When was the last time you were deeply, powerfully, passionately, Inspired? When do you last recall feeling so elevated by an idea that it was all you could think about for days or weeks? When was the last time you had a Vision so profound and real that it rocked you to your very bones? What was that vision? Did you manage to get that vision out of your head and into the world? What, if anything,  kept you from making it a reality?


As Spiritual adventurers, it is important for us to realize, that Inspiration is one of the most powerful, creative tools we have access to. In the process of Visionary Power, it is the first tool of the Creative process. For a Mystic, Inspiration is a constant and continual companion. It does not have to be fleeting or illusive, but can rather, be a completely sustainable and ever flowing current of creative power.


Like anything else, we might consider ‘meta-physical’, we simply need to understand is a bit better so we can engage with it in a powerful and productive way.


Inspiration is an evolutionary, energetic impulse. It is the spark that encourages growth, transformation and Spiritual unfoldment. Inspiration is the ‘in breath’ of the creative process, where the life force fills itself, through us, with a desire, a hope or a dream that in its becoming, requires the vehicle (us) to become something vaster and more evolved than we were before. Inspiration is a creative urge that makes itself just as profoundly known in the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and an acorn becoming an oak tree, as it does within us. This energetic ‘breath’ charges and amplifies the spark of creativity and growth in an effort to expand it into higher and more powerful potentials. It calls our consciousness to burn brighter, and activates it, like fans to a flame.




But before we can consciously engage with the creative force, it helps to have at least a basic understanding of what it is and where it comes from. So let’s quickly look at one of the most important understandings of creation, one that is commonly heard and sometimes spoken, but rarely understood. The mystical axiom of ‘As Above / So Below.’


The visionary and creative process, that is, the ability to alter and shape our reality, is a multi-dimensional one. It has to be, as everything we sense and experience is multi-dimensional. What we perceive through our five senses as our solid 3 dimensional reality is only but a tiny sound bite of what truly exists around us. And even the things that we DO notice in our environment on a moment to moment basis exist only as momentary flashes of possibility, rising and falling in and out of our 3-D reality, faster than our eyes or minds can comprehend.


Mystics and scientists of all backgrounds consistently agree that we exist in a reality that is built on multiple levels or densities, or as they are called by some … ‘heavens’.  These dimensions are fields or frameworks of varying energies that increase or decrease in density and refinement as they rise or fall in scale.


Opinions differ, some esoteric teachings work with 7 levels or dimensions, other with 9 or 13 – where as some scientists as it relates to studies such as String Theory say there are as many as 20. In some practices the number of dimensions can go as high as 144.


No one is certain of the number, but the agreement is there between mystics and scientists alike, that multiple dimensions exist, that they are crucial to the manifestation or ‘realization ‘ (making real) of our physical life state and that we are all present within these dimensions and have access to their power.


It is important at this point to clarify that while it is indicated as HIGHER or LOWER, along a linear scale, the more accurate representation is one of all levels being completely integrated and folded into one another, each one embedded within the energetic frame work of all the rest. From a Mystical level, this is how we are able to link with and be influenced by other ‘higher or lower’ dimensions, without a concern of time or space. There is no actual distance to be traversed, because each framework is within the other.


The ‘higher’ or more ‘refined’ dimensions, those that are less matter and more energy (the above) are CAUSATIVE. That means, they have the energetic ability to ‘create’. The ‘lower’ or more ‘coarse’ dimensions are more matter and less energy – and do not possess the energetic ability to be CAUSATIVE, they operate through various filters as an EFFECT.


Our 3 D reality, being relatively low on the dimensional scale, is not a CAUSATIVE reality. It is a CREATED reality.


Everything we see around us is the EFFECT of a CAUSE. A tree, a car, a cat, a relationship, a body, a business, a fortune, existing within the 3 dimensional reality we call ‘LIFE’ is the result of an INSPIRATION of one sort of another that has been figuratively ‘dropped’ from a Higher/Creative dimension into this Lower/Created dimension VIA consciousness.


Everything we experience around us – is creatively sourced from a higher dimension. A ‘heaven’ if you will, that is energetically more refined, balanced and profound. The Above dimensions are the creative/energetic source of what we experience as a reality in this Below dimension.


This is why when INSPIRATION moves us, coming from the ‘Above’, it FEELS different than our every day, moment to moment, mundane existence. When Inspiration breathes into us; it feels subtly electric, glowing and full of possibility. We feel invigorated and happy, almost giddy with enthusiasm of what might be. We are energized from the inside with new ideas and potentials and our imagination and creativity begin to work overtime.


