Independence is in the air in a global way right now. Here in North America, the U.S. and Canada prepare to celebrate their historical release from limiting Sovereign rule. And in the United Kingdom a new form of disruption is occurring because of the recent vote to become Independent from the European Union.

As Mystics and Alchemists we are served well to observe what is happening right now and use it to find the transformational wisdom hidden in plain sight – wisdom that has nothing to do with political power; but has everything to do with Spiritual Power.

Around the world people are celebrating the material idea of Independence as being ‘freedom from the oppression of an external governing source’; an external source that ‘appears’ to have more power than the freedom fighter or independence seeker does.

Wars are fought, battles are waged, billions of dollars are spent, elections happen, countries break apart and all in the name of an external independence that has no real merit – at least not from a Metaphysical perspective. Ultimately what happens in these situations is simply an exchange of one form of limitation for another one, but nothing really changes.

As emerging Spiritual Masters, our most powerful tools are Observation and Awareness. In order to use our Mystical powers of creation and transformation, we must be aware of the underlying energy that supports the base of any existing situation – before we can shift it into another one.

Those with eyes and awareness to see will recognize this moment in time as a powerful opportunity that holds an energetic message that every Spiritual Adventurer would be served well to heed.

So what DOES this time of INDEPENDENCE call us to observe?

As in most transformational life situations, it guides us to ‘look deeper for our true power.’



We do not gain true spiritual power by claiming independence from an external governing body (ie government, religion, education, parents, tribe, family). Nor do we gain strength by insisting or demanding that these entities GIVE it to us – it cannot be given – for we already posses it. But in order for it to begin to work for us we must understand we possess it, then,  acknowledge and claim it.

To become Sovereign means to recognize ones own power of self – determination, self-guidance and self-direction. To become spiritually independent means one begins to become deeply cognizant of their power of free will, choice and awareness. Those who are asleep to this inherent reality shaping power, remain forever victims of the collective and are destined to live a life dictated by fate rather than one of empowered choice.

We are all aware of the idea of Mind over Matter and we may even have had personal experiences of how when we ‘really made up our mind’ to do something, that is when things began to change. There is a commonality in each of these dynamics that point in the direction of a High truth.

Why is this so? Because MIND shapes MATTER. Mind and how it is directed has the ability to determine how energy takes shape in the physical world. The external, created world we see, feel and experience as our reality, is a CREATED thing, that is to say, it is an EFFECT or REFLECTION of mind or consciousness.

Because it is a CREATED thing, it has NO POWER TO CAUSE or CREATE. Our reality, our external world and the life we live within it – is AN EFFECT or A RESULT of something else – that something else – that creative force – is MIND.

Metaphysicians and Masters know and understand this principle and use it to deliberately shape their world. This understanding leaves them immune to the mindless decadence of a mostly ‘asleep’ global populace and the continual conundrums it creates.

Spiritual Independence activates true creative skill, which is the ability to alter and direct our reality in a way that pleases us. This proficiency is shaped by the MIND and is supported by 3 Noble attributes:

  1. Power (which is the ability to move energy) As a side note here, FORCE and POWER are very different things. One who is in true ownership of their Sovereign power, has no need to ever use Force.
  2. Choice (which the ability to make an empowered decision) and
  3. WILL (which is the ability to direct Creative focus.)

The declaration of independence of a true Metaphysician is literally; MIND creates MATTER, more specifically, ‘MY MIND creates MY MATTER’. This oath becomes our new pledge and it is the foundation on which all of our Spiritual and Alchemical work is built.

When we begin to operate as Sovereign and Independent Miracle workers, Mystics and Alchemists, the level of mind we are using to generate the outcomes we desire, is the Higher Level of Mind that is directed, guided and supported by our Soul.



To ‘Pledge allegiance’ means to express your commitment and devotion in the highest sense. People will pledge allegiance to a flag, a nation, a religion, a government or a cause. At its root, (liege) which comes from the old French word, meaning ‘Lord and Master,’ to ‘Pledge Allegiance’ means to dedicate or bind yourself completely, mind, body and spirit to an external, and often ‘more powerful’ entity.

As we declare our personal and spiritual independence – we begin to shift our allegiance from that of loyalty to the material world and the people, situations and circumstances that inhabit it, to a deeper loyalty and understanding of the Mental and Spiritual ones and the invisible yet limitless possibilities that exist within those worlds.

More specifically, we begin to pledge allegiance to our Soul and all of the wisdom, knowledge and power that is carried there.

This shift in allegiance must be done consciously, deliberately and with a certain degree of reverence, for it is a decision that will transform your world, if you let it. This shift in power from outer to inner, from Self to Soul, leaves a trail of beneficial symptoms that include gracious Courage, deepened Clarity, enhanced honor, expanded appreciation for the beauty that exists around us and a deep and unshakable Peace.

So over the course of this long holiday weekend, where the word and energy of Independence is thick in the air, I invite you to take a few moments between bar-b-que’s and fireworks, to deeply consider what true Spiritual Independence means to you and how you could begin to use that degree of power to serve and transform your world.

Then take another moment and place your hand over your heart to ‘pledge allegiance to your Soul, to your higher Self, to your greatest wisdom’ and invite it to guide you, support you and lead you – then step back into the ‘real world’ and celebrate the greatest victory for independence you may ever know.