When was the last time you really gave yourself full out, 100% permission to Play? There are many things we as evolutionaries are very busy ‘working’ at … we work at our jobs, we work at making our relationships successful, we work at staying healthy and we even work at the process of our Spiritual journey.

The dilemma this work ethic presents for us as folks who are wanting to become more intuitive and evolve into our highest potential, is that the intelligence carried in our intuition prefers to flow with and through us via the doorway of an open, receptive and playful mind.

Unleashing Your Spiritual Superpowers

One of the most powerful and important aspects of our intuitive self is the spiritual power of Imagination. Yes, Imagination is a spiritual power. The ability to create something new or to have access to ideas that we have never thought of before, comes through that imaginative power. Imagination comes only when we are willing to give ourselves permission to play … to play with possibility, to play with potential, to play with the idea of ‘what might happen if I were to try life a different way?’

As children we are given a wide berth to play and use our faculties of imagination to learn and make our way in the world and as children we are all very powerfully intuitive. But somewhere along the line (usually around the age of 10 or so, which in many societies is called the ‘age of reason’) we are told that imagination and play are no longer allowed and we must grow up and start participating in the ‘real world’ and let all of that playful stuff go.

As adults we are highly trained at sticking to what we know, or at least hope, will work out for us, for sure. We follow the rules. We stay within the lines. We do what we have been taught to do, or what we feel we are expected to do by friends, family and society. We are serious. We are grown ups. Many of us (especially those of us over 40) are at the very least, disillusioned by the overwhelming ineffectiveness of all of this serious behavior and some are even completely burned out by it.

No Grown Ups Allowed

Whenever I teach an intuition class, I let all of my students know that once the class gets started that the grown up part of them has to wait outside and the playful, creative, open and POWERFULLY INTUITIVE child like part of them is the one who owns the space in the room. Some times it takes a bit of encouragement for folks to shake off their ‘thinking, rational, serious selves’ … but once the playful side is given permission to rule – then imagination and intuition start to flow.

So if you are wanting your Intuition to powerfully and deeply start serving you, I invite you to take a look at where you might be approaching life with a large degree of super duper, adult over zealous seriousness (it may be business, relationships, health, money, or even the biggie ‘LIFE PURPOSE’). Take a moment or two to ask yourself, ‘How could I bring more PLAY into this area of my life and how could I let my imagination find solutions for me?’

Then just relax into the answers, sensations and ideas that come your way. You will be surprised at what you discover.

You may feel compelled to go and play in your garden (notice I didn’t say ‘work’ in the garden), you may suddenly feel like turning on the music and dancing like a maniac, or whipping out some paint and throwing down on a canvas. You may feel the compulsion to write a poem, jump on your bicycle or go for a hike … whatever guidance you notice, regardless of how frivolous or unproductive it may seem, tell the grown up in you to take a time out and let your playful side out to have its way with you.

It’s No Biggie

The most common misconception about the service of intuition, is that when guidance shows up for us, it is supposed to be some profound, super important, trumpet blast from heaven that is big and holds great meaning and that is oh, so, serious. Truth be told, most times, it is just the opposite. Intuition is quiet, it is simple, it is elegant and at the root, it often asks us to ‘lighten up, to stop being so hard on ourselves and to just take a moment to play.’

When we were children we were really wonderful at imagining ourselves as superheroes, we played at being awesome and wonderful and magical. We created worlds in our minds eye that transported us to realms of possibility that filled us with bliss and fun and wonder and we did so without a single care about what other people thought about us or how we looked while we were doing it.

Invite this part of you back into your world. Invite it out of the shadows and into the light. Give yourself permission, even if only for a few minutes a day to allow yourself to PLAY. I promise you, that if you engage in this very powerful, and yes spiritual aspect of yourself, you will be rewarded with an amplified sense of joy, ease, creativity and peace and the doorway to your Intuitive self will be blown wide open.

So let all the grown up stuff go (for now) and run through that door – go outside – and PLAY!