My Philosophy

We have access to all the wisdom and intelligence we need … we just need to know where to look.


The next step in the Evolution of Human Potential.

Integrated Intelligence

INTEGRATED:  “To put together parts or elements and combine them, into a whole.”   ~ combined, cohesive, harmonious, complete, inclusive

INTELLIGENCE: “The capacity for understanding; the ability to perceive and comprehend meaning.”  ~ intuition, judgment, understanding, wit, brilliance.

We can all agree that the landscape of how we do business, how we operate as leaders, teams and employees and manage as parents, partners and everyday people; has changed. Technology and a global market have obliterated the old paradigms of ‘life as usual’ and change is happening more rapidly than many of us could have ever predicted.

In life, as in nature, if a system does not EVOLVE, if it does not INNOVATE to take advantage of what is happening in the environment around it … it becomes extinct.  It does not matter if that system is a business, a relationship, a career, or an economy … or if it is an executive or an entrepreneur, a professional athlete or a police officer, an educator or an endangered animal – if there is no adaptation to suit the changing surroundings …  there is no survival.

That is a truth that is no more obvious than in the times we live in today.

So how do we navigate through these challenging and sometimes chaotic times to reach our highest potential? How do we ‘Up our Game’ to create healthy and balanced teams, come up with new and innovative ideas, systems and products… AND still do good as human beings?

It is simple … We need to EVOLVE.


The power of human consciousness exceeds the intelligence capacity of any computer ever created, it is capable of feats of brilliant innovation and explosive leaps of ingenuity; possessing the skills required to solve any and all problems; including the problems facing all of us both personally and professionally. The dilemma however is that the majority of society has been trained to use only a small portion of the powerhouse which is the Integrated Human Intelligence System.

Integrated Intelligence is the simple and effective training program created by  Simone Wright, that gets the entire operating system back ‘on line’ to activate Intuitive and Cognitive Processing and energize Precise Emotional Acuity. ‘Integrated’ because the TRI-LATERAL Intelligence system of the human body is activated and encouraged to work synergistically as a ‘whole’ with the BRAIN, HEART and GUT operating as a team with the INTUITION working as a visionary partner guiding us where to look next, activating a level of Intelligence that is unsurpassed.

Combining the latest advancements in neuroscience, psychology, human behavior, peak performance and consciousness, Integrated Intelligence training activates, CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, INNOVATIVE IDEA GENERATING and PRODUCTIVE COMMUNICATION at the same time REDUCING STRESS, INCREASING EFFICIENCY and IMPROVING EFFECTIVENESS in all aspects of business and life.

The ultimate aim is to be ‘Holistic’ in our thoughts, feelings and actions to EVOLVE to the level of Intelligence required to succeed during these rapidly changing times; THIS is where we need to be in order to elevate business and personal performance into a modern and VISIONARY paradigm.

When we change how we use our minds and learn how to access the intelligence that is hidden within them – every member of the team becomes a highly valued asset, we up our game to operate more consistently ‘in the Zone’, we let go of attitudes, perceptions and ideas that no longer serve us, we improve our bottom line … and hopefully, we do a bit of good along the way.

I look forward to sharing this evolutionary program with you in the very near future.