We may find ourselves with less need or desire to sleep or eat, and the things that we used to do, that are not in alignment with this new flow of energy, lose their hold on us. Slowly but surely, under this new and inspired energetic influence, the things that used to motivate us, no longer do – and we find ourselves pleasantly held hostage to this new creative field, and our lives begin to change in ways that match this higher dimensional energy.


It is important to note here: that the word: Enthusiasm, comes from the root – EN THEOS – which means ‘of the Father’ or ‘of God’ … which in our framework would mean coming from higher dimensional/creative forces.




Few people have the courage or tenacity to stick to the things that inspire them, because they feel so improbable that the limited thinking of past failures, or the diminishing attitudes of people around them, talk them out of it.


Most people in the world today are driven by MOTIVATION. Motivation is an external, 3 dimensional force, usually based in fear, that drives people towards taking action, often times in ways that are not in alignment with what brings them true joy, in order to reach a finish point.


People are motivated to work harder or longer hours, at jobs they hate, because they have bills to pay and they risk the pain of being broke. People are motivated to lose weight, diet or exercise and drive themselves to extremes, because they risk the pain of others people’s judgment, or they want to avoid illness or death. People are motivated to stay in a relationship that does not benefit them because they care too much about what other people think or they want to avoid the deeply revelatory conundrum of what it might feel like to spend time with only themselves in the room. (aaack indeed!!)


Because motivation is an external, ‘Below’ force, it is limited and because it is not causative it un-sustainable. Ultimately as the majority of society can attest, running on motivation as an energy source, results in us feeling burned out, worn out and sometimes just plain ole’ ready to give up completely on our dreams or desires for the future.




An important question for us to ask as Spiritual Adventurers and Mystics in training is, “Am I creating my life on the energetic foundation of Motivation? Or am I ALLOWING myself to be INSPIRED?”


In order to break the habit of running on Motivation, we must invite Inspiration in. We have to re-engage the circuits so the energy can once again begin to flow.


It is true, some folks have so deeply lost that connection that they don’t even know what inspires them any more. But that is a situation that doesn’t need to last long if you know how to shift it.


So if you are feeling a bit stuck and don’t really know what to do to get the flow of Inspiration moving:


#1. Simply start asking yourself questions like, “What do I like that brings me joy? What makes time stop for me?  When I look out into the world, what makes my heart expand? What makes me laugh? What would I be willing to try that might feel a bit out of my comfort zone, but I have always wondered about? How can I create more of these situations in my life?”


You can ask these sorts of questions during your meditations, throughout the day and before you go to sleep, eventually they will begin to activate levels of your subconscious mind that may have been dormant for a while. No pressure here. There is no need to expect a ‘bolt from the blue’ right away, but if you stay committed to having this sort of Q&A with yourself, you will slowly notice your intuition and insight beginning to expand with ideas and visions that DO come with that charge of Inspired energy.


Now obviously I am not suggesting you quit your 9-5 job or do anything extreme. At this point simply allow these new energies to grow and amplify within you. Eventually you will be INSPIRED to take a new action or direction that will still support you in living a wonderful life AND support and sustain you energetically as well.


If you are already have the expanded flow of Inspiration at work in your life, you can fan the flames of it by:


#1. Acknowledging it when you feel it, by saying to yourself when that surge of energy strikes. ‘Yes, I see you, I have noticed you. I am listening to you. Direct me where you may. I am willing to go where I am guided.’


This opens the flow of communication and engagement between your physical self and your energetic/higher self and invites that higher dimensional aspect to become a more profound member of your Visionary team.


#2. When Inspiration strikes, take action, immediately!! Do not allow the limitations of your lower self to talk you out of making a move. This is where we must call on our COURAGE to expand and step into an action that might feel completely unknown to us. This is our goal – to become friends with the unknown. THAT is where the magic lies.


When the influence of limitation steps in, it slams into the influence of expansion and you WILL feel it. It will feel like crap. The longer you hesitate, the greater the density of the resistance will become. These opposing forces cause what is called ‘cognitive dissonance’, which is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting and will, eventually shut you down.


The more quickly you take action based on the inspirational nudge, the less opportunity there is for distortion to arise. And TRUST me, once you take action, even if it is a TINY one, you will FEEL so awesome, so powerful and so proud of yourself that moving to take action will be something you begin to look forward to and will become a new and inspired habit.


And so grows the momentum and the power of your Visionary flame.


STAY TUNED FOR VISIONARY POWER #2 – The Power of Intention – Coming Soon.



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