There is a place of energy within creation and as a result, within each and every one of us – that is so loaded with potential – that it would blow your mind. Scientists have scoured the Universe to identify this field; which they theorize could provide Free Energy for the entire planet for a very long time.

Science defines this place as ‘Zero Point’ – they consider it the ‘ground state or lowest energy state of any given field.’ While it is a recent discovery for Science … Mystics, Masters and Evolutionaries have known of this hidden place of power for eons. And we do not need to reach into the far corners of the Universe to use it … we need only look within ourselves.

Wanna know where to look?

Take a peek at the photo above. It is a simple drawing of a pendulum … according to the drawing … a pendulum named ‘Bob’. The pendulum swings in all sorts of directions, back and forth, left and right or even in circles based on whatever external force exerts itself on it. Bob is a helpless victim to things ‘beyond his control’, blown around by the ‘whims of a cruel world.’ sniff.

At the very top of the pendulum, above ALL of the hulaballoo and chaotic movement, exists the ‘FIXED POINT’. A position that NEVER moves and yet is the ‘container’ of ALL movement. Without the fixed point, the pendulum could not exist.

The pendulum represents one of the simple, yet most powerful laws of Nature. The Law of Rhythm. Things in life move. It is a fact. And if we are in a position (where most people are) of identifying with Bob (as us) then we are prone to HUGE emotional turmoil as this potent Law makes itself known.

In our day-to-day lives – Bob symbolizes US as we are moved and manipulated by the things in our world that constantly change. Things that swing from ‘good to bad’, ‘happy to sad’ and ‘awesome to miserable’ and that carry us and our emotions along with it.

But what if we were able to literally RAISE our identity from being BOB on the end of the pendulum, who moment by moment never knows what is coming next or how he is going to feel about it … to becoming identified with the quiet FIXED POINT that exists ABOVE it all. That solid, foundational and PEACEFUL space that is not moved, yet holds the potential of everything.

PEACE is the single most potent foundational energy of living a life of MASTERY and it is the source of all creation. Contrary to what you may think PEACE is NOT stagnant, or dull or non-productive – it is in fact the ZERO POINT of which the scientists speak … ‘it is the ground state of a given field’. YOU are that given field. It is YOUR ‘Ground State.’

How often are you swung around like Bob at the end of a pendulum and allow yourself to fall victim to the shifting energies of emotion, circumstance or chance? How often do your moods or outlooks rise or fall based on what is happening around you? When … if ever … have you been able to let the world and all of it’s spinning move AROUND you … without letting it move you?

This is what is known as ‘Being IN the world but not OF it.‘ … and as science has begun to prove – it is a place of limitless FREE energy. Energy that you can use to heal, grow, evolve, love, change, create … or whatever else it is you desire to do.

I invite you as you move forward in the future to notice those moments when you are identifying with ‘Bob’ – and are allowing yourself to be ‘blown around’ by the rythms of the world around you. You will know when this is happening because it will feel like crap. When you notice this happening gently imagine yourself ‘rising above’ the situation, as though you were a separate observer and see if you can FIX yourself’ into the quiet and peaceful state of your own Zero Point.

From this place … watch, observe, take action if you want to. Notice how different you feel and see if you are able to move through the situation and remain calm. When you begin to recognize how this place of being feels (it feels great) … and can get to the point that you are in it all the time … your life will begin to change in ways that to others may appear miraculous. You will be living in the energetic that Mystics call ‘The Peace that passeth all understanding.‘ … and life and the world around you will never be the same again.

If you would like to learn more about how to CULTIVATE your Zero point and learn how to ‘Be IN the World but not OF it’ …. CLICK HERE.

Live your dreams.


Much love,