to use the Workbook that was provided in the November module to write down each of the letters and add your own along the way.
Also REMEMBER!!!! All of these aspects of Mystical skill only come into being when you go out into the world and practice and apply them! So go have fun, work your Mystical muscles and apply your A,B,C’s as often as you can!

The A,B,C’s of Modern Mysticism (Part 3) N- S

This fun module continues our adventure deep into the Modern Mystical alphabet. Building upon the powerful foundations activated in A – M this 3rd installment takes us N-S and includes the very powerful word ‘Nous’, Ownership, Perception, Quality, Receptivity, Sovereignity … and many more. So much fun. So much wisdom to play with. And such fun to put to work!!! Enjoy.

The A, B, C’s of Modern Mysticism (Part 4) T – Z

Here in Part 4 we bring all of the powerful words that fill our Mystical tool belt to a close. In this wonderful final chapter we reveal Truth, the Unknown, Vision, Will, The X- Factor, Yes, Zero Point and many more. A wonderful way to put it all together to deepen our Mystical power. All wrapped up …. A to Z!!! Enjoy!

BONUS: Mystical Gifts of December (Using the Sacred Spirit of Solstice to Plant Seeds for the Future)

This powerful additional Live Coaching Call will walk you through the powerful understandings of the most Mystical time of the year. This cool lesson will walk you the process of how to take advantage of the re-newal energies and use them to serve your trajectory for the new year. We will also be working through a wonderful ritual and ceremony to merge with the sacred time and put it to work for you for the upcoming year.

We also addressed questions about Play, Calling back our Power and how to know when giving away our Love is detrimental and why calling it back is high Mystical wisdom. We also did some powerful coaching *** PLEASE NOTE: There is some very strong language in the coaching part of the call. Feet to the fire time to be sure.