Innovation is the organic problem solving capability of every organism in the universe. A pretty bold statement to be sure, but the fact that we are here, or that we are able to observe a particular tree, or bird, or fish or star is due to the power of innovation. As environments expand, grow and change, organisms that do NOT think ‘outside of the evolutionary box’ … perish. It could be considered the very foundation of the evolutionary process.


Innovation is also a cornerstone of Visionary power and powerfully serves the Creative process itself. This process is as true for galaxies as it is for businesses, relationships, cultures, economies and individuals – the micro, reflected in the macro. As above, so below. As within, so without.


Innovation is the act of introducing new things or methods to an existing system, but its deeper meaning for us as Visionaries who want to shape, transform and create our personal and communal realities, It is the expansion and stimulation of significant positive change. At its core, innovation as defined here, is the very essence of the Cosmic creative Force. It is eternal, constant and ever present.


Stepping into the Unknown


Even though it stands as one of our most natural functions, for many people, innovation is kind of scary. So in order to use it, and use it well, we must be willing to adopt a fair bit of courage, be willing to throw caution to the wind – and become a true Spiritual Adventurer.


Innovation is not a tool for the weak of Spirit, because it blows open the door of the unknown. Without a certainty of outcome, or proof of fact, or frame of reference, most people will avoid taking innovative action or trying something new. It just feels better to our human nature to ‘play it safe’ and walk the same path we have walked before. (or that others have walked or told us we should walk) When we walk the same path, we arrive at the same destination. Expansion does not occur, realities are not altered and our lives stay the same.


Most people are deeply risk averse, so they would rather play things safe than take the path of uncertainty that innovation requires. But to the true visionary, there is little risk in innovation, so uncertainty does not become an obstacle.


What makes the Visionary immune to the abyss of the unknown?


Relentless faith in, consistent focus on and love for their Vision.


Innovation becomes a welcome part of the creative process because the successful outcome of the future is so clear in the mind and so certain within the heart that positive outcome becomes an inner guarantee. This is the very nature of the spiritual power we call Faith. It is not faith in an external power, but faith in and an understanding of the creative process itself that stimulates a deep inner knowing. This is ‘gnosis’ is the foundation of all alchemy and miracle making and it is the deciding factor between visionary success and everything else.


Partnering with Your Vision


Your vision for the future already contains all of the answers, ideas, directions and actions you need to take, follow or implement to make that vision a successful reality. In the field of all of possibility, your outcome is already complete. Your job as a visionary is to engage with that energetic framework and ‘reverse engineer’ the creative process – using your intuition and imagination as a gateway to discovering the innovative ideas you will need to make it real.


Remember as well, that your Inspired Vision for the future is a tool that your Soul uses to call you to your greatness and the power of your Highest Self. Because of this fact, you will also be called and challenged to address any personal limitations that have been getting in your way. These limitations will need to be cleared from the path. You will have to face them in order to move them, they cannot be avoided or ignored – but they can be transmuted so you can use their energy to serve and support you as you proceed.


As a result of this personal transformation; who you are BEING and BECOMING will require innovation as well. You will not be successful by being the same person or by doing the same things – personal expansion will be a necessity.



An Exercise for Innovation


Your vision in its completed state holds it own unique energetic code, frequency or fingerprint. In its final state it is in fact a COMPLETE, LIVING, EXISTING FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Just like a plant or animal or planet or human being.


Using the Visionary Power of Imagination, (see that article here) I invite you to imagine your completed dream, goal or vision as a real, conscious, living entity, that exists in its completed, successful form NOW. If it helps to imagine it as a person that you can see, feel, hear, touch and smell … all the better.


If you have visions of greater financial abundance … imagine your money as a person. If you have visions of crafting a business empire … imagine your business as a person. Your career … as a person. Your perfect romantic partner … as a person. You get the idea. Make this person someone you deeply care about, who deeply cares about you and make them as real as possible. Feel them deeply.


Remember that to the subconscious mind, anything you create within your imagination is real. You are only limited by the degree and depth to which you are willing to commit yourself to this process.


Once you have spent some time cultivating an energetic relationship with this field of consciousness, you can start asking it questions. Questions like, ‘How can I help you grow? What do you need from me? How can I support you? Where would you like to live? What would be fun for us to do together?’ etc.


Questions that you would ask someone that you love, that you want to see as successful, happy, complete, peaceful … and who feels the same way about you. Because the fact of the matter is, your Vision is a message from your Higher Self who DOES feel that way about you, to the 10 millionth power!!!


Then with your mind soft and open, listen for the answers. You will get them. They may or may not make any sense to your rational, logical, linear, material mind. They may or may not have anything to do with the precise focus of your vision, they may seem way out of the box … follow the directions and take the action anyway.


To You, For You, From You


Your Innovative answers may push you outside of your comfort zone, and require you to stretch and grow but they will never put you at risk, or harm you in any way. As mentioned earlier, this is guidance from your Higher Self, who seeks the best outcome and highest good for you … it is a message for you … from you. Your job is then to follow the direction. Take the action and pay attention to what happens. Synchronicities, positive outcomes and seeming miracles will start to occur – and the fear of the unknown will begin to vanish.


Eventually, just like with a real partner, the more you engage and deepen your relationship the more automatic and aligned your innovative ideas and intuitions will be. You will one day not know where you begin and where the vision or dream ends, you will have become one energetic unit. That is when you become the vision and it becomes you.


When you succeed at making your vision a reality, you will have become someone new along the way – someone stronger, braver, kinder and clearer. Your evolution will be inevitable. Your growth ultimately is the greater reward – your dream for the future, simply acts as the vehicle that gets you there.