Do you remember those times when you were younger, when the grown ups in your life told you not to get too full of yourself, because … ‘YOU aren’t the CENTER of the UNIVERSE you know’!!

Well the truth of the matter is, at least energetically speaking … those old folks were wrong! (Please check out the video below)

The doorway to ALL limitless possibility, and whatever that may mean for you and the point of your ability to recognize and perceive it … IS right smack dab in the middle of your own … ‘YOU-ness.’ HOW you see the world, how you experience it (whether good outcome or not so good outcome) and how your Intuition can guide you to your HIGHEST GOOD … is determined by one single energetic reality and one decision you make.

To learn what those points of power are … please check out the video below.

Thanks in advance for checking it out. And feel free to comment. Have you ever known, or thought or felt, that maybe you had more power than the grown ups told you you had? Are you starting to feel that maybe now is the time to let it shine? Let me know. I would love to hear from you